Inspired and encouraged by our 30 years of experience and communication with professional players and customers throughout the World, The Bass Centre is proud to present an all-new Bass Collection for the 21st century.

From the authentic sounds, eye-catching looks and period-accurate appointments of the Jive, Power and Detroit Basses, to the cutting edge PowerHouse, the sleek, small bodied Speakeasy and the revival of the unique, rubber string Ashbory Bass, you simply won't find better attention to detail, build quality and expertly set-up instruments at this price point.

Affectionately known as "a few basses we built with our mates", the British Bass Masters series extends the award-winning Bass Collection range with an exciting selection of artist-inspired instruments that pay tribute to a galaxy of Brit bass all stars, including several long-standing Bass Centre customers and friends.

With decades of dedicated brand knowledge, the Bass Centre offers superlative customer service and comprehensive stocks of the complete NS Design range at the BEST prices in Europe, with FREE SHIPPING to the United Kingdom and selected EU mainland destinations on all instruments.

Love at first play!! Retired my Ricky 4001!
12 July 2024  |  Geoff

I returned to UK for holiday after 4.5 years away and the band wanted to do a gig for old times' sake.

This was the bass they borrowed for me (from a mate who is a collector of Fender basses). First rehearsal I played it, I couldn't put it down! Just an awesome instrument, great tone, great sound, superb action and feel and just brilliant for the money!

So I bought one and had it shipped back to NZ, as you do.

Superb service from Bass Centre. Bass came in a great semi rigid gig bag, and arrived in NZ before I got back!

Will be back when I need new strings!

Incredible value
05 July 2024  |  Allan

Blown away by the looks and quality of this bass, the photos on the website donít do it justice... It is stunning and plays and sounds as good as it looks.

Incredible value and highly recommended, was set up exactly as I requested.

Good solid cable
04 July 2024  |  Mark

I have had this cable about a month, so far all seems good. The jacks seems good & solid so far the cable has been silent. Finally it is easy to coil & tie up with the added velcro tie.

Great sounding strings!
03 July 2024  |  Robin

Great sounding strings! Nice middle ground between roundwound/flats - shall get these sets again!

Too bad there aren't six stars....
19 May 2024  |  Bud

Regarding my new Bruce Thomas Signature Profile Bass, I just wanted to express my extreme appreciation for your excellent customer service and product.

I just received the Profile Bass this afternoon and couldn't wait to unpack it. It arrived in perfect condition, without a single mark of mishandling outside or inside the packaging.

I had forgotten the bass came with a gig bag, and a very good one to boot.

Needless to say, I couldn't wait to plug it in. For someone who has never cared for the P Bass sound, I have to say that this bass far exceeded all my expectations. The weight is perfect, no strain on my old worn out lower back (5 operations in the past 8 years). The neck is the optimum size between a conventional P Bass width and the narrower JB width, just right for my smaller than average hands. Best of all, the tone far exceeds any P Bass or P Bass-influenced bass that I have ever played.

I had never tried ground wounds before and these (Bass Centre) strings were a real treat. They are going to stay on there until they die of old age and use. Excellent tone and great feel.

What a great bass you have produced! I will be posting NBD (new bass day) posts on every bass board to which I belong, as well as sending pics of the bass to my bass-playing friends as well as my musical partner in our duo.

I love the colour, the feel, everything about this bass. You folks have truly outdone yourselves.

Thanks again for your help in assisting me to realize this dream purchase. I could go on and on...

If anyone is looking for the best P Bass on the market, look no further. You won't be sorry!

Customer service here is absolutely amazing
29 April 2024  |  Kai

I'll start this off by saying that the customer service here is absolutely amazing. I must have emailed them 3 or 4 times and got a response near immediately.

The bass is really something else. Admittedly, I've only played 2 other P-Basses, the Fender Player plus and the Player. But the Player costs around £700, and the Player plus £1000, and it is worth noting that the Player does not come with a gig bag.

This bass is all round better than the Fenders. A smoother satin neck, beautiful red, ebony fretboard that looks sublime, and a sound so powerful you'd think it was active.

This is the first bass I've had around this price range that has been nearly perfect. It is perfectly intonated down to the 20th fret and the nut is cut perfectly. It also came packaged extremely well.

As for the downsides, the machine heads are of quite poor quality and must be quite heavy as the neck dive is significant, they're imprecise when tuning.

Nothing related to the bass but I wasn't a big fan of the flatwound Bass Centre strings. I'm guessing they must have been dipped in something because they were smooth but caused friction on your fingers. They sounded good though, although I swapped them for my LaBella's.

Overall, for £650 including VAT, I don't think there's a better bass out there at this price.

Fast and efficient
29 April 2024  |  Ian

The Blockhead Bass that arrived was exactly what I expected based on the website. I am in the US and it arrived very quickly and the courier tracking was excellent.

I would happily buy again, but I'm not allowed any more basses. I already have a Betsy, which everyone loves.

Elites every time
26 April 2024  |  Gary

Elites were my go-to string choice for many years, but I decided to see if the grass was greener with a couple of sets of US strings, billed as a premium string with added depth and longevity.

Those strings faded quicker, and lacked the sonic purity that the Elites possess. I love Elites for their definition and hi-fi sound. The more you punish them the higher the definition. They oooze bass and donít need as much tonal shaping as other strings. They are the only strings I will use. From subtle poised fingerstyle especially, the mwah rolled off top end to the most percussive of slaps and pops, these are your go-to strings. If you want to summon the gods with your tone, re-string with these beauties, you wonít regret it.