Exclusive UK Representation By The Bass Centre

Founded in 1990 by famed instrument designer Ned Steinberger, the genius behind the legendary Steinberger headless guitar design and the TransTrem™ System, NS Design has seen the visionary luthier and designer apply his revolutionary techniques to the development of a full range of electric concert instruments - Double Bass, Cello, Violin, Viola and the unique Omni Bass - that provide modern players with the ultimate freedom of expression. 

"Bowed electric instruments have been made since the mid-thirties. Unfortunately, most of these instruments are the victims of the misplaced idea that an electric instrument should sound exactly like its acoustic predecessor. I want to take it a step further... I want to see what these instruments can do when they are set free!"  Ned Steinberger 

All over the World, NS instruments have been set free by a growing number of renowned musicians and envelope-pushing artists including Bakithi Kumalo, Tony Levin, Les Claypool, Doug Wimbish and Laurie Anderson as well as by Bass Centre customers, John Paul Jones, Dave Bronze, Trevor Barry, Paul Turner, Geoff Gascoyne, John Thompson, Adrian Stout, Patrick Wreford, Calum Ingram and George Price.

Dave Bronze
Eric Clapton • A. Fairweather-Low

Geoff Gascoyne
Jamie Cullen • Van Morrison

Trevor Barry
UK Session Legend

Paul Turner
Jamiroquai • Annie Lennox

Adrian Stout
The Tiger Lillies

John Thompson
Mica Paris • Soul II Soul
Ezinma Ramsay
Beyoncé • Stevie Wonder
Corey Wallace
Calypso Rose
Abi Loutoo
Abi.L.ity • Joni Fatora • Eddy Bayes
Pat Wreford
Electric Swing Circus
Grace Chatto
Clean Bandit
Neil Fairclough
Queen + Adam Lambert
Calum Ingram
Sandi Thom + Solo
Taylor Simpson
Baroness • Star League
George Price
Emily Faye • Sessions
Solo Artist
Bakithi Kumalo
Paul Simon • Tedeschi-Trucks
Lucine Fyelon
Foo Fighters • Solo Artist • Sessions

Michelle Faehrmann
Four On The Floor String Quartet

Michal Thurber
Jon Batiste & Stay Human

Carolyn Routh

Daryl Runswick

Chihsuan Yang
ESCP + Solo

Chris Wyse
The Cult • Owl • Mick Jagger

Laurie Anderson
Solo Artist

Jason Yang
Solo Artist

Shannon Vvn der Reck
Jungle Theatre, Minnesota

James "Hutch" Hutchinson
Bonnie Raitt • Neville Brothers

Annie Clements
Sugarland • Holly Williams
Juan Nelson
1958 - 2021

Tony Levin
King Crimson • Peter Gabriel
Les Claypool
Primus • Oysterhead
Doug Wimbish
Living Colour • Tackhead
Marc Langis
Celine Dion
Rob Wasserman
1952 - 2016
De Rock
Post Mortem • Temple Veil

Today at NS Design, Ned's passion and dedication to innovation continue unabated with new developments in construction techniques, tuning systems, pickup technologies, on-board electronics and support structures, thus providing NS instruments with unprecedented versatility in every conceivable performance environment.

Most recently, Ned Steinberger has unleashed the radically hybrid Omni Bass, as well as returning to re-map the world of electric bass guitar design with the launch of the Radius Bass, the ultimate evolution in his unique approach to form, function, playability & performance.

And The Bass Centre has been with NS Design every step of the way - representing the range exclusively in the UK from the very first US built incarnation of the NS upright electric double bass, through the development of the successful Czech built range of NS concert instruments, right up to the present day and the triumph of the Radius Bass.

At The Bass Centre, you will find comprehensive stocks of the complete NS Design range of instruments and accessories

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