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Elites Stadium Series 5 String Sets

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Bass Centre Elites Stadium Series

This is where it all began — the Bass Centre’s original stainless steel roundwound, long-scale bass strings, still the brand of choice for a huge number of A-list artists, including Guy Pratt, Norman Watt-Roy, Charlie Jones, Peter Hook and Jerry Meehan.

Durable, extremely bright and resonant, with superb harmonic response and plenty of attack and clarity, these really are the “strings with the zing”, perfect for bassists who want to stand out in the mix. Less abrasive on fingers and frets than other stainless steel brands, Stadium Series strings are great for long playing sessions.

Recommended for modern rock and pop and especially good for slap styles.

Available in a choice of 4, 5 and 6 string matched gauge sets, plus double ball end, custom sets and singles.

  High C G D A E Low B
Extra Light .030 .050 .070 .090
Light Gauge .035 .055 .075 .095
Medium Gauge .040 .060 .080 .100
Standard Gauge .045 .065 .085 .105
Heavy Gauge .050 .070 .090 .110
Medium V's .040 .060 .080 .100 .125
Standard V's .045 .065 .085 .105 .130
Medium VI's .025 .040 .060 .080 .100 .125
Standard VI's .030 .045 .065 .085 .105 .130
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Very interesting strings
02 February 2024  | 

I ordered two identical sets of 4 and 5 strings. I havenít installed the 5-string yet, but Iíve already tried the 4-string on my second 4-string bass. I would like to note the high quality of the strings. Very convenient to install. No problems with scale adjustment. I was especially surprised by the rich palette of sounds depending on sound production and technique. I'll definitely try the other series of strings, it looks like I've become a fan. ) PS: It was very nice to receive a polishing cloth and a sticker as a gift.

First choice for my 5 string
07 December 2023  | 

Been using these on my go to 5-string for (literally) decadesÖ Only once or twice have I tried something different and every time Iíve returned. Consistent and reliable over all that time!

Great strings at a great price
14 November 2022  | 

Hi. I am really enjoying my new Elites strings. They are punchy and bright with plenty of low end tone. Great strings at a great price.

Feel great from the off
07 December 2020  | 

I now only use Elites Stadium medium for 4-string bass and replaced the strings on a newly purchased 5-string with a medium 5-string set.
The strings feel great from the off, are bright and hold tune very well. As they age, they develop a mellow tone while retaining an edge.

Without parallel
16 January 2020  | 

I've been using Elites Stadium strings on all my basses for the past four years. They're the only brand who, regarding 5 string sets, produce a low B string that has a clear and glassy tone every time. They're the most consistent, therefore reliable of all bass strings. I see no alternative.

Just the best
08 July 2019  | 

I've been using Elites since I discovered them at the Bass Centre in Wapping. I have tried virtually every single brand over the years and have concluded that elites are just the best for me.

Really good
04 April 2019  | 

I've been using them for years and can see no reason to change. They're really good strings.

21 January 2019  | 

Thanks. I have used this type string some years, and they are amazing! The fiber cloth was also very good. Best deg. Guttorm Forbord.

Beautiful sound
23 February 2018  | 

These strings have the sound I have spent years looking for. Great buy for a good price! Come highly recommended.

Best strings ever
16 February 2017  | 

I've been using Elites Stadium strings for a while, originally 45-105 but recently changed to 40-100 and 40-125 and for me it's made all the difference: still the same bright tone, but just faster!

Have them on my Rickenbacker 4001 and 4 & 5 string Jazz basses.

Where do I sign for an endorsement deal!?

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FREE Bass Centre Polishing Cloth with Every Elites Order