Inspired and encouraged by our 30 years of experience and communication with professional players and customers throughout the World, The Bass Centre is proud to present an all-new Bass Collection for the 21st century.

From the authentic sounds, eye-catching looks and period-accurate appointments of the Jive, Power and Detroit Basses, to the cutting edge PowerHouse, the sleek, small bodied Speakeasy and the revival of the unique, rubber string Ashbory Bass, you simply won't find better attention to detail, build quality and expertly set-up instruments at this price point.

Affectionately known as "a few basses we built with our mates", the British Bass Masters series extends the award-winning Bass Collection range with an exciting selection of artist-inspired instruments that pay tribute to a galaxy of Brit bass all stars, including several long-standing Bass Centre customers and friends.

With decades of dedicated brand knowledge, the Bass Centre offers superlative customer service and comprehensive stocks of the complete NS Design range at the BEST prices in Europe, with FREE SHIPPING to the United Kingdom and selected EU mainland destinations on all instruments.

So, so good!!
21 November 2023  |  Glenn

Was looking for a Jazz Bass - played a few in stores here in Australia - but then I remembered seeing Guy Pratt talk about these on YouTube. I love Guy's playing, so I thought why not?

Now that I've got it, I love it so much!! Neck is beautiful, thin and smooth, action is just right and sound (EMG's) is just perfect. A great bass at any price, and this was a great price.

Arrived here in Australia in about a week - so super fast too!!

And the colour? Burgundy Mist. Best ever.

Thanks Bass Centre (and Guy Pratt).

Sounds just like Bruce
20 November 2023  |  Andrew

I played the solar flare BT Bass only for an hour as this is a Christmas gift to my daughter, but it is amazing how good it feels and sounds. Just a really well designed, well built instrument with a classic P-bass sound right out of the gate. Zero adjustments and I love the strings.

Great value, great service.

Very nice groundwounds!!
20 November 2023  |  Ozan

Just arrived. They sound really nice! Feel smooth but a tad sticky on my fingers where they are new... just oiling them and playing them in now. I recommend!

17 November 2023  |  Jeannette

Really nice quality strings, comfy on the fingers, and they sound great on my Status Kingbass. Recommended.

Amazing bass
17 November 2023  |  Michael

Right out of the box, the setup was perfect and it plays amazingly. The bass itself is lightweight and sits very comfortably. I love the tone from the EMG pickups. Itís got nice warmth with a tiny bit of attitude.

Overall Iím extremely pleased. Shipping was very fast from the UK to Canada.

Best nickels
16 November 2023  |  Brian

Been using Elites since I was 15, which was a freakin' long time ago! Excellent, just bought a six string so stuck these on. Only thing that could improve this set is if the B was tapered.

Cheers, Bass Centre.

12 November 2023  |  Lucy

Iím delighted with this instrument. It has a great tone, is great to play, and looks good. Iíd recommend getting the spike adaptor kit if you want to sit down to play at all. For the price itís unbelievable quality.

Excellent service from the Bass Centre.

Nice Jazz
08 November 2023  |  Chad

I ordered from US (Virginia), and it got here quick (about a week). No issues with shipping and packed well.

First thing I noticed is that the finish looks better in person than I thought it was going to from the photos, itís a really classy looking bass. Itís lightweight, came with 40-100 roundwounds, and set up well with good action out of the box. I prefer the lighter strings so I was happy to see it didnít come with the standard 45-105s. Neck feels really nice, and the ebony fretboard is a step up from a standard Jazz copy. The active EMGs also help this bass stand above most Jazz clones in this price range. No doubt, itís just as good as the Lakland Skyline, Sire, or Fender (Japan and Mexico) I have owned.

Overall solid choice and great value. These arenít too common in the US, itís always nice to have a ďconversation starterĒ bass. People want to know the story behind it.