Customer Reviews

Love at first play!! Retired my Ricky 4001!
12 July 2024  |  Geoff

I returned to UK for holiday after 4.5 years away and the band wanted to do a gig for old times' sake.

This was the bass they borrowed for me (from a mate who is a collector of Fender basses). First rehearsal I played it, I couldn't put it down! Just an awesome instrument, great tone, great sound, superb action and feel and just brilliant for the money!

So I bought one and had it shipped back to NZ, as you do.

Superb service from Bass Centre. Bass came in a great semi rigid gig bag, and arrived in NZ before I got back!

Will be back when I need new strings!

Incredible value
05 July 2024  |  Allan

Blown away by the looks and quality of this bass, the photos on the website donít do it justice... It is stunning and plays and sounds as good as it looks.

Incredible value and highly recommended, was set up exactly as I requested.

Good solid cable
04 July 2024  |  Mark

I have had this cable about a month, so far all seems good. The jacks seems good & solid so far the cable has been silent. Finally it is easy to coil & tie up with the added velcro tie.

Great sounding strings!
03 July 2024  |  Robin

Great sounding strings! Nice middle ground between roundwound/flats - shall get these sets again!

Too bad there aren't six stars....
19 May 2024  |  Bud

Regarding my new Bruce Thomas Signature Profile Bass, I just wanted to express my extreme appreciation for your excellent customer service and product.

I just received the Profile Bass this afternoon and couldn't wait to unpack it. It arrived in perfect condition, without a single mark of mishandling outside or inside the packaging.

I had forgotten the bass came with a gig bag, and a very good one to boot.

Needless to say, I couldn't wait to plug it in. For someone who has never cared for the P Bass sound, I have to say that this bass far exceeded all my expectations. The weight is perfect, no strain on my old worn out lower back (5 operations in the past 8 years). The neck is the optimum size between a conventional P Bass width and the narrower JB width, just right for my smaller than average hands. Best of all, the tone far exceeds any P Bass or P Bass-influenced bass that I have ever played.

I had never tried ground wounds before and these (Bass Centre) strings were a real treat. They are going to stay on there until they die of old age and use. Excellent tone and great feel.

What a great bass you have produced! I will be posting NBD (new bass day) posts on every bass board to which I belong, as well as sending pics of the bass to my bass-playing friends as well as my musical partner in our duo.

I love the colour, the feel, everything about this bass. You folks have truly outdone yourselves.

Thanks again for your help in assisting me to realize this dream purchase. I could go on and on...

If anyone is looking for the best P Bass on the market, look no further. You won't be sorry!

Customer service here is absolutely amazing
29 April 2024  |  Kai

I'll start this off by saying that the customer service here is absolutely amazing. I must have emailed them 3 or 4 times and got a response near immediately.

The bass is really something else. Admittedly, I've only played 2 other P-Basses, the Fender Player plus and the Player. But the Player costs around £700, and the Player plus £1000, and it is worth noting that the Player does not come with a gig bag.

This bass is all round better than the Fenders. A smoother satin neck, beautiful red, ebony fretboard that looks sublime, and a sound so powerful you'd think it was active.

This is the first bass I've had around this price range that has been nearly perfect. It is perfectly intonated down to the 20th fret and the nut is cut perfectly. It also came packaged extremely well.

As for the downsides, the machine heads are of quite poor quality and must be quite heavy as the neck dive is significant, they're imprecise when tuning.

Nothing related to the bass but I wasn't a big fan of the flatwound Bass Centre strings. I'm guessing they must have been dipped in something because they were smooth but caused friction on your fingers. They sounded good though, although I swapped them for my LaBella's.

Overall, for £650 including VAT, I don't think there's a better bass out there at this price.

Fast and efficient
29 April 2024  |  Ian

The Blockhead Bass that arrived was exactly what I expected based on the website. I am in the US and it arrived very quickly and the courier tracking was excellent.

I would happily buy again, but I'm not allowed any more basses. I already have a Betsy, which everyone loves.

Elites every time
26 April 2024  |  Gary

Elites were my go-to string choice for many years, but I decided to see if the grass was greener with a couple of sets of US strings, billed as a premium string with added depth and longevity.

Those strings faded quicker, and lacked the sonic purity that the Elites possess. I love Elites for their definition and hi-fi sound. The more you punish them the higher the definition. They oooze bass and donít need as much tonal shaping as other strings. They are the only strings I will use. From subtle poised fingerstyle especially, the mwah rolled off top end to the most percussive of slaps and pops, these are your go-to strings. If you want to summon the gods with your tone, re-string with these beauties, you wonít regret it.

12 April 2024  |  Louis

Wonderful instrument! Good service, no complaints!

Top quality
02 April 2024  |  Terry

This instrument is top quality, I would definitely recommend this to any bassist, you won't want to put it down.

02 April 2024  |  Budge

I aquired an almost new, left handed model in salmon Pink that had only been used by a good friend of mine from new on just one session (I wonít name names) and he sold it to me when he was done because he mainly plays guitar. Heíd had it fitted by the Bass Centre with Elites Flatwounds.

I play a few different basses, but mainly Fender Precisions, sometimes Rics, sometimes Hofners.
This bass came to my attention, and after some guidance and inspiration from the man himself, Bruce, on Facebook, I decided to try it out and also leave on the flatwound strings (Iíve always used round wounds).

Wow, what can I say? This thing is amazing!

The neck is the most comfortable you can possibly imagine, the weight and feel is like an old favourite pair of gloves, and the sound... Jeezus H, this thing is a monster! The power from the output is amazing, and the tone is sublime. The stainless flatwounds almost have the same growl as rounds, but with more refinement, and it pops from a live mix with absolute ease.

Iím hooked.

I tried it at a gig last night for the first time... Boom!! Even one of my hardened critics at the show said that it sounded amazing. I love it, and I hope this helps anyone interested in buying one of these to take that chance and try it... you wonít be sorry!

The only thing I noticed was the D and G strings donít quite line up exactly with the pickup pole peices, but this doesnít in any way affect the sound or the output, the pickups work absolutely perfectly.

Iím extremely happy with this bass, and am looking forward to one day trying it with Elites roundwound strings... but until then, the flats are killing it

26 March 2024  |  Mark

The bass arrived yesterday and I am just over-awed at the quality of it. Not just the construction quality, which is sublime (and it's strange how we fawn over such things as neck profiles and finishes!), but also the colour. I wish I could either bottle and drink, or dive right into, or both?!

I haven't done a full test of it yet (it's a busy week for me with various Easter related things with the kids) but I plugged it into my "fly rig" (essentially my Line 6 HX Stomp and other peripherals) and I don't think I've ever played or heard such a responsive bass - Every nuance is picked up, the notes are as clear as a bell plugged in, or not plugged in, and of course the pickups are beyond compare; I'm glad they're still being sold by Martin Sims because the tonal options for me are endless.

I loathe carrying 3 or 4 different basses to gigs, rehearsals, studio work etc, and I think those days are beyond me now with the Powerhouse, who I have already dubbed Ruby; it really will save a lot of time and effort, and of course, I'll enjoy showing her off to everyone and demonstrate the mystery of the Super Quads! That's not to say that my Betsy will be demoted, mind you - both basses are of excellent quality and craftmanship and I could pretty much go on forever about them (and often do).

I've never met (veteran Bass Centre tech) Chris Ward, but he just seems to "get me" - both Betsy and Ruby have had his eye over the setup and both play sublime. In my more mature years, I'm less of a digger inner and more of a player, and both guitars are perfection. Andy Corns (who is Gary Kemp's guitar tech and lives down the road from me) will have a lot to live up to when he gets these in his mitts (when he finally has space, isn't away, on tour etc etc etc!)

I'm due in the studio on 13th April, and in the meantime, I will keep telling people to stop buying F**d*rs and to start buying Bass Collection basses - supported strongly by my Bass Centre cap, which I will wear at EVERY festival I'm at over the summer!!

Thank you so much.

Excelente strings
18 March 2024  |  Oscar

I been using Elites strings for almost 3 years and the sound of them is perfect, amazing with a P Bass.

Great strings at a great price
13 March 2024  |  Tavis

These are lovely feeling and sounding flats for a great price. In my opinion you can't go wrong.

Incredible tone! Incredible value!
10 March 2024  |  Julie

I bought this bass because I needed a true P-Bass tone, but I loved the idea of a thinner neck and the old school bridge for easy string spacing adjustments. The included flatwound strings were a bit heavy for my liking so I swapped on some lighter EB Cobalts and after some adjustments for neck relief and intonation the bass is perfect.

I mean, it's perfect.

I play a lot of Queen and the notes on the upper frets are true everywhere. I can reach them without contorting myself. The output from string to string is even. There are no dead spots on the fretboard. It is comfortable and balanced. The pickup is a monster and I rarely have it all the way up.

I'm just so pleased with this bass and my hat is off to Bruce Thomas and Bass Centre for putting together such a high quality instrument for under $700 USD. Out of my four basses, this one is the best.

Great product / Fast delivery
05 March 2024  |  Oleksii

Great product. meets all expectations. Fast delivery.

Excellent bass
01 March 2024  |  Peter

I love my new bass. Great looks, excellent setup. I feel like a better bass player with this in my hands.

Tonally perfect
12 February 2024  |  Robert

The perfect bass tone has been a neverending quest. Over the years my setup has evolved, but bass strings have remained a disappointment. I went for Elites for my 6 string with the hope that they'd become the missing link. They did. I'm really pleased, and I'll happily make these my string of choice.

06 February 2024  |  Chris

Great Service! Great Strings!

Very interesting strings
02 February 2024  |  Andrii

I ordered two identical sets of 4 and 5 strings. I havenít installed the 5-string yet, but Iíve already tried the 4-string on my second 4-string bass. I would like to note the high quality of the strings. Very convenient to install. No problems with scale adjustment. I was especially surprised by the rich palette of sounds depending on sound production and technique. I'll definitely try the other series of strings, it looks like I've become a fan. ) PS: It was very nice to receive a polishing cloth and a sticker as a gift.

I am surprised!
02 February 2024  |  Andrii

I've never used Elites strings before. I really liked the strings, excellent quality. These strings are very sensitive to sound production; they produce different sounds for different techniques. Thank you, I have new horizons for my creativity.

Quality instrument and excellent service
01 January 2024  |  James

Bought this guitar as a present for the festive season and was treated with utmost respect and decency throughout, really treated as a valued customer and not a number. I asked for the package to be wrapped discreetly and whilst unfortunately that wasn't possible the guys at the bass centre really did try and arrange other measures to ensure the surprise was maintained.

Whilst not a player myself, I have been assured by a bassist of over 40 years that the instrument is of excellent quality and has become a firm favourite. Thanks again to everyone involved.

Superb strings
15 December 2023  |  JŲrg

These bass strings produce a very good tone. They are very balanced across all strings and are in between roundwounds and flatwounds. They are slightly rough, but this could be fixed by using a sanding fleece. I put them on a Pre-Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray.

100% recommend, very good value for money.

The best strings out there
13 December 2023  |  Stephen

For me Elites are probably the best strings out there. They remain supple and the intonation lasts longer than most, they sound awesome whatever style I play, and they just keep ringing.

Great strings and reasonably priced.

First choice for my 5 string
07 December 2023  |  Matthew

Been using these on my go to 5-string for (literally) decadesÖ Only once or twice have I tried something different and every time Iíve returned. Consistent and reliable over all that time!

Sound and feel great
29 November 2023  |  Craig

I used to use Elites all the time in the early '90s,purchased from the Bass Centre in Birmingham (who remembers that?).

Been a bit of a string tart the last few years trying all sorts of makes, some good, some not so good. Anyway, I thought I would revisit Elites again so I ordered two sets. They were delivered quickly, I was happy with the price and, I have to say, really happy with them so far.

Put them on my 'Bitsa' precision and they sound and feel great. I will definitely be returning for more in the future.

Play really nicely
22 November 2023  |  Mark

I used to use groundwounds years ago, but they got to be a little too expensive. These ones are much more affordable and play really nicely.

So, so good!!
21 November 2023  |  Glenn

Was looking for a Jazz Bass - played a few in stores here in Australia - but then I remembered seeing Guy Pratt talk about these on YouTube. I love Guy's playing, so I thought why not?

Now that I've got it, I love it so much!! Neck is beautiful, thin and smooth, action is just right and sound (EMG's) is just perfect. A great bass at any price, and this was a great price.

Arrived here in Australia in about a week - so super fast too!!

And the colour? Burgundy Mist. Best ever.

Thanks Bass Centre (and Guy Pratt).

Sounds just like Bruce
20 November 2023  |  Andrew

I played the solar flare BT Bass only for an hour as this is a Christmas gift to my daughter, but it is amazing how good it feels and sounds. Just a really well designed, well built instrument with a classic P-bass sound right out of the gate. Zero adjustments and I love the strings.

Great value, great service.

Very nice groundwounds!!
20 November 2023  |  Ozan

Just arrived. They sound really nice! Feel smooth but a tad sticky on my fingers where they are new... just oiling them and playing them in now. I recommend!

17 November 2023  |  Jeannette

Really nice quality strings, comfy on the fingers, and they sound great on my Status Kingbass. Recommended.

Amazing bass
17 November 2023  |  Michael

Right out of the box, the setup was perfect and it plays amazingly. The bass itself is lightweight and sits very comfortably. I love the tone from the EMG pickups. Itís got nice warmth with a tiny bit of attitude.

Overall Iím extremely pleased. Shipping was very fast from the UK to Canada.

Best nickels
16 November 2023  |  Brian

Been using Elites since I was 15, which was a freakin' long time ago! Excellent, just bought a six string so stuck these on. Only thing that could improve this set is if the B was tapered.

Cheers, Bass Centre.

12 November 2023  |  Lucy

Iím delighted with this instrument. It has a great tone, is great to play, and looks good. Iíd recommend getting the spike adaptor kit if you want to sit down to play at all. For the price itís unbelievable quality.

Excellent service from the Bass Centre.

Nice Jazz
08 November 2023  |  Chad

I ordered from US (Virginia), and it got here quick (about a week). No issues with shipping and packed well.

First thing I noticed is that the finish looks better in person than I thought it was going to from the photos, itís a really classy looking bass. Itís lightweight, came with 40-100 roundwounds, and set up well with good action out of the box. I prefer the lighter strings so I was happy to see it didnít come with the standard 45-105s. Neck feels really nice, and the ebony fretboard is a step up from a standard Jazz copy. The active EMGs also help this bass stand above most Jazz clones in this price range. No doubt, itís just as good as the Lakland Skyline, Sire, or Fender (Japan and Mexico) I have owned.

Overall solid choice and great value. These arenít too common in the US, itís always nice to have a ďconversation starterĒ bass. People want to know the story behind it.

06 November 2023  |  Ian

Quick and professional service.

Well pleased!
16 October 2023  |  Brian

Smooth like flats, but a really good sound like roundwound, well pleased!

Fantastic bass, strings and service!
10 October 2023  |  Debra

I did not think that this bass would be anything other than an average P Bass. For the first time in years I found myself speechless. It plays and sounds a lot better than my MIM Fender.

The set up on the Power Bass is impecable, silky smooth Detroit Flats, beautifuly blemish free fingerboard, and the most playable neck that I have played to date. This bass allows for some seriously rapid, show-offy shenanigins. The tone is bang on, too, it sort of rises like a huge wave of low end power. I think a 15" or pair of 12's would be the next purchase to get the best out of this string/bass set up for my old school taste. I actually prefer these Detroit Flats to my usual Roto 77's. There is a sort of shining clarity that complements the deep bass tone, I reckon these are hugely versatile strings, they are good for slapping and slipping in the odd harmonics. Deffo not a budget instrument. Punches well above its weight and, in my opinion, better than some of the big name, dearer stuff out there.

The best
01 October 2023  |  Joseph

This bass rocks solid balls of awesomeness!!!!!

I bought the Salmon Pink version, like Bruceís, and itís really beautiful, sounds great, and is so easy to play. The action on it is great. It arrived in great shape with an extremely well-padded gig bag that is so good ó way better than the Fender one I have. This is one of those instruments that you just want to leave the tag on and worship, and not anyone touch it, or even look at it!

Blown away by Betsy
18 August 2023  |  David

I am completely blown away by the Guy Pratt Betsy bass from The Bass Centre.

Ordering from the US, I knew I was taking a chance, but it has exceeded my expectations. The sound and playability are as good as basses costing many times more and the fit and finish are exquisite. I have owned and played Fender, Ricks, Ibanez, EBMM, Sires, and more and this bass is as good as any of them. The combination of Jazz-style bass, fast neck and EMG pickups is amazing. It will take its place on the stage with my custom built basses.

What a fantastic instrument! Cheers and count on me to add more to my collection from the Bass Centre!

Perfectly good set of flats
15 August 2023  |  Simon

Compared to the price of other flats, yes, these are cheap, but certainly not just cheap and cheerful! Perfectly good compared to the other more expensive brand I had on previously.


Absolutely Stunning
01 August 2023  |  Richelle

Being a beginner there isnít much I can say about the Bruce Thomas Profile Bass. I have had mine for 3 months and I adore it. It is everything you would expect from something with Bruce Thomasí name on it. While owning it I have drawn crowds and adoration wherever I go with it.

My instructor with 30 years' experience says: ďan absolute tone monster" (lesson was cut short so he could play it some more).

My tech with 45 years' experience says: ďa well-built, solid and wonderfully thought out bass guitar, comparable to any current Fender".

My friend the touring professional says: ďI absolutely have to order one of these for myself.Ē

And when I bring it to the local Guitar Center and test amps, people gather, not for my playing, but for the tone it produces. It is a visually stunning bass that will sound awesome even in the hands of a novice.

If there are any notes I could make it is that this bass does not necessarily get along well with inexpensive amps. I highly recommend something better than a starter or beginner's amp to truly get the most out of this bass.

Also, Bass Centre customer service is second to none. No joke, these folks are the absolute best at answering any questions and are willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy with your purchase.

Finally, Bass Centre strings are the absolute bollocks!!! You wonít go wrong with them. I am about to order more to re-string my Fender Jazz.

In closing:
A. Top of the line bass at an insanely good price.
B. Quality materials throughout.
C. A+++ customer service.
D. What are you waiting for? Get a Bass Centre bass today!

Great gig bag
14 July 2023  |  Darryl

This is the second Bass Centre gig bag I have, they are fantastic, well made, similar to a Gator BG4G case, but with one vital difference ó it has the world famous Bass Centre logo big and proud. Worth the money for the logo alone. Barry even threw in a free T-shirt for me as I love that logo so much!

Thanks Barry and team, the Bass Centre is still rocking' the world.

Unbelievable service
06 July 2023  |  Nick

Just received my Betsy bass and all I can say is "Wow". The quality on this is amazing.

I want to also thank you for the care you took to get the order right for me, especially calling me personally to advise on string choice and setting it up perfectly. Unbelievable service.

I can see why Guy Pratt wanted to work with you. Thanks so much

Love this strap!
06 June 2023  |  John

This strap is amazing for playing your NS Design instrument, keeps the instrument stable, and really allows you to feel free and in control. Better than the Boomerang strap! Couldn't get these in USA ó sold out everywhere ó glad Bass Centre had me covered.

Very pleased with the service and the sound
31 May 2023  |  Mark

I have used Stadium Series roundwound strings over the years and have always been very happy with them. I have just bought a new bass and am working on the '60s music and want to get that sound as near as possible. I am very pleased with the service and the new sound from the strings and look forward to the future to playing my new bass strings.

31 May 2023  |  Thomas

Great strings, sound excellent. Quick delivery.

12 May 2023  |  Jeffrey

The Betsy is WELL worth the price. She has joined my favorites alongside a Ď75th Anniversary Jazz and Ď63 P-bass. Solid feel and effortless playability, super looks. A tonal beast! I upgraded the bridge to a Badass, although I read that Guy uses the ďfactoryĒ bridge. My pedalboard includes a Boss OC2 with which Betsy gets along quite well. Seamless service, gig bag, and autographed book came standard.

THE best bass guitar I've ever played
04 April 2023  |  Alfred

This bass guitar is by far the best sounding I've ever owned. The neck and weight of it are perfect, and there are absolutely no dead spots. The highest fret on the G string is as loud as the 5th fret on the E string. It's a much better sounding bass guitar than my '68 Fender Precision. On the gigs that I've played it on so far, other players come up after our set and ask "What is that you're playing? That bass sounds fantastic!". You folks built a great product here that I can't recommend high enough to other players around me in the SF Bay Area. Also, thanks also for making it affordable. Cheers.

Excellent service
03 April 2023  |  Martin

Bass arrived, set up with new strings, great communication about shipping etc.

Highly recommend using the Bass Centre in future.

28 March 2023  |  Nick

Excellent service and quick delivery, lovely quality guitar.

Is it time to change!
25 March 2023  |  Jonathan

I used to buy a box of 10 sets at a time in Wapping days, great discount then, loved them!

Then I stopped using for many years.

In the last few years I've started using again as I've gone back to steels

Initially they are really really bright, but a great bottom end on my Jazz, the feel is initially a little rough/coarse, but not like RS66's which are almost barbed wire in comparison.

But then they mellow and the temptation to change comes in, but they get a really lovely feel with just a bit more warmth and sit in a great sweet spot for months

I practice avidly everyday as I love playing bass, rehearse 1-2 times a week, and gig twice a month in gigging season (pubs and clubs). The current set on my Jazz Bass has been on there for 4 months to date, and the strings are still punchy but warm, crisp and growly... it's close to changing time I keep telling myself, but I just don't want to take them off!!!

Economically it's great, usually I'd have had 2-3 sets over the same period.

Great value strings
01 March 2023  |  Jonathan

These are perfect for my Status bass, sound really great too.

As good as a JB must be
21 February 2023  |  Sebastien

Excellent instrument and excellent shop (first order, but not last). Fine settings.

Outstanding bass
20 February 2023  |  Simon

This is my first purchase from The Bass Centre and, judging by my first experience, it won't be my last.

Following many online reviews and videos, all praising the Betsy Bass, I decide to buy one, just under a week after order it arrived in perfect condition, complete with Guy's book and several items concerning the set up and strings, which is a nice touch, you can see what the procedure was before it was dispatched.

The bass feels great, once tuned up i gave it a play, it is nicely set up out of the box and the EMG pickups are sounding very nice.

The overall quality of the bass is very good, the Burgundy Mist paint is really quite something to look at and this will be a welcome addition to my collection of basses and certainly will be a regular player.

Highly recommend checking one of these out if you're in the market for a good jazz bass alternative.

Thanks to all at the Bass Centre for looking after my order.

From deep in the heart of Texas
20 February 2023  |  Charles

Here's how I break it down:

To the Bass Centre - Outstanding in every way. Probably the best instrument company from which I've ever made a purchase. Really, the best.

To Dave - My contact at the BC and probably the most helpful person I've ever dealt with in any customer service experience I've ever had. These guys should give clinics here in the U.S. on how to do customer service. They're the best.

To Bruce Thomas - Thanks so much for being all in for such an exceptional reimagining of your classic bass guitar and for all of those classic licks on all of those EC records... so good. The bass I received is first rate and the book made me fondly remember my own journey, and it also made me laugh out loud - more than twice; it really did.


So happy
12 January 2023  |  Dom

I have the Guards Red Power Bass and I am delighted with the look, how comfortable is is when on its strap, its weight and balance. It has superb action and an absolutely killer sound. It is immensely playable and suitable for just about every genre of music. Whether you are a beginner or a gnarly old rocker you could do a lot worse than one of these. It's a lot of bass for a reasonable price. If you're looking to buy a bass then check out one of these before you buy any thing else.

Great strings at a great price
14 November 2022  |  Ashley

Hi. I am really enjoying my new Elites strings. They are punchy and bright with plenty of low end tone. Great strings at a great price.

Rough start but we are good friends now!
08 November 2022  |  David

Two and a half weeks after my order I had Betsy in my home in the neighbouring country. During the waiting time Bass Centre answered my emails in a very friendly manner.

Unfortunately I received Betesy with a completely broken G-string tuner which made it impossible to tune the G-string. Also the screws of the bridge pickup stuck out very high out of the body.

After mailing the Bass Centre I was offered a new tuner. I received it some days later together with new strings (I had to cut the G-string in order to replace the tuner). Although I am not technical, driving in the screws and changing the tuner literally cost me only 5 minutes!

And there the adventure began! What a powerful bass this is! A lot of lows and a lot of mids, more than I was used to with my Fender MIM Jazz.

I normally play with flatwounds but these Elites Stadium roundwounds are so light! I am sure I will keep using this, at least on this bass, and maybe on my other Jazz as well.

The power that comes out of this bass is unbelievable and much more than I paid for. I can easily compare this to my Mexican Fender Jazz, and I'm not sure who wins the competition (but it might be Betsy).

I haven't changed the battery yet which is something that works a little different than with my Fenders, but I have never done this before so I think I will manage .

Lots of sounds to find, a lot of basspower, a beautiful finish and a signed book by Guy Pratt! Is there nothing wrong with Betsy?

I would say no, although some would want to replace the nut or some other hardware. It is perfect for me as it is.

Thank you, Bass Centre!

Always a pleasure
09 October 2022  |  John

Absolutely stellar instrument right out of the box! Always a pleasure doing business with the Bass Centre!

07 October 2022  |  Richard

The bass is brilliant, great set-up and thank you for the keyring... Will always buy from you where I can.

Great instrument
30 September 2022  |  Ian

I am a 6-string player, guitar builder + general fettler of a good few years, and I agree with all of Greg's comments below.

After many years, I decided it's time to get a bass (and to learn some proper technique).

The Jive Bass is well put together with a good set up, nice and comfy straight out of the box. It plays and looks every bit as well, if not better, than instruments costing 3 times the money. It has good action, smooth fret ends and a Full Contact bridge - what more can you ask for?

Well I did, and upgraded to the EMG Pickups - nice.

Minor point is that the nut edges were left little square and a little sharp, but hey, 5 minutes with masking tape and a file and all is good.

Delighted with the bass (+ the strap, gig bag & keyring) and the excellent service from the Bass Centre. So much so that I've just been back again to buy a PJ Bighead pre-amp, another strap, and some more strings!


Ian (no, I'm not the former Arsenal Man)

The best flats out there
14 September 2022  |  Mike

Perhaps the best flats out there for the money.

I have now bought a couple of these sets and think they compare favourably.

Beautiful Portrait
04 September 2022  |  Mike

I thought Iíd leave it a few weeks before posting a review of my new Jive Portrait to see (i) how it settled in and (ii) whether the fretless journey is for me.

Well, Iím an old and *very* average sofa noodler (sounds illegal, but they canít lock you up!) and this instrument has rekindled my love of playing. Itís an absolute beauty.

Out of the box the set up was spot on (for me), the intonation is perfect, the solar burst finish is flawless, and the hardware exudes a solid, workmanlike quality, especially the Babicz bridge. The fret markers are very neatly finished and really help while I gradually develop my Ďfretless earí. The Detroit Flats I asked for are silky smooth and a joy to play, even with my slow and clumsy digits! Even with the tone rolled off all the way thereís a lovely, warm, dub tone thatís still musical. Itís not too difficult to get those Jaco harmonics, especially on the bridge pickup. Iím a real fan of the passive electronics, with a straightforward volume, tone, and pickup blend control. It works effortlessly. Oh, and the free strap is wide and very comfortable to wear. The whole package says Ďpick me up and playí, which is what itís all about, surely.

At my price point I was looking to buy a fretless Sire V5, Fender Player or this Bass Centre Portrait. I think I made the right choice.

PS A special mention for Barry at the Bass Centre, who patiently answered my queries and reassured me. Thanks to Chris, too, (I assume it was him) for the professional set up and attention to detail.

Bagged a winner!
19 August 2022  |  Robert

OK, it's only a bag, but it makes the difference between care and damage to an important piece of kit. It is easy to do £49 worth of damage to an amp if it gets bashed in transit so this gig bag pays for itself in one go!

Great product, great service.

Thank you, Bass Centre!

Above and beyond!
16 August 2022  |  John

I highly recommend the Bruce Thomas Profile bass! It's been a great choice for me! The guys at the Bass Centre are above and beyond!

Very happy
01 August 2022  |  J

These strings are a great fit for my Ibanez BTB V. 33" scale. The original strings were way too tight and stiff, but these have a better flexibility without "flapping" about. Sound wise, couldn't be better.

Will be ordering more when required.

25 July 2022  |  Allan

Fantastic Precision style bass.

Sounds terrific
27 June 2022  |  Greg

Had the bass for a few weeks now, and I have to say it's marvelous. I've owned loads of basses over the years, some really nice ones too, but I have to say this Jive bass is really, really good. Excellent playability, weight, and build, but most of all the sound!

It sounds terrific.

Very happy with it.

Greg Smith
UK Pro bassist with Aynsley Lister, John Verity (Argent), Sean Webster Band, Jon Amor,Jack Hutchinson, Laurence Jones Band

13 May 2022  |  Roger

I just received my Betsy Bass, all the way down here in Australia. Let me say I could not be more pleased. I'd say this be would about the best value bass on the market. It's amazing you can do what you've done for the money. I'm well pleased and very happy to have made the purchase... so, thank you!

I love these strings
13 April 2022  |  Anthony

I love these strings, much brighter than flats and still so smooth. So pleased, thanks. Ant

Super kick ass service
08 April 2022  |  Eliot

Just brought some thicker than usual bass strings (Hooky signatures) and got an amazing handwritten note, reminding me to incrementally wind them on! Super kick ass service and hugely appreciated! Consider me a hugely impressed and satisfied customer. Please send my thanks to whoever did that and for going above and beyond!

Superb quality
24 January 2022  |  Steve

I ordered this bass with a couple of modifications to it. I had the bridge changed to the Babicz gold and a Black Scratch plate. I'm blown away with the standard of finish and how the bass has been set up. Out of the box ready to play, no rough edges along the frets and no fret buzz and the neck plays well.

This purchase was originally meant to be a decent backup bass, But It stands tall against my Fender USA bass and may even become my bass of choice.

If you are looking for an alternative to the mainstream basses on offer, Don't hesitate to go for one of these Basses. I seriously can't fault this bass, I'm absolutely blown away.

Looks beautiful and sounds stunning
18 January 2022  |  Richard

My decision to buy this Jive bass was influenced by the Power Bass (with Babicz bridge and flatwound strings) that I purchased a few days ago. It exceeded my expectations! It looks beautiful and sounds stunning - and a good price too.

Great mini bass guitar
09 December 2021  |  Thomas

Saw this advertised in Bass Player magazine. Great looking guitar and I like the black silicone strings.

16 November 2021  |  Craig

So far the best strings Iíve tried. Will for sure be buying again

My go-to funk machine
12 November 2021  |  Eric

If any of you are on the fence about this bass, let me just say this: I got mine about a year ago, and it is my favorite Jazz, by far; even more so than my Geddy Lee bass, which the bass playing consensus ranks that bass highly. It is my go-to funk machine, it just has the right feel and sound!! I even love the strings it came with - 100-40 Elites Stadiums. I am gonna try my usual DR High Beams when I change them (soon), but I have a feeling I am gonna end up with more Elites or something similar (I haven't looked for a US dealer, but ordering strings overseas, especially right now, seems a bit silly). The Elites do have a great feel and sound.... sometimes I wish they had a bit more bite, but they are nearly a year old now and have logged quite a few hours - haha.

But, for the price, you can't beat it. Similar money to (maybe even less than) a Mexican Fender and nearly the quality of an American Fender Jazz Bass. They save a little money on the hardware, but most of you serious players swap that stuff anyways. I just don't find the need to because like I said, I love the feel and sound of this bass!! Only people who look at the bass up close will notice the bridge and tuners to be on the cheap side, but from 5 feet or further away, who can tell?

The wood work feels great!! It's not the most beautiful neck grain, but it feels perfect and the fingerboard looks great!! Who looks at the back of a neck during a show? The basswood body is very lightweight by comparison and, coupled with the EMG, it's a sound machine!

Man, I look like a crazy Guy worshipper, but it just fell that way. He is one of my several bass heroes, but the ABM-600 was my favorite that I tried when my old SWR SM-400 finally died on me 5 years ago. I admit that I noticed he used Ashdown with David Gilmour which is what put it on my radar, but I was pretty positive I was going to go with Aguilar or Eden. Tried them, like the ABM the best. Then, I saw the Bass Centre Betsy bass (when I was trying to find out the story of the actual Betsy) and thought, "cool, but I don't need a knock-off Fender, especially in that weird color" LOL. I told my bass playing buddy & fellow Guy fan, but kind of put it out of my mind. A few months later I saw some serious players who also worship at the throne of Fender (in a Fender Jazz bass forum) give soaring reviews to this bass, ranking it comparable to their American Fender Jazz basses. Coming in at a bit under $800 with the exchange rate, I had to give it a whirl (and had assumed I could get rid of it on Reverb if I didn't like it). Man, from the second I played it, I connected with it, and my Geddy and a few others have not received much attention since (except I still use my #1 Precision a lot, but 2 totally different sounds). It's a bit flashy for me, but if I am playing funk, I am playing that one and could probably use something (anything) to flash up my stage presence... because who listens to bass players, except bass players?! 🤣

Anyways, sorry to be long-winded, but to sum it up, if you are thinking about it, DO IT!!

PS - this has me wanting to try other Bass Centre basses!

PPS - just noticed it says it is out of stock. It was out of stock when I decided to order, but I signed up for them to email me when it came back in stock, and they did! It went to my junk mail folder, but luckily I went through it and saw it, and immediately order it!! I was opening it roughly 2.5 weeks later!!!

Does what it says on the box
25 October 2021  |  David

Brilliant. Much better tone on my Epiphone EB1, plus better control over string height and intonation. Fitted in 1/2 hour. Great stuff!

Really pleased
19 October 2021  |  Peter

I am really pleased with the bass which I purchased as a result of the article in Bass Player magazine.

As I am not a fan of the rubber strings as fitted to the bass, I looked on line to try and find a metal round wound string set that would fit the 24 inch scale of the Ashbury bass. As a result I purchased a set of Goldtone strings which are made to fit Goldtone's own mini basses of both 23/25 inch scale. These fitted perfectly and play really well.

I hope this may be of help if you have any questions from potential buyers who like me would want to do a string change.

I did contact you asking about a possible set of strings like the Goldtones but you replied that you did not have any.

Excellent strings
18 October 2021  |  Oscar

One of the best strings I ever got... love the sound of it, especially if you use a chorus pedal.

Great little unit
18 October 2021  |  Tom

Love playing through this combo, so dynamic and musical.

Great bass
01 October 2021  |  Stephen

I bought the WAV4 as a new string to my bass guitar playing. I also bought it after recently buying the WAV4 violin (the instrument I learnt for 11 years as a kid) and being suitably impressed by itís design, playability and sound. After getting to grips with the larger string length and spacing, I find the WAV4 solidly built. Iím only plucking and so have had the pickup in pizz. mode only, which gives a rich, full tone with a significant sustain. It has a low action that suits me, but I think may need to be modified if you wish to play slap (which can be easily done by raising the bridge). The position markers are particularly useful for a beginner to the instrument.
As for the Bass Centre, well they delivered as they said with no fuss.

Betsy is really cool!
30 August 2021  |  Stian

Betsy arrived from London, and was put to work at first chance. This seems to be a very very nice bass. It's a lot easier to play than my Squier Precision '70s retro that I got last year, that I thought was super... It sounds great and very loud, has very good balance, and is set up better from the start than the Squier. No adjustments needed on this one! Frets are precise. Really amasing sustain and nice tones. Holds the tuning very well. A lot of bass for the money! Happy bringing this one home to Norway!

Excellent instument
23 August 2021  |  Mike

Really impressed with the Betsy bass.

The build is excellent and the cherry on the cake is the set up by Chris Ward. Cannot believe the price as it is superior to many instruments three times the price, especially as it is fitted with the EMG pickups.

Great service from the Bass Centre. Would highly recommend.

I love this bass!
10 August 2021  |  Mike

I love this bass! Along with my Betsy Bass this has been become my go to gig bass! More expensive basses stay at home.

The tone, balance and finish is very good. Really astounding value of money, and has a real feel-good feeling every time I play it.

Couldn't recommend it more.

Cruelty Free Comfort
27 July 2021  |  Patrick

I've been in the market for a wider, more comfortable bass strap for a little while. The problem is, they're predominantly made from leather! This strap is exactly what I've been looking for: comfortable, good value for money, and importantly - cruelty-free. Thanks, Bass Centre!

Good strings
02 July 2021  |  Robert

I use these on my Betsy, and they stay in tune well and have stayed bright for a long while as well as being very responsive.

Great service and the instrument plays even better
17 June 2021  |  P.J.

Some time ago - some decades, actually - I had one of the original styles of Ashbory Bass and even had Ashley Jones re-build it with upgraded electronics. I was made an offer I could not refuse for the instrument, so have had to do without since. But then I saw a review of the new version and decided that I just had to have one for the sake of completeness, if nothing else. Good decision, the dinky little fellow is better than it ever was, The Bass Centre gave great service and the instrument plays even better.

Buy one!

I don't know how they do it!
21 May 2021  |  Mark

I can't really add any more that hasn't already been said. Betsy is an absolute steal. The EMGs work a treat in delivering a punchy tone that can be diluted to taste. She was set up beautifully and ready to rock (jazz?) right out of the box (gig bag and Guy's signed book included, too). The only downside was a personal one in that I learned I've been using the wrong gauge strings for years!!!

Thank you Bass Centre. Service was great and delivery was rapid, expect an order for some more (light gauge) strings in the not too distant future...

Exceeded my expectations in every way
09 May 2021  |  Andrew

The Profile has exceeded my expectations in every way and is as good a P as I've ever played....and thats a lot of P's.

The macassar ebony fingerboard is a big plus for me. What a colour... my Mrs reckons its orange! I've recently bought Korean-built basses from Ashdown & Anaconda (yes, still batting for British companies) and whilst they are very good indeed, they are around twice the price of the Profile.

Seriously impressive bass
01 May 2021  |  Katharine

Had my Betsy for about a month now, and I've barely played my other basses. This is a quality instrument, and the set up is great. Slim neck, fast action, wide range of tones, and the EMG pickups sound fantastic.

Like the strings too - normally I use flats but these are great. Service from the Bass Centre was excellent, the gig bag is quality, and the signed copy of Guy Pratt's book is a nice touch.

One of the best bass guitars I've ever owned!
21 April 2021  |  Adam

Absolutely amazed by the build quality, the playability, and the sounds you can get out of this bass. This walks all over modern Fender instruments that you'd pay over a grand for. I love the EMGs, so powerful and punchy. There's lots of clarity with the tone control all the way up, and the bass warms up lovely when you turn that tone control down.

I've owned many bass guitars in the past and this is certainly something special. It just shows that a quality instrument doesn't have to be expensive! 😊

Fast & zingy
20 April 2021  |  Ade

Really fast and a great slap sound, excellent for bending too.

Couldn't be happier!
19 April 2021  |  Andy

Just a quick message to say a big thank you for the recent (bespoke) Black and Gold Power bass received today - looks amazing!! I've already had it through the amp and it sounds superb.

Thanks for all the help and customer service - couldn't be happier!

An outstandingly good P-bass
01 April 2021  |  Eddie

I have been playing 5-strings for a few years live, but wanted a really good P-bass for home use and recording. The Bruce Thomas really hits the spot. I said outstanding build quality as it seems that a great deal of care has gone into designing this. Then there is the sound! Plenty of tone and thump here, so no need to play with everything turned up to max like many P-basses.. I never expected to find my perfect P-bass in this price bracket. Search over!

Great value
29 March 2021  |  Frank

Great value and very prompt service ... my second set from them.

Quality item
22 March 2021  |  Lee.

Great strings allow for a vintage tone with a modern feel. A quality item and the included cloth was welcome too. Thank you.

16 March 2021  |  Simon

Iíd actually been looking around for a Precision but couldnít find one that felt right, so, after cruising through the Bass Centre website, I came across this, the Frankenstein Bass. I read the spec and, as we were in the middle of a Covid lockdown, decided to take a chance on it. Customer service was excellent!

The big unboxing day arrived. Straight out of the box it was great. With a little tweak to lower the action it was amazing. It's incredibly light (great for those of us who are getting a little long in the tooth!) and well balanced. It sits on the strap perfectly. The neck is smooth and silky.

Now, the important bit Ė The sound. I plugged it into my live rig (Ashdown Evo III) and rolled the volume up. Smooth, no cracks or pops. It is loud, full bodied, and hot to trot. The pickup is incredibly responsive. Digging in with a pick gets that John Entwhistle 'Boris the Spider' sound. Lots of grind but without losing any of the bottom end. Beautiful! Backing off the treble pot a bit and losing the pick it gets real mellow. Nice. For recording I DI through an Ashdown MiBass. Absolutely no loss of tone or power whatsoever.

I have played a lot of basses over the years from my first Kayís catalogue precision copy to some heavyweight names with heavyweight price tags.

This bass is one of the best I have ever played.

£499? An absolute bargain.

Are you sure you didnít miss a digit out of the price tag?

Does what it says on the tin
07 March 2021  |  Jason

Does what it says on the tin & very well too!!

For info, this is my 3rd one of these

02 March 2021  |  Anthony

Just got my bass restrung and set up with these!! Truly excited to start playing!!

Plus: superb delivery time from the UK to Michigan, USA - just under a week!

Just Quality
02 March 2021  |  Anthony

Great size, material and even color!! Used it on a deep clean of my bass with some distilled vinegar and it performed exceptionally!

Very good strings
17 February 2021  |  Christophe

For my Duesenberg Starplayer - These are simple strings but that's what I wanted.

05 February 2021  |  John

Love the piano like tone and feel of these strings.

Happy with Bass Centre and Betsy.
21 January 2021  |  Philip

Well happy with Betsy, slick, smooth and a great tone.

NS Design NXT Gig Bag
08 January 2021  |  Martin

I had a second hand NXT5 which didn't come with a suitable case, so I called The Bass Centre and pinned down the right one to order. Good communications, no issues with payment or delivery.

Naturally it hasn't gone anywhere due to the lack of gigs, but the time will come....

Great Strings & Service
07 January 2021  |  Sam

I love these strings. They maintain excellent tone and intonation. The service the Bass Centre provides is second to none. Keep up the good work lads and stay safe.

Excellent customer service
07 January 2021  |  Candy

I can't comment on the quality of the strings as they were a gift, but the customer service was excellent - I accidentally put the wrong address on the order which was sorted quickly and efficiently, and despite the Christmas pandemic rush my panicked emails were answered promptly. Will definitely use again.

29 December 2020  |  Ian

First time trying these nickel rounds - The feel of the Elites Player string wind is a bit smoother than mainstream brands like Fender and Roto, so these EP's feel a bit more comfy to play. They're plenty bright-sounding new out of the packet. For £20 they are good value and, if they last well, I'd certainly think about buying them again.

Feel great from the off
07 December 2020  |  Andy

I now only use Elites Stadium medium for 4-string bass and replaced the strings on a newly purchased 5-string with a medium 5-string set.
The strings feel great from the off, are bright and hold tune very well. As they age, they develop a mellow tone while retaining an edge.

Sound great!
02 December 2020  |  Steve

I think these are excellent value and sound great!

Best bass I have ever played
21 November 2020  |  Garry

The Bass Collection Blockhead bass is the best bass I have ever played - it feels and sounds better than others I have played that are 3-4 times the price. It is an absolute joy to play and comes with a really good quality BC gigbag. The tone is stunning, even when playing acoustically it is a totally rewarding and inspirational experience - a lot of this must be down to the strings so I will be sticking with BC Elites on the Blockhead and upgrading to Elites on my other basses.

Also want to mention that the customer service at the Bass Centre is top notch. Just wish I had known about BC earlier.

They forgot to add a '1' to the start of the price!
20 November 2020  |  Jonny

Being a fan of Guy Pratt, regardless of quality of this bass, I was always going to be ordering one eventually. I decided it best to live with it for a short while before writing a review, spend plenty of time with it and get to know it instead of just making assumptions based on anything. For context, my other 'main' basses are a Musicman Stingray Special and a Musicman Caprice.

Now, there aren't many videos of this bass online or sound examples to really get to know how it sounds but, being the price it is, I thought, what's to lose?! And I'm very glad that I did.

Being an active jazz, its sound is my exact cup of tea. I have to say I was blown away with the quality. Of course it sounds like a jazz bass, but the active nature of it adds a hi-fi/clear quality that I just wasn't expecting to come out of a £500/£600 bass. Add the stainless strings and it reminded me of a Modulus (think Flea) high end with the growl of a vintage jazz. Bright and punchy are perfect words to describe this bass. The tone dial has a lot of room before it starts to get muddy, which is a mark of quality to me. Feeling almost like a one dial EQ (treble cut/bass boost etc) rather than the muddy honk I've experienced on other basses.

Trust the other reviews when they say how easy this bass is to play. I can play fast bass parts on this and with more precision than I can with basses I own 3 times the price. The slim neck is great, ebony with a satin finish which glides rather than the sticky gloss necks available elsewhere.

Betsy has become my number two, shouldering my Caprice out of it's spot. Which is remarkable given that the Caprice is an £1,800 bass. If you like active basses or jazz's then you won't be disappointed. Buy one now before The Bass Centre realise they forgot to add a '1' to the start of the price.

Now ... I'm off to browse P basses from this range.

Outstanding product
30 October 2020  |  Michael

Yes as the title suggests, an outstanding bass, super quality, well made and a superb, very playable bass. First thing I noticed, the frets, just wonderful, finish quality, just great, the build, well, just superb, cannot find a fault. The pickups, electrics all work well, was expected to replace them, but no, they do the job, only things out of the box that needed attention was the jack socket nut was loose, and the E string was not sitting in the bridge correctly, definitely becoming my go to bass. Yes for what my opinion is worth, buy one, they are spectacular!

Taming the orange beast
30 October 2020  |  Scott

Great bass! the guys set it up with their Detroit flats, but I swapped them for low tension TI Jazz Flats and love it. Have played it for hours. The neck profile being between a J and P neck means the strings are nicely apart and the sheen on the back of the neck means your hand just glides, no stickiness, so Ė as others have said Ė a joy to play. Very clean fretted sound from the ebony board, dig in for growl.

Now let's talk about the pickups - Loud! Probably loudest ever Ė takes some playing with to get your sweet spot, but when you do... just sublime. I always prefer the volume not on full, I find you get fewer overtones, so these crazy puppies deliver there, on full it's too much. The tone control is great and wide, no drop in volume between high and low. The highs are clear, sharp and sustain for days, like a crisp bottle of Riesling. The lows are round and meaty, like a good bottle of Tannat.

The colour is orange to my eyes and it's just a cool looking piece of b-ass. Well done to all involved - if you ever do an aged natural version, then I'm in!

A thing of beauty
20 October 2020  |  Mark

I took delivery of the bass yesterday. Itís a thing of beauty. Great job with the set-up too, itís perfect. Many thanks

An excellent bass, recommended
10 October 2020  |  Martin

Rapid delivery, allbeit done in a somewhat cavalier manner by UPS. The bass is superb, the set up was good, the sounds are amazing! The strings are reminiscent of Thomastik Superflexibles. Will just have to get used to the extra B string, a work in progress.

Thank you Barry and The Bass Centre.

19 September 2020  |  Christope

Excellent feel. .45 a bit zingy but just dropped pickup on that side a bit and spot on.

There's a 1 missing from the beginning of the price tag
08 September 2020  |  Alistair

I must admit I was still slightly cynical after reading the independent reviews of the Betsy bass but, after listening to a few examples on YouTube, I decided that £595 was a safe bet. I've had a custom Status Series II for the last 17 years and fancied something fresh so for me, playing in a couple of Pink Floyd tributes, having a replica of Guy's famous Jazz bass seemed like a no-brainer.

I haven't put this bass down since taking delivery last month and I haven't stopped grinning yet - there's nothing I don't like about it. The bass is setup with 40-100 strings and a lovely low action against a fast neck that feels so light and easy to play. The EMG pickups are fantastic and offer a wide range of tones; I pretty much stick with the bridge on full and the neck rolled off slightly and the bass does all the talking from there, it just loves to groove and party. And the overall balance (when I finally remembered to belatedly order a strap from The Bass Centre!) is perfect for me.

So, yes, if I had picked up and tried one of these basses without knowing the price beforehand I would have guessed it was it was priced at £1,595. Oh, and you get a soft case, AND a signed copy of Guy's book. It's an absolute joy to play and an amazing bargain, I'm so pleased (my wife let me) buy it!

Now Covid, please **** off and let us all go out and play again

04 September 2020  |  Robrecht

At noon, I received the NS CR5 and I am thrilled. The bass pizz sound is great (fantastic with the extra F-string) and even the arco sound is good. Now Iíll start experimenting with other sounds! Awesome!

This bass is a gem
26 August 2020  |  Jiri

I had this bass in the nineties. What I got now is probably even better. Excellent sound, playability, setup, strings. I am very satisfied with this instrument and the seller.

24 August 2020  |  Simon

Sound and feel great.

Looks and sounds great
07 August 2020  |  Simon

Lovely bass, nice and light. Came really well set up. Looks and sounds great.

Best strings I have ever tried!
31 July 2020  |  Dylan

These strings are the best strings I have had. They have the feel And durability of flat wounds but they still keep some brightness like round wounds. They are the perfect combination of the two!

The bass Iíve been looking for!
18 July 2020  |  Juan

Iíd spent a year searching for a new P-Bass. I looked at the Mexican and American Fenders. There was always something I didnít like about the ones I tried (yes, including colour!). I wanted a faster neck without the sticky lacquer, I needed a lightweight one due to shoulder and back issues. Iíd always expected to have to upgrade the pickups and probably add a pickguard in a better colour. Then I spoke to a couple of Profile bass owners and read some reviews. I wouldnít usually buy a bass without trying it first but everyone was saying the same things about the Bruce Thomas Profile; consistently lightweight, good pickups, fast, thin neck profile. And the price! I felt it was worth the risk. I wasnít disappointed. Itís a beauty too. Is it perfect? No, Iíll probably change the tuners for ultralights as it is the teeniest bit neck heavy. If you practice sitting down you probably wouldnít even notice it but, with my back, ergonomics are important.

In summary, itís a joy to play, I love the weight, sound and look of it. Once Iíve added new tuners , Itíll be my P-Bass for life.

Still the best
01 July 2020  |  Ledge

I first started using Elites when I bought my trusty Status Series II (from The Bass Centre) in 1987. 33 years later and that bass is still my number one instrument and Elites are still the only strings I use across all of my basses.

Great service
30 June 2020  |  Pete

Great service, made even better by a personal email from Barry Moorhouse after I ordered the wrong size.

Very happy with it
23 June 2020  |  Robin

Plays well straight out of the box.

Welcome to Jazz Club
22 June 2020  |  Richard

I donít normally write reviews, but Iím making an exception for Betsy. Iím lucky enough to own a few basses and wanted a back up for my American made Jazz Bass (ok 2 Jazz basses!).

Iíd read the review in Bass Guitar Magazine and Iím a big fan of Mr. Prattís bass playing, plus who doesnít love burgundy mist, so took the plunge and ordered one.

Iíve owned Betsy a few weeks now, so what can I tell you? The bass arrived with a perfect action and set up out of the box, she has a very slim neck, bright snappy tone and the build quality and finish are on a par with many of my more expensive instruments.

I donít think Betsy will just be a back up bass, but donít tell Nina and Kaelene!

17 June 2020  |  Philip

Nice to come free with strings and/or bass purchase, thanks!

Really nice
17 June 2020  |  Philip

These are really nice strings, now my favs!

Great bass at a great price!
17 June 2020  |  Philip

Very happy with it, top to bottom, and it sounds almost as good as my Betsy!

Incredible bass for the money
11 June 2020  |  Damien

The neck is thinner than I'm used to and the strings that come with the bass are lighter. I'm enjoying that though! The sound though, is incredible. Bright and punchy with an astonishing range of sounds available through the two volume/one tone setup. I've never really been a fan of Jazz style basses, or active pickups, and I think this has converted me on both.

Fit, finish, etc are all fantasitc. Shipping half way over the world in the middle of a pandemic was also quick and painless. If they came in other colours (which I know is not the point, but, hey!) I'd probably buy a second one.

Excellent Strings, Excellent Service.
09 June 2020  |  Laurence

I am hugely impressed. These strings are noticeably louder than the Rotosounds they replaced. How do you manage to make strings with higher volume? The strings are very slick and comfortable to play. Most importantly, the tone is beautiful too.

The service is very professional. I met Barry at the 2019 London Bass Guitar Show. He obviously knows everybody in the bass world, but he still has time to give help and advice to the 'man in the street'. Thank you

Great bass for the price
04 June 2020  |  Mark

I just wanted to let you know the BT bass arrived safely in France... It's a really great bass for the price and the first instrument I've ever bought new that has a perfect setup - there's literally nothing I would touch!

Looking forward to receiving the book.

Many thanks

You can't miss the Betsy
28 May 2020  |  Luca

Since I am a fan of Guy Pratt's bass style since 30 years, I cannot resist to purchase the Betsy bass replica.Even if having a fairly low price, it is a pretty nice bass that works much better than you can expect from. If you are a Guy Pratt fan you can immediately recognize its classic sound when playing this instrument.

It has a comfortable, easy to play, slim neck and a very good overall balance. The only detail I can complain about is the total absence of finish at the back of the neck. I asked to my luthier to add a coat of tone and glossy finish.

The bass came with soft bag and a copy of Guy Pratt's book.

The overall service from shop and staff has been very good!

If you are a Pratt sound fan and you want a greatly playable instrument at a fairly low price you can't miss the Betsy.

I love my WAV 5-string EUB!
21 May 2020  |  Iain

I bought a WAV 5-string EUB and loved it from the moment I started playing it. I have not altered the action at all as it's pretty much perfect for me. I play it through a Fishman Platinum Pro EQ as a pre-amp and the sound is amazing. This is the first EUB I have used and can highly recommend it.

Big thanks also to Barry at the Bass Centre for his help and advice.

Found my sound
20 May 2020  |  Patrick

The Detroit Flats from Bass Centre are excellent.

After trying a few different brands of flatwounds over the past few years, I am really happy to have stumbled across these. Sound just as good as strings twice their price. Punchy with a bit of rasp, just how I like my strings to sound. Pleased to say I have found my strings and will be buying these flats as and when I need a new set.

Great service from Bass Centre too!

Betsy is a keeper!
12 May 2020  |  John

Iíve owned about 30 basses in my lifetime (including some USA Jazz basses) and this is the best bass Iíve ever owned.

I was a little nervous ordering a bass sight unseen, but the gamble paid off. Set up was perfect right out of the box, action is low and fast, no rough fret edges, the pickups are dead quiet, the color is gorgeous - itís a total home run. And thatís before taking the price into consideration. Even shipped to the USA, the price is ridiculously low. In almost 30 years of playing Iíve never seen this kind of quality in a bass in this price range. I hate to sound like a shill, but Iíve barely put the bass down since I got it; just ask my wife!

In short, Iíll shout it from the mountains....if you are in the market for a Jazz Bass, THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT!

Excellent advice and service
26 April 2020  |  Phillip

Iím a total novice and no previous experience of guitar playing. I was referred to the Bass Centre by a friend after carrying out extensive research. I left a message and within 30 minutes Barry returned my call, I explained to him my lack of knowledge. His advice was spot on, he told me exactly what I needed (and didnít need), explained the process and he and his admin team kept me updated until the bass arrived.

Excellent advice and service and would have no hesitation in recommend the Bass Centre.

Great flat wounds
23 April 2020  |  Richard

I love Elites Detroit flatwound bass strings, theyíre excellently priced, theyíre great to play and they sound amazing.

14 April 2020  |  Mark

My Power Bass arrived an hour or so ago, thank you. I have to say it was well worth the wait, itís lovely. It was beautifully set up and sounds just as you would expect it to. I reckon itís easily as good as anything Fender Mexico is producing, and perhaps not too far off the American P Basses.

I am really pleased, thanks again. Superb service.

So far, so good!
06 April 2020  |  Ralph

Just got them put on. I think they had been in the mail for a while. Haven't gotten out much with COVID-19. I am getting back into playing bass after a hiatus and bought a new bass. I didn't like the factory strings, and I used to play with heavies so I got these and they already feel more comfortable and more like what I am used to. Love the free cloth that came with them.

Lovely deep bass sound
12 March 2020  |  Robert

I decided to change from roundwound to flatwounds on my Bass Collection Power Bass. I was astounded at the quality of the strings for the price and would recommend them highly Ė ultra smooth, nice tension, and that lovely deep bass sound right out of the packet.

Fantastic service
27 February 2020  |  Saul

Fantastic service from you guys as always, the same as I have enjoyed since the very early '90s.

Without parallel
16 January 2020  |  Warren

I've been using Elites Stadium strings on all my basses for the past four years. They're the only brand who, regarding 5 string sets, produce a low B string that has a clear and glassy tone every time. They're the most consistent, therefore reliable of all bass strings. I see no alternative.

19 December 2019  |  Marcel

I play bass for over 30 years and recently acquired my first set of these. They feel and sound amazing. Further, my compliments to the Bass Centre on their high level of service. I live overseas (Netherlands) but received the shipment as quick and easy as if the store was right next door. I shall definitely recommend The Bass Centre to every single bass player I know.

Bass strings
18 October 2019  |  Karl

Great service I'm ordering again next month, arrived quickly

Fantastic bass
13 October 2019  |  Kevin

A belated note to say a HUGE thank you for this fantastic bass.

Have gigged it twice now, and it's tremendous fun to play - the nut width, and most importantly, neck profile and finish make it much easier to play long sets on hot summer nights.

The pickup is a monster too, a perfect match with the Stainless Steel Elites! What more can I say? A brilliant package with the gig bag and Bruce's book... even the box the bass came in looks cool!

Congratulations on a real winner

Elites Peter Hook Custom set
03 September 2019  |  Graham

Excellent service, fast delivery

Great strings
30 August 2019  |  Thomas

More companies should make a set like this. The G is now beefy enough to sound great, strings tune quick and stay in tune. Feel great too!

Great bass!
29 August 2019  |  Mohamed

I bought this bass because I'm a huge fan of Bruce Thomas and his bass playing. After playing it at length a few times now, I just want to say that I am really very happy with this purchase. The neck is very smooth and easy to play - it arrived set up and ready to go with nice low action. The pickups cut through nicely and sound good to me.

It seems to hold a tuning very well as I tuned it up once and it has barely budged since. The color is definitely a conversation starter, especially since I'm not a flashy guy, but it looks great in person. It's definitely more of an orange than a pink to my eyes - I love it now.

On top of all that the bass is actually pretty light so it's a pleasure to play! This was a total impulse buy and I have to say that I am really happy to have it now.

Awesome strings
28 August 2019  |  Robert

Quality super fast shipping to the States.

Stunning Looks, Great Value
23 August 2019  |  Tim

This is the first bass I have bought and I spent a considerable time researching it before buying it. The Lizzy bass is a fantastic looking guitar with its black body and neck and mirror finished pick guard. It was professionally set up before being couriered to me. It was manufactured in Korea and finished to a very high standard. It has a slim fast neck and is supplied with Elites nickel plated strings which are softer on the fingers than some I have tried. The bass weighs in at a thankfully light-ish 4.1 kilos. At this price I cannot fault it. It compares well with instruments costing twice the price. Oh, and did I mention its looks...?!

Worth waiting for!
23 August 2019  |  Stephen

It took a long time to arrive because it was a rather special instrument, but in the end it was worth waiting for. Very good service and follow-up from The Bass Centre, and excellent value for this instrument compared to others offering the same.

New Favourites!
31 July 2019  |  Mark

As a long time Elites Nickel user I thought I'd give these a go on my graphite necked 5-string Status as I was after something smooth feeling, (I find most normal steels too rough), but with more 'zing' than flats and these hit it on the head!
Perfect tension, great feel and loads of tone... think I'll be coming back for some 4-string sets for some of my other basses!

Just the best
08 July 2019  |  Turner

I've been using Elites since I discovered them at the Bass Centre in Wapping. I have tried virtually every single brand over the years and have concluded that elites are just the best for me.

Excellent value
21 June 2019  |  Craig

Excellent value strings, and a nice free t-shirt if you buy two sets! Great tone and feel plus a freebie, what's not to like? 😀 I'll be trying the Groundwounds some time soon.

Quick service, good product
20 June 2019  |  Stephen

Very pleased with the quick and efficient service - the delivery to the Netherlands was very fast. Price was also good, and lower than other companies. So I am very pleased with the purchase.

Highly recommended!
12 June 2019  |  Magnus

Needed to replace the bridge on my Gibson. Found this Babicz bridge and it is perfect.
One of the screws was missing when the bridge arrived - contacted Bass Centre and Mr. Barry sent me the missing screw pretty quick.
Highly recommended!

28 May 2019  |  Victor

I just received my new Radius WAV bass to Norway today, and it feels fantastic already! PERFECT for my new record!

Thank you for great set up and safe delivery 😁

Good product, good price.
23 May 2019  |  Chas

These strings sound excellent and, unlike many, don't start off with excess polish that leaves your fingertips black. The ball end wraps were a perfect fit for my Steinberger.

Really good
04 April 2019  |  Brian

I've been using them for years and can see no reason to change. They're really good strings.

The best UK source of bass gear
30 March 2019  |  Bruce

Bought my second Babicz bridge from The Bass Centre had some trouble with the first they sorted it out at no cost to me, excellent communication and customer service, I bought a second. Highly recommended.

Getting me closer to that James Jamerson Funk Brothers sound
15 February 2019  |  Keith

Replaced the original round wounds on my Yamaha RBX170 with these strings. The Elites Detroit Flats were a fair price and ordering online was easy and delivery quick.
First impressions were a bit weird (in a good way) - that rasping noise as you run your fingers down the fret board had gone. The strings felt 'soft and smooth'.
Most importantly for me the tone across all four stings was the same. On my original roundwounds the E was a dirty low and G was brittle. I was questioning my choice of reasonably priced guitar but these new strings are getting me closer to that James Jamerson Funk Brothers sound (with some foam under the strings at the bridge).

Great Product & Service
14 February 2019  |  Elton

Been using Elites for decades, great strings at a reasonable price. Have had the occasional dalliance with other strings but don't feel need to change as Elites give me what I need. Service was quick and reliable and it was nice to get a free coth (which is useful) too.

Cheers, Elton

Anyone got a Balanced Shoulder Rest for acoustic violin?
11 February 2019  |  Jonny

Iíve just heard back from NS Designs that they discontinued the attachment for acoustic violins about five years ago.

Does anybody have one lying around that needs a new home?


Excellent free gift
05 February 2019  |  Paul

Got this polishing cloth free with Detroit Elite strings. A really useful item and a nice gesture from a superb company.

05 February 2019  |  Paul

Superb strings awesome tone deep and vibrant.

21 January 2019  |  Guttorm

Thanks. I have used this type string some years, and they are amazing! The fiber cloth was also very good. Best deg. Guttorm Forbord.

10 January 2019  |  Sam

Excellent quality, elite in fact. Prompt service, arrived the following day and this was over the Christmas period!

Very pleased
27 December 2018  |  Gavin

I just want to feed back on how pleased and satisfied with one of your Jive basses I recently brought. I was fortunate to buy this from a good friend who had toured it extensively, globally.

A lot of my equipment 'lives' in a van as lucky enough to be pretty busy.... I got the bass to replace my main bass, which needed a little work doing on it... well, the work has been done, however it's still on its stand at home!

I regularly don't have to tune when I take the bass out of the case!! Compliments have been given on the sound and people cannot believe the cost of the bass in comparison with other 'major' instrument makers!

Many thanks and have absolutely no hesitation in singing the praises of the basses.

Kind regards. Gavin.

Top level bass strings
12 October 2018  |  Chris

Excellent quality - been using these strings for over 20 years

Great Strings
30 August 2018  |  Simon

I first used Elites in the late '80s / early '90s and have always been impressed with their punch and tone. Great strings.

Great strings
09 August 2018  |  Keith

Great strings and free gift polishing cloth tnanks

All Good
02 August 2018  |  Chris

I am very happy with the feel and tone of these strings. I was looking for less wear and tear on my fingers and these fit the bill. I was also very happy with the service provided by The Bass Centre. Good communication. Speedy delivery and it was a nice touch receiving the cleaning cloth with my order. Recommended and will return.

10 July 2018  |  Garry

Fantastic replacement for my bent '76 Precision - Sustain is unreal and very easy to swap over

Great sounding strings
04 July 2018  |  Andreas

The strings sound great and they fit perfectly on my Landscape upright bass. I will definitely buy them again! I also give 5 STARS for the customer-friendly service of Bass Centre!

Highly recommended
12 June 2018  |  Paulo

Great service and communication,and a really fantastic instrument. Vintage vibe at very affordable price.

Very pleased
11 June 2018  |  Michael

Thanks for the great service. Wyman Bass arrived in excellent condition.

Very pleased with it and you. Very fast shipping. I will be ordering again soon.

Thanks again.

Unique & intriguing
07 June 2018  |  Shane

What a great & fun little bass this is. Fretwork is immaculate. Fit & finish top drawer. The balance & position on your body when playing with it strapped on is not the norm. More like an SG, but you soon adapt & get used to it. Lots of versatile sounds to be found. Great pickups & hardware. A unique & intriguing bass.

Great Product
06 June 2018  |  Anthony

Fitted this bridge to a generic Precision Bass. It has transformed it. Even though I had fitted Seymour Duncan SPB3's, it was still missing something. Wow! This through body bridge with Elites has fantastically improved the middle and top end. Plus it made setting the action and intonation very easy. Love it!!

Absolutely gorgeous!!!
25 May 2018  |  Paulo

Hi, I got the bass today.

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Iím feeling like a kid in Christmas morning.

I'll be back for more soon ( a Jive with a maple fingerboard)... Before Brexit kicks in, 'cause I don't know if buying from UK will be a good option from that on!?!

Best regards from Portugal where the weather is great to use this nice Bass Centre T-shirt.

Thanks again!

I cannot recommend this bass highly enough
20 May 2018  |  Adam

It is a steal in terms of value for the build quality, play-ability and tone. Look into British Bass Centre - Americans pay no VAT on imports from them, also.

It is essentially the ultimate hybrid of Precision tone with Jazz sustain and play-ability/neck profile, but lighter and better balanced than either.

I am so delighted with it - brilliant!!

Great strings, always delivered on time
16 May 2018  |  Keiren

Wouldn't buy from anyone else.

Great buy
07 May 2018  |  Dave

Ordering was easy. Strings arrived quickly and were cheaper than most, if not all places online.

All in all, a faultless transaction.

Great job!
20 April 2018  |  Kieran

Really pleased with the service. I enquired a few months ago about the Profile - it was out of stock but put my name down to be notified, ordered one when they became available and it arrived a few days later.

I play mainly in a covers band doing a lot of new wave stuff including Attractions numbers. I have an 80's Japanese Precision (owned since '93) which I love but it does have a thick neck and I tend to favour a Jazz ( Mexican) for live as it's more playable. The reviews and history of the Profile looked encouraging, particularly the time invested by Bruce himself to produce a specific instrument that isn't just a signature on a stock guitar, so I took the plunge.

I've hardly put it down since. It feels fantastic to play. I like the satin finish on the neck (was thinking of sanding the gloss neck on my Precision!) and the build quality is that of an instrument that should cost double. The pickups are fantastic - SO LOUD with loads of sustain and generally awesome tone. Also I was pleased to see that although the Profile looks red in a lot of internet pictures, it is definitely salmon pink like the original. Great job !!!!

Fantastic value!
05 April 2018  |  Andy

Reviewers are absolutely right to praise this great bass for its playability, sound and looks.
It's fantastic value!

But buyers, please note that mine came without the grooved, roller bridge and a signed certificate. I've suggested the Bass Centre should amend their description.

27 March 2018  |  Danny

Had a ridiculously long wait on Royal Mail to deliver, about 9 days, terrible. Had I have known, Iíd have paid next day. The dispatch was quick, customer service ace. The product is brilliant, another level on adjustable ability in order to get string height.

Best £500 I ever spent
26 March 2018  |  Stephen

Everything about this bass is perfect. It sounds amazing and the set up is great. It really is flawless. It's the best £500 I've ever spent on an instrument. Now, if only I could play it like Bruce or Bedders!

Beautiful sound
23 February 2018  |  Magnus

These strings have the sound I have spent years looking for. Great buy for a good price! Come highly recommended.

Beautiful sound
23 February 2018  |  Magnus

These strings have the sound I have spent years looking for. Great buy for a good price! Come highly recommended.

Excellent strings at the price
22 February 2018  |  Christopher

Very comfortable strings to play and quick to stabilise. I'm using these strings for the first time... sure, groundwound strings are a bit of a trade off - less string squeak but less 'zing' too. If you want the classic roundwound brilliance, look elsewhere... but if you want the comfort of tapewound strings with a bit more 'open-ness' and articulation at a sensible price then look no further. These strings fit the bill perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again.

12 February 2018  |  Linda

Bought for my son who says itís much better than the original stand in its solidity, yet giving him freedom of movement. Heís really impressed.

Amazing bass at a great price!
09 February 2018  |  Rob

Itís quickly becoming one of my go-to basses, lightweight and sounds amazing!

Used for years
25 January 2018  |  Peter

I'm very happy with the strings I bought. I've used them for years and I know & trust them.
However I bought 3 sets of strings, 2x4 string sets & 1x6 string set, but didn't receive the t-shirt that was said to be on offer when I bought two sets of strings.
Ho hum.

Good value for money
05 January 2018  |  Einar

All statements in catalogue fulfilled! Low action, clear sound, easy to play, good value for money!

Bass Guitar 6-String Set
04 January 2018  |  Don

The only problem with this order was delivery time which was due to Royal Mail load over Christmas. I did call to query the delivery and was treated extemely politely by Gill and Barry. Many thanks, Don.

It came quickly & worked
06 December 2017  |  Simon

The title says it all, really!

Sexy bass!
15 November 2017  |  Richard

I really like the bass. The neck feel is not as good as my more expensive Fenders (£1,000 or more range) but I am happy. The neck is fine but not awe inspiring. It looks great, the pickups are strong and have a nice range. I was pleasantly surprised by this. I like the light weight as well. It's a sexy bass and sounds good.

04 November 2017  |  Barry

Very pleased with the bass... and the delivery/service excellent too.

I swear this bass talks to me... so pleased!

Good value for money
31 October 2017  |  Christopher

Very pleased with this little bass guitar. Well made and good value for money, especially compared to a Kala U-Bass from California. Can get a sound very close to a double bass, the secret is to turn all the EQ off and then add very little back in bit by bit.

Only criticism is the strings, which are very hard on fingers but this can be cured with regular usage of talcum powder... Best put it on strings and fingers. If it's good enough for Jeff Beck, it's good enough for me!!

Excellent service
26 October 2017  |  Shaun

Bought a Babicz Z-Type Bridge to replace the stock bridge on a Squier VM Fretless. Arrived the following day, earlier than anticipated. Great upgrade. Simple transaction. Thanks.

Superb bass and excellent service
09 October 2017  |  Carl

I have been playing an American brand of Jazz bass but wanted to experiment with the P-Bass sound. The Power Bass was attractively priced and received very good reviews from friends and online so I decided to buy one as an introduction to P-Bass.

The Bass Centre put Elites Strings on the bass and set it up for you so that it is ready to go as soon as you get it. It also comes in a decent quality gig bag. The bass is light but tone doesn't suffer because of this and it is honestly one of the most comfortable basses I have played. The neck is really fast and plays very smoothly. There is plenty of signal from the pickups and lots of tone control.

Superb Instrument
25 September 2017  |  Chas

I'd dealt with The Bass Centre back in the Wapping days and knew that Barry wouldn't be selling his Bass Collection instruments if they weren't worth putting his good name and reputation behind. I was curious to see just how good they are and, on the strength of the Frankenstein bass that has just arrived, the answer is 'BRILLIANT'.

The neck is wonderfully slim, straight as an arrow with very nice fretting and plays great with the satin finish. The slightly thinner depth basswood body makes for a lighter guitar than my regular Fenders, but without any loss of snap or sustain. The electronics and hardware are more than adequate and it does all that you could ask of a P-Bass, while giving you scope to upgrade and customise if you want to.

The fit and finish is excellent with a flawless paint job. The gig bag is also nicely made. All in all, this is the best budget bass that I have played in many years and really would put many far more expensive P-Basses to shame. The price point seems ridiculously low for what you are getting (and no, I'm not related to Barry!).

If this is a typical Bass Collection instrument then I would recommend them to anybody.

Amazing player
26 August 2017  |  Frank

Thank you for sorting out the bass, it really is appreciated.

Love it!
20 August 2017  |  Dan

Bruce, my bass arrived a few days ago. My expectations were adjusted down for the known of buying a bass without ever having played it. Amazingly, it looks cleans but not special (which is just fine with me), but I was really not prepared for the sound of "Party Girl" coming out of my cheap ss amp.†

And you are right about play-ability... The neck is great and the pick up fat. Love IT!

Thank you for doing this.

Highly recommended
19 August 2017  |  Mike

Excellent quality and well made with generous padding inside.

I'm very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend this product to anybody who is after a gig bag.

Bass Strings
10 August 2017  |  Phillip

To find out that the strings required come in the necessary weight and length you have to click the down arrow. I didn't see this until the last minute and I don't think it's mentioned on the 'top' screen. Other than that, a painless experience.

Awesome and inspiring!
07 August 2017  |  David

So glad to have stumbled across this bass!

Bruce Thomas has long been a top favorite player so I jumped at the chance to own and play his signature model.

Despite its rather modest price this bass is definitely a high quality, well thought out instrument and as Bruce himself said "it's a real joy to play".
After fitting my preferred strings and with a small amount of adjustment, which the bass responded to quite well, I'm happy to report it has become nearly impossible to put down. Thanks Bass Centre, Barry and Co. and of course the man himself! I should also mention that the included gig bag is of surprisingly high quality. Bonus!!

Plays beautifully
01 August 2017  |  Andy

The Profile Bass arrived at the alternative address and I collected it last night just prior to taking it for its first gig. It plays beautifully. In fact, it sounds so good that my other Precision sounds downright wimpy in comparison.

Question... Is it possible to purchase the BTPB pickup separately? I'd love to put one in my other Precision so that, as a newly relegated backup, it'll sound as close to my new Profile bass as possible. I've got a Duncan SB1 Pickup in my Fender that I got from the Bass Centre back in the Wapping days and the Profile pickup leaves it for dust.

Well done Team Bass Centre!

Thanks for all your help sorting delivery.

The Holy Grail!
10 July 2017  |  Si

I have quite a number of Bass Collection basses, and I adore all of them, they're unbelievably good.

However, this is the bass I've spent my career looking for!!

It is perfect, and I mean perfect.

I've always found five strings I've used over time never quite felt right, but this is finally it. It plays like a four string almost, but with the low B there ready for action.

If you're gonna play a fiver, this should be your number one choice.

Great looker, great player.
10 July 2017  |  Ross

Visited The Bass Centre today & put an order in for a new bass. Went for a Bass Collection Power Bass ("The Lizzy") with hi mass bridge.

My request of changing the neck for a Jive/Jazz one was met with a "no problem at all" response (and at no extra cost). Dealing with Barry Moorhouse was a pleasure.

Pick it up next Friday, can't wait. Great looker, great player.

Amazing service
24 June 2017  |  Graham

Have never had such fantastic after sales service from any other company.

5 stars without a doubt!

Thank you.

Fantastic P Bass
01 June 2017  |  Simon

What can I say, I really love this bass. It's light, well balanced, the neck is fast and satin smooth and the colour is amazing.

It's now my no.1 bass, replacing a similar instrument made by a very well known American company.

Just wish I'd bought one earlier!

Well pleased
31 May 2017  |  Ian

Well pleased with the Wyman Bass. Would recommend the Bass Centre to anyone... Thanks.

Beautiful bright tone
08 May 2017  |  Andy

I only use these strings on all of my basses. Ive tried most on the market but these have a beautiful bright tone which doesn't deteriorate over time too much.

Awesome strings!
07 May 2017  |  Stephen

I've been using Elites for years and simply love the Stadium Series! As if that wasn't enough, the free shipping to Europe offered by The Bass Centre is an added bonus

27 April 2017  |  Warren

I buy these strings with full confidence that they'll deliver the bright, crystalline ping they always do.

Very high quality, durability and - of course - attractive silk!

Great bass
20 April 2017  |  William

Great bass at an unbelievable price. Customer service very good also, all questions answered and tracking the product's arrival very straightforward. Will be buying from the Bass Centre again, very soon. Don't tell the wife!

Elites bass strings
10 April 2017  |  Paul

Elites bass strings have always been my string of choice when I need double ball end strings for my basses. I prefer stainless steel more than nickel wound as they have a brighter tone and the Bass Centre Elites have never let me down for the last 27 years.

Good item
25 March 2017  |  Michael

Very pleased with my new amp. It sounds like a much bigger amp and it fits in a sports bag.

Best strings ever
16 February 2017  |  Stephen

I've been using Elites Stadium strings for a while, originally 45-105 but recently changed to 40-100 and 40-125 and for me it's made all the difference: still the same bright tone, but just faster!

Have them on my Rickenbacker 4001 and 4 & 5 string Jazz basses.

Where do I sign for an endorsement deal!?

Warwick bridge? No problem!
23 January 2017  |  Stuart

Didn't actually receive a 6 string set - it was a set of 5 with a loose extra but hardly an issue; still did what was needed!

After enduring 2 sets of manufacturers' strings that came with my custom Warwick, I bought some proper strings, can't fault them and even fitted the PITA Warwick bridge comfortably with no filing of saddles needed. Couldn't be happier!

Best strings on the market!
23 January 2017  |  Stuart

I've used these exclusively for 20 years now, and never broken one, never had a duff one... they stay bright and snappy for an age longer than any other brand. Can't fault them on anything.

Absolutely wonderful
30 December 2016  |  Steven

Hi Bruce

Guess what Santa brought me?

It's ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL, hands-down the best action, set-up and playability Iíve ever encountered on a bass!

Itís incredibly light, but has waaayy more power. The pickups sound like bloody Jazz pickups with the belly of a split-single ó how did you do that?! What is the special secret behind the pickup? I've never heard a P-bass (style) pickup with this much clarity - none of them sound this balanced and bright at the same time, whilst also being clean and noise-free! So easy to get your classic tone, now all I have to work on is my playing.

I never do reviews or demos, but I'll have to do one on this occasion, it's such an amazing piece. Phenomenal instrument, better than I could have hoped for.

Thanks so much for making this beautiful piece of craftsmanship!!

via Facebook; re-posted by kind permission

16 November 2016  |  Giuseppe

Montate su Thunderbird, risultate essere eccellenti... Suono metallico, brillante, pulito e ben definito... Miglior sustain... Molto soddisfatto del suono... a differenza delle corde provate precedentemente che fornivano suoni molto sporchi ed eccessivamente ovattati. Un sentito ringraziamento a Barry.

Bass Collection Jive + Babicz FCH Bridge
14 November 2016  |  Lorenzo

Hi Barry

Hope youíre doing well!?

The bass arrived on Monday and it plays beautifully, truly one of the best basses I ever played. The action is perfect and the strings are smooth... and I love the colour.

Thanks again and when I perform Iíll send you a picture asap!



Clever design
26 October 2016  |  Laurie

Many thanks for your prompt service. The bridge arrived this morning and is now installed on my trusty old†'72 Jazz. Intonation and action are better than they've ever been. A very clever design.

Thanks again.

26 September 2016  |  Joe

This is a killer J-Bass copy and absolutely the best on the market for the price.

The neck feels like a 1962 Jazz Bass.

Joe Hubbard ē London, UK
London based, American-born pro musician, Joe Hubbard, has enjoyed a 30 year career as an internationally acclaimed contemporary jazz fusion recording artist, bass tutor & clinician.

Detroit Flats
25 September 2016  |  Vic

Put them on my '64 P-Bass... Amazing. Twice the output of others... fat low end with definition, smooth feel...I think I've finally found what I've been looking for...

Will spread the word.

Cheers, Vic from Oakland CA.

Love these flat wounds...
15 September 2016  |  Marc

My Detroit bass came equipped with Elites Detroit Flatwound Series strings, which is my main reason for purchasing my bass.

I love the warm thump these strings produce and they really give you an authentic "old school" tone.

Sounds spectacular
26 August 2016  |  Miguel

Hi, Gill. I received the bass last Wednesday... the cardboard box had a little bend in it but I checked everything out and nothing was wrong.

It feels superb and sounds spectacular. I need to get used to the lack of body, raise the bridge some, and think about alternative strings (these D'Addarios feel too electric bass-like).

The pickups and volume/tone setup is super sweet. The construction is premium; not only can I see it, I can feel it. I chose right. Thanks for all your help.

Epiphone EB3
21 August 2016  |  Hildegard

The bridge is perfect for the Epiphone EB3. Easy intonation, fast string height setting and looks not so much different (in style) from the original bridge. It weighs as much as the original bridge - I had hoped it was heavier to compensate for the neck dive.

As there are not many 17mm string spacing bridges, this bridge should be considered for other instruments with that requirement.

Absolutely Stunning
20 August 2016  |  Michael

First of all, the customer service at The Bass Centre is fantastic. Katie was able to answer every ridiculous question I asked and was quick and courteous in doing so.

Now, the bass. Beautiful finish (China White) with great set-up right out of the box. I lowered the action to my usual taste and still can't make it buzz. The p/ups are nice and transparent with just enough mid-range growl.

I believe I paid a mere $480 USD (including shipping!) and must say no other J on the market I've played can compare when it comes to this bass' playability. Electronics are always a more subjective issue, but I see no reason to replace the stock set-up.

All this, and the bass made it to the Nashville area in less than a week... Customer for life.


Let me tell you a story!
18 August 2016  |  Keith

After Ďretiringí nearly 10 years ago, I needed a new bass for a drunkenly conceived reunion project. Iíd been ďworking outĒ on a Les Paul bass which, although looked cool, was solid mahogany, weighed a ton, was fret worn and didnít have the best action.

No, I really needed a replacement for my relic '73 Fender P, now safely locked away and in too delicate a state to hump around on public transport.

So a search for a good, affordable alternative was on. As part of my research I "Googled" Bruce Thomas, and found my way to The Bass Centre.

At first I slavered over the Bass Masters range but, as the reunion might only be a one off, I couldnít justify to myself the extra cost of a Profile. So I went for the Power Bass. Iíd plumped for the original model based on Bruceís reasoning on vintage bridge sustain.

Also, ďback in the dayĒ we used to use the rubber rings from Grolsch bottle tops as strap "locks" and I wanted to recreate that extra bit of nostalgia as well!

Order made, I duly took receipt of the bass on the day of the first reunion rehearsal. Opening the box revealed a quality gig bag where inside I found a beautiful China White (white body and headstock with tortoise shell scratch plate).

Like other reviews it honestly arrived almost in tune! Straight away its feel was extremely comfortable, from the lightness of the basswood body to the neck and action which are fantastic and comparable to my í73.

That evening it was given its first outing and serious real test. As you may have guessed Iím a bit of an Attractions fan, although I'm more in awe of Mr Thomas rather than having developed any Bruce Thomas-like skills. I also love The Stranglers as well (which is why I got the original Fender in the first place).

So my left hand is wannabe Bruce Thomas, whilst my right hand is wannabe early - JJ Burnel. Would the bass stand up to this pick punishment? Yes it would and its response to my playing style sounded great too!

Iíve already had comments admiring both how it looks and sounds and Iím delighted with the bass. I didn't expect to get something so good for this price and I would seriously recommend the range to anyone from amateur to pro level.

My old Fender was a bit of find at a time when the quality of what little was available were at polar opposites.To buy a brand new instrument of such quality and price is a revelation and if I was twenty years younger Iím sure Iíd be ordering a few more!

For now weíll see how the reunion pans out first, the bass is already sounding great though!

Thank you Bass Centre!

Eiites Stadium
07 August 2016  |  Neil

Have tried many string sets but I can't find any better than Elites.

Under £20 a set too. Great tone and feel. The Bass Centre's delivery is super quick too. Give them a try.

Excellent experience all round!
16 June 2016  |  Peter

Great service, great communications, great strings.

Parfait !
10 May 2016  |  Alix

Chevalet qui respire la soliditť. Rťglages multiples et installation aisťe (gr‚ce au tutoriel).

Didn't Expect THAT!
17 April 2016  |  Peter

I had read a view good reviews about the bridge before, but I didn't expect THAT!

When I fitted the first string for the first time I already noticed that the bass (Gibson SG short scale) sounded completely different. With all 4 strings tuned, the bass has much more sustain and and sounds as brilliant as it never did.

The bass has a completely different character. It's fantastic, and I'm very happy about it. I had no idea what a "sustain-grave" the original bridge had been.

The Bass Centre service was good. They delivered the bridge from Britain to Germany within 7 days.

Bruce Thomas Profile Bass
11 April 2016  |  Peter

Arrived 'Down Under' 10 days after shipping from the UK, all in one piece and - straight out of the box and gig bag - almost in tune! Looks and sounds great! Came with a spare set of strings and a copy of (Bruce Thomas' new book) 'Rough Notes' too! No complaints!

Really Quick Delivery!... and The Babicz is Good Too!
10 April 2016  |  David

I bought the Babicz bridge to replace the vintage style bridge on an old obscure bass I own. None of the bass bridges you can buy are a straight bolt-on replacement so I got the Babicz.
It sounds great, it really does improve things a lot. Any modern bridge would work better and sound better than the original. Some would not fit.
The screws are soft. Despite drilling proper pilot holes into the maple body the screw heads took a battering getting them in!

Elites Strings
08 April 2016  |  Paul

Bass Centre's service is excellent!!... and the Elites Stadium Series IV bass strings sound very bright and clear!!

30 March 2016  |  Clive

Dear Barry

I received my Bruce Thomas Profile bass today and I have to say it is glorious. Played brilliantly straight out of the box. Beautiful salmon pink paint finish, superb neck and a fabulous sound. I have used it on two recording sessions today already. Totally knocked out. Nothing this good anywhere at this price point.

My bass of choice from now on. Thank you and best wishes.


Speedy Service, Great Strings
27 March 2016  |  Victor

I've been using Elites for over 25 years. Great strings and fast delivery. Good price, too.

Amazing Service
11 March 2016  |  Andy

Many thanks for the speedy delivery!!!!

I think this is the fourth Babicz bridge I've received from you, all sent very quickly and amazing service... thank you... :o)

Babicz FCH Bass Bridge
11 March 2016  |  Paul

Easy to fit (follow on line instructions, as it does not come with any). Set up very well. Gigged once since fitting. Tuning appears more stable and a lot more sustain on the Jazz.. Pleased with this so far.

Bass Collection Power Bass
07 March 2016  |  David

Wow! An incredible bass for the money, the neck is superb, the frets are all nice and level, it sounds fantastic too... it would have been a five star review but the machine heads are a bit pants. Having said that, it's still one of my favourite basses. Well done! 😊

Amazing Guitar!
29 February 2016  |  Simon

I'm absolutely blown away with the look and sound of it, amazing! Puts my USA Fenders to shame. I usually play a US. Precision or Jazz and this Jive Live easily plays as nicely.

Amazing fret job and great relicing. With a case too! It really gives my American guitars a run for their money, easily.

It's now my #1 gigging bass, no question.

Pick ups are punchy and you get everything from U2 Rock to James Jamerson Motown.

Can't recommend enough.

Bridge Babicz
15 February 2016  |  Ramon

Todo perfecto, el ķnico fallo es que no traŪa la llave de ajuste.

Worth the extra money and the shipping
30 December 2015  |  Marc

Hello, I just received my Detroit Bass Solar Flare LE today... I am very excited and was very surprised at how fast it arrived, I ordered it December 18th and I am in California! I opened the box and when I took it out of the soft case and I was very impressed by how it looked and felt, and with the overall quality.

I was looking at the big name, budget line basses but their color choices were limited and some of the basses I considered buying were discontinued. This bass has everything I wanted in a bass and then some.

The basses you make are worth the extra money and the shipping, I couldn't be any more satisfied with my purchase.

Excellent Strings & Service!
12 November 2015  |  William

Bass Centre does what it says on the tin.
Had a wee problem with the order... Sorted quickly... Great communication... Job done!

Thank you

Kills Bigger Names
01 November 2015  |  Paul

As a lefty, the options of basses available are pretty limited.

The Jive Bass with the Babicz bridge is an awesome machine. It does everything I want and is fab value compared to some big name brands I can think of... Definitely a 5 star instrument!

28 October 2015  |  Paul

I've just received my lefty Jive bass and have to say it's a lovely instrument.

Strings & A Free T shirt
09 August 2015  |  Eric

Quality strings, I've used them for years and they never fail to impress and I can use the T shirt to polish my bass lol.

Babicz Bass Bridge
08 August 2015  |  Pawel

Popped this beauty on to my Precision copy and it has taken it from flaky to rockin' in one move.

Solid feel and tone. Smooth sustaining and joyful.

Well done Bass Centre for making these available in the UK.

Excellent Service!
22 July 2015  |  Pete

Ordered some Elite DBE 40-100 on Monday... just to say they have arrived today.

Excellent service guys, so quick, ready for the weekend. I will definitely be spreading the word round the North East about this.

20 July 2015  |  Nick

Brilliant and solid.

Delivery was quick and the purchase experience was refined and easy.

The bridge is one of the best bridges I've used and seen on F*nder basses👍... Highly recommended.

Easy install (particularly as my delivery wasn't the retail packaged item with instructions)... 6 minutes on YouTube and no problem.

You will need to disassemble first - make sure you do and as the bridge is aluminium make sure you don't over tighten anything.

Excellent range of adjustment.

Babicz Bridge
23 June 2015  |  John

Does the job tidy, came real quick in post.

NS NXT 4 Cello - NIce
08 June 2015  |  Christian

A nice electric cello, beautifully made and seems to work. Too soon to comment on its sound quality but early indications are very favourable. The Bass Centre were very helpful and the unit all packed and delivered quickly. Thank you.

Great product
21 May 2015  |  Roy

Bought this to replace standard Fender bridge on Hybrid bass.

It's a top quality, well engineered product that is so much better than the standard pressed steel bridge. It has a rock solid feel that has improved sustain and made intonation a lot easier.

The price from Bass Centre was £10 cheaper than anywhere else and delivery was double quick.

I highly recommend them for their excellent service and price.

Impressive Sound & Playability
04 May 2015  |  Clive

Very convincing cello sound. Easier to play than my acoustic cello (I think that's because there are no natural resonances to fight against). Slight disappointment that the finish lacks the brightness of the catalogue photos, but a bit of wax polish may remedy that. Much, much, better (for sound and for noise-free electronics) than a Yamaha that I tried recently. Overall, I'm very pleased with it.

Brilliant Drop-In Replacement Bridge!
02 April 2015  |  Joe

I've tried many different retro-fit bridges for my Jazz bass over the years and this one blows them all out of the water. I wouldn't be surprised if this shows up on higher end models in the future.

20 March 2015  |  Si

Absolutely one of the greatest basses I've ever played.

Looks, feels, and sounds terrific
21 February 2015  |  Harry

I'm a novice player and this is my first purchase of a "new" bass. I wanted something different that would stand out amongst all the Squires. I chose the Bass Centre because their take on the classic designs offered me that familiar, yet different vibe.

My Detroit Bass looks, feels, and sounds terrific. I know it's going to stay with me and help me take my bass playing to a whole new level.

NXT 5-String Cello
20 February 2015  |  Lynda

Excellent instrument - very well constructed and lovely to listen to. Lots of potential for creating interesting backing to our next Tan Yows CD.
Also excellent service from The Bass Centre - thanks!

A Very Good & Beautiful Instrument
14 February 2015  |  Hubert

Hello from France, and again, please excuse my bad English!

I bought this NS design NXT-5 (five strings). A very beautiful and well done electric upright bass.
The build quality is excellent!

I don't have to do any more settings, probably already check, the neck is very good like the action of the strings (perfect adjustment for me), very easy to play. I'm very suprised by the play-ability.... just plug and play

The included soft cover (gig bag) and tripod stand is good too, very practical and solid. In my opinion, the NS Contemporary strings (which are light gauge) seems a bit too "electric bass-sounding" for me, and need to be replaced with traditional strings for more "upright sounding".

So a very good value for the price. I love it

I'm also really really pleased by the seriousness of The Bass Centre. Thank you guys, a pleasure to deal with you. I bought the NXT-5 on a Sunday on the internet site and I recieved it, at home in France, on the Wednesday†!!! super fast†and well packed !!!!

Bye and, again, thanks to the team of Bass Centre.


Pour les Francais...

Un trŤs bon instrument, belle fintion, rťglage d'origine parfait pour moi. Un trŤs bon son autant ŗ l'archet qu†'au doight (cordes d'origine ŗ changer pour un son de contrebasse ę†plus traditionnel†Ľ Livraison en france gratuite et super rapide†: en 3 jours! Livrť avec housse et stand tripod, solide et pratique.

Un grand merci ŗ l'ťquipe de bass center, super serieux!

Babicz FCH Bass Bridge
13 February 2015  |  Peter

Better than Badass and good looking too! Improves the sound of any bass... in my opinion a must-buy!

15 January 2015  |  Hubert

Hello from France (so excuse my bad English)... I just want to thank you for your serious professionalism.

I order a NS Design NXT-5 on Sunday on your website, and received it on Wednesday at home in France (3 days after!)... SUPER FAST!!! Thanks a lot.

Everything 's fine and the NXT-5 is a beautiful and very good instrument. All settings just fine, just plug and play.

Once again, thanks a lot and see you soon.

Babicz FCH Bridge
18 December 2014  |  Peter

An excellent product. Fitted one to my JB about 2 years ago. Now treating my P bass to one. Bass Centre always a pleasure to do business with.
Many thanks again Bass Centre.

Very Impressed
28 November 2014  |  Andrew

Well the bass arrived safely, good delivery.

Very impressed with the build quality... it put to shame an American Precision that cost £1,100. The gig bag and case candy is a very nice touch, and I like the strings on it.

The action was low and the neck feels very smooth. The bass itself is a very handsome looking instrument. The biggest plus point though, is that the P and J pickups sound as they should - itís like two basses in one, a great balance and when you blend the two, another world of sounds opens up. A Rhythm Stick it truly is.

Thank you very much.

Top Strings
20 November 2014  |  Darren

Have used these strings for more years than I care to mention and they never fail to impress. The quality is always top notch and consistent. A+

17 November 2014  |  Alistair

I now have a few Bass Collection basses (9 to be exact!) & I have to say these basses are fan-freakin-tastic... As I`ve said before, just buy them - you won't regret it... Thanx to all at The Bass Centre & keep up the good work...

Big Al

09 November 2014  |  Steve

Great quality strings, exactly as described and super speedy service. Thanks!

01 November 2014  |  Alistair

Hi Guys Big Al back again..
This is Bass Collection #6 & WOW, WHAT A BASS. I totally agree with everyone who has bought this bass this IS the doggie's danglie bits.... Ain`t put it down since i`ve got it.... THANX Guys, another Winner ....
Cheers, Big Al

The Perfect Bass Guitarist's Upright...
04 October 2014  |  Andrew

I play lots of styles in lots of bands and have used guitars, upright basses and even U-Basses but, lately, have found myself in a difficult position. Having moved on to a five-string bass guitar for general use, I've found it increasingly difficult to transfer songs onto the 4-stringed upright or U-Bass for 'acoustic' gigs.

Enter the NXT5!

At last, a 5 string bass instrument with the scale-length, action and speed of a guitar but with the looks and style needed for 'acoustic' gigs!

At such a relatively low price I wasn't expecting the build quality or sound NS have delivered! The sound is beautifully balanced - even down to the low B string - and the simple controls actually give a full range of really useful tones. The tight radius at the bridge end means that you can use a bow although I haven't tried that yet.

If you need a portable alternative to an upright acoustic bass, need bowed sounds or just want to look super-cool, give the NS basses a try-out!

Simply Stunning!
19 September 2014  |  Jonathan

Hi, Barry and colleagues

Just to say a big thank you. I received my Profile bass today, and what an instrument it is!

Fantastic clarity of tone (and loud!), super smooth neck, harmonics to die for - and all this straight out of the box!

And it looks simply stunning!

If you're planning on buying the Mexican-built model of a rather famous brand, do yourself a favour and buy this instead. Why buy generic, when you can have something unique, with a certificate signed by a British bass legend, no less, for the same, indeed slightly less, money?

Well done Bruce and everyone at The Bass Centre!

Always Consistent... Sound Great!
16 September 2014  |  Mat

I've been using and endorsing Elites since 2002 and they are always consistent and sound great!

I've recently gone up a gauge and I am currently using Stadium 45-105.

Many thanks to Barry for having me as part of the Elites family!

Great Service
01 September 2014  |  Brian

Great product and service. Bass Centre rocks!

Bass Centre Are Great!
20 June 2014  |  Chris

I don't use any other strings. Bass Centre are great!

Elites Detroit Flats
19 June 2014  |  Alistair

These are the BEST flatwounds I`ve tried in a long time...

Fantastic Feel & Tone...
05 June 2014  |  Keiren

Just fitted a set of light gauge Stadium Elites to my Precision, after trying out various different manufacturers (Rotosound, Ernie Ball etc.), and wanted to say how pleased I am with them - fantastic feel and tone. So glad that buying strings will no longer feel like a lottery! Thanks, Bass Centre!

17 April 2014  |  Don

This punches above its weight. I recently did a TV & film theme big band concert where we played a lot from the 60's and 70's... used this bass and it was spot on sound-wise.

from "Pro's Tools" article ē ē April 2014

Don Richardson is a session ace with a 30 year career in which he has worked with Paul Carrack, Andrea Bocelli, Katherine Jenkins, Holly Johnston, The Spice Girls, Jon Lord, Jimmy Page, David Coverdale, Michael Nyman, Elton John, Kerry Ellis & Brian May, James Brown, Everything But The Girl, Bryan Ferry, Dusty Springfield, Will Young, Shirley Bassey, John Williams, Eric Clapton, Robert Palmer, McFly and Ian McNabb.

Bruce Thomas Profile Bass
31 March 2014  |  Mike

Do what you have to do to get a Profile!

Iíve got 2 í60s Precisions and they are both in the cases. Iím in the US and I think I ended up spending around $900 total with the shipping and import fees. I have not came across anything in that range of price that can touch it. I've got 4-year old strings on it and it sounds great!

Wyman Bass
24 March 2014  |  Martin

Great Sound, nice to handle. Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Babicz Bass Bridge
22 March 2014  |  Paul

Excellent product... rock solid, easily adjusted and easy to fit - watch the video on You Tube. Vast improvement over standard Fender Bridge.

Babicz FCH Bridge
06 February 2014  |  Michael

Slightly concerned that the bridge and screws came in open plastic bags with no packaging or instructions but, despite what you read in forums, it was dead easy to fit... The supplied screws go straight in and are secure. Set up was easy following online instructions and the sound is very good (i.e. not coloured by the new part).

Would certainly recommend this bridge as a replacement on Fender basses.

Routine Purchase of Strings
04 February 2014  |  Stewart

Although my purchase was a simple one (of replacement strings) it was handled in a quick, efficient and helpful manner - and the price was right.

What more could one ask for?

Gets A Lot Of Compliments!
26 January 2014  |  Scott

Now that it's finally arrived and I've played it for a few weeks, I've got to say I'm very favorably impressed. Out of the box it was set up perfectly, and oddly enough, very nearly in tune. Rather surprising considering it was shipped to the US, spending several weeks in a UPS warehouse for customs clearance, and this during the coldest December in years.

The first thing about it that stood out was that the pickup is probably the loudest P-Bass style pickup I've ever heard, and the low end response on it is astonishing! For sure, this bass can rumble the house! But it also has a clear ringing high end when the tone control is dialed up (personally I generally prefer to dial down most of the treble, but YMMV). Also notable is the sustain... hit a note and it'll ring for nearly a minute.

The neck is great! The fingerboard width is reminiscent of a 60's P-Bass, but the neck width is somewhat slimmer, making it really easy to play. The frets are nicely levelled and crowned, no problems with sharp, errant frets extending over the edge of the fretboard.

The hardware is adequate... the tuning keys obviously aren't high-end, but they're perfectly functional and when I tune it, it stays tuned. I suppose they could be upgraded, but I don't really see the need. The volume and tone controls kick in rather abruptly when dialed up from a zero position, but they work smoothly and noiselessly. The instrument is light and very comfortably balanced.

All in all it's great instrument for the money, and it's a world of fun to play. I've been using it nearly exclusively since I got it, and getting a lot of compliments on it from other bass players.

I have to say, out of the box, I was a lot more pleased with it than with the last few new Fender basses I've bought. It certainly holds its own compared to other instruments of any price.

Babicz Full Contact Bridge
23 January 2014  |  Philip

I bought this to fit on my Yamaha RBX375, together with Gotoh tuners and flatwound strings.

WOW!! What a difference.

The bridge was so easy to fit and set up was also very easy. I had difficulty finding a good bridge that would fit the Yamaha but this one just went straight on. The only very minor issue was that the outer two of the original fixing holes are ever so slightly visible under the rear corners of the Babicz baseplate, but you do have to look hard... so not really a problem.

I would recommend this bridge for quality, functionality and general finish. It's also a good bit of bling for the money!

Good Effort!
15 January 2014  |  Rod

Having played & owned the instrument for a few months, I think it is probably the most ďRod MackayĒ bass I own... and I have a lot of Fenders! Tone, neck profile, colour, cost. Good effort!

14 December 2013  |  Carsten

Hello. I have now made a successful order on your website. Sorry for any trouble i made for you, but this bass is amazing and I make you responsible for making me totally addicted to it! Best regards, Carsten

Fan-freekin-tastic Bridge
13 December 2013  |  Alistair

As everyone else has said before me, an excellent bridge. It has improved the already great sound of my Jive Fretless & it was so easy to fit (even a drummer could do it... Hmm maybe not HA HA HA)... Thanx again, Bass Centre!

12 December 2013  |  Stella

Arrived promptly. Can't comment on anything else as it's a gift!

Good for me...
09 December 2013  |  Francis

Nice wee bass, short and easy to play (if you have short fingers like I have). The neck is great, the sound is nice. Easy to carry around too. I had to wait a while due to its success before I got it, but contact with the Bass Centre was good.

Engineering Masterpiece
01 December 2013  |  Martyn

Excellent... replaced Badass II with on my Jazz with this puppy. More sustain, better string position and super accurate easy set up. One going on my P-Bass as soon as poss.

Great Product, Service & Price
28 November 2013  |  TorbjÝrn

Fast shipping and price. The Hiscox case looks sturdy and classy. I have yet to test on the road.

Does exactly what it should...
06 November 2013  |  SPH

I ordered this stand for my upright bass and it is perfect. Delivery was done within 2 weeks, in my case.

The stand is easy to set up and has a very solid construction. If you don't need to move around while playing, this is the stand to have.

Elites Detroit Flats
06 November 2013  |  Rod

Loving these flats on The Profile Bass, Barry!!

A Striking Instrument!
16 September 2013  |  Rod

The bass is a beautiful colour - that's what strikes you first. The neck has a great satin finish, a shallow profile which makes it very easy to play and a very distinct variant of the "P". The sound is very much as one would expect from a split "P" configuration... a well-built, very playable, striking instrument. Comes with Elites Stadium 45-105's! Rod Mackay, The Deluxe

Fantastic Instrument!
17 August 2013  |  Peter

The bass arrived this morning. What a fantastic instrument. So lovely to playÖ Congratulations. Peter Gale