Durable, extremely bright and resonant, with superb harmonic response and plenty of attack and clarity, these really are the “strings with the zing”, perfect for bassists who want to stand out in the mix.

Less abrasive on fingers and frets than other stainless steel brands, Stadium Series strings are great for extended playing sessions.

"Thank you so much for years of great support and a beautiful service. Always been the best of the best." - Charlie Jones, Goldfrapp / The Cult
Elites Stadium Series 4 String Sets
Bass Centre Elites
UK Price: £24.95   £19.95 inc. 20% VAT
Worldwide Price: £16.63
Elites Stadium Series 5 String Sets
Bass Centre Elites
UK Price: £34.50   £27.60 inc. 20% VAT
Worldwide Price: £23.00
Elites Stadium Series 6 String Sets
Bass Centre Elites
UK Price: £39.50   £31.60 inc. 20% VAT
Worldwide Price: £26.33
Elites Stadium Series Single Strings
Bass Centre Elites
UK Price: £4.40  -  £7.20 inc. 20% VAT
Worldwide Price: £3.67  -  £6.00