NS Design WAV5 Radius Bass

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"First & foremost, we know you want a bass that plays 'like butta', sounds like a gift from the tone gods, with good looks to match... You’ll find all that and more in the WAV4 Radius"
Kel Pilshaw • Music Players • September 2016

Discover a new way to play with this affordable iteration of Ned Steinberger's revolutionary Radius design.

The WAV4 Radius Bass is all about the experience, every time you pick it up. It's in the feel of the instrument before you plug it in, and it's embodied in the tone, performance and the limitless possibilities when the house lights go down. 

Among the major advantages of the headless Radius concept are its weight and balance. Extraordinarily secure and comfortable, the WAV4, weighing in at a flyweight 3.6 Kg (8 pounds), features a unique body design which contours to your torso, allowing your hands to fall naturally into a perfect playing position and eliminating neck dive.

The Radius has an expansive, practical tone palette, performance-ready for any stage or recording suite. A tight, rock-solid low end underpins the exceptional clarity and harmonic integrity carried throughout its range. The WAV4 Radius' state-of-the-art NS/EMG pickup combo offers unparalleled definition, sustain and versatility with plenty of dynamic headroom.

The intonation is spot-on, through to the 24th fret and when you need it, quick, precision tuning is at your right-hand fingertips, readily adjustable even while you're playing.

Finally, an intuitive, straightforward control setup lets you find your voice (no matter what you play), or shift gears with freedom to explore the broad sonic territory provided by the WAV Radius Bass.

NS Radius Neck

The headless, one-piece, bolt-on maple neck has 24 frets, a 34" scale and a familiar 15" radius. A volute provides thumb reference at the nut. String slots in the aluminum headplate eliminate the need for a headstock with heavy tuning machines. Conveniently accessed from the top of the neck, the heavy-duty aluminium double-action reinforcing truss rod, with its patented differential thread drive, gives both rigidity and precise relief control.

NS Diradial™ Body

The concave back profile provides a sense of comfort and stability against the torso. The front of the instrument is more tightly radiused, which, in combination with the general wedge shape of the body, creates a more comfortable orientation to the right hand. The configuration of the body cutaway provides easy access to the highest frets.

NS Patented Tuning System

Fast and simple, this self-clamping precision tuning system (US Patent 6,528,710) is integrated into the body of the Radius Bass. Any standard single-ball end, full-scale bass guitar string can be used. No tools are needed: simply rotate the knurled knob to change a string or tune the instrument.

NS Polar™/ EMG High Impedance Dual Pickup System

Active electronics, including the 9 volt on-board preamp and EQ, integrate a magnetic custom EMG RADIUS pickup and the NS bridge-mounted Polar™ pickup. The EMG pickup has a radiused top and magnetic structure to optimize the tone and harmonics from every string. The NS Polar pickup is a unique piezo design, combining a tight and powerful low end with exceptional clarity. The WAV offers master volume and balance controls, along with separate tone controls for each pickup.

NS Bridge & Saddle

The aluminium one-piece bridge and saddle assembly provide a broad range of height and angle adjustment, allowing the player to precisely tailor the action and adjust the intonation.

NS Gig Bag

The WAV Radius bass guitar includes a padded gig bag with a handle, adjustable backpack straps and a large front zipper pocket with room for cables and gear. The loaded gig bag will fit in the overhead compartment of most commercial aircraft.

Body Meranti NS Diradial™ Body
Finish  Choice of Metallic Crimson, Metallic White or Matte Black
Neck Bolt-on, one-piece maple NS Radius neck with adjustable, heavy-duty aluminium double action truss-rod
Fingerboard 24 Fret Rosewood, with Dot Makers
Bridge Pickup NS Polar™ bridge-mounted piezo pick-up system
Magnetic Pickup EMG™ Radius pick-up
Electronics 9 volt NS/EMG on-board preamp circuit
Controls Master Volume / Pickup Balance / Individual Pickup Tone Controls
Tuning System NS patented tuning self-clamping precision tuning mechanism built into the body (Compatible with any standard single-ball end, full-scale bass guitar strings)
Overall Length 107.32cm (42.25")
Body Length 52.83cm (20.8")
Neck Scale 35"
Neck Radius 15"
Nut Width 46.99mm (1.85")
12th Fret Width 64.5mm (2.54")
Bridge Spacing 18mm
Weight 3.72kg (8.2lbs)
Strings D'Addario™ EXL170 Nickel Round Wound
Extras Custom design NS padded gig-bag with handle, adjustable backpack straps and large front zipper pocket

NS Design Radius Bass Guitar

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NXTa Series

Featuring innovative, custom built, high performance, battery-free active electronics.

WAV Series

An affordable take on Ned Steinberger's radical new electric bass guitar design.

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