Backed by 40+ years of passion and experience as an audio designer and bass player, Phil Jones and his company create groundbreaking and innovative products that are always one step ahead of the competition.

"Phil Jones Bass - It is unbelievable, very clean, and very clear and direct on stage… and that’s my sound!" — Bakithi Kumalo • Paul Simon Band

The company’s product line features unique designs, all with a focus on audio quality, portability, and practicality. With Class D power amps, switch-mode power supplies, and micro-size drivers in impossibly tiny enclosures, Phil Jones Bass has crafted a miniature bass amp kingdom.

PJB BG-75 Double Four Combo
Phil Jones Bass
Worldwide Export Price: £329.17
UK Price: £395.00 inc. 20% VAT
PJB BG-110 Bass Cub II Combo
Phil Jones Bass
Worldwide Export Price: £412.50
UK Price: £495.00 inc. 20% VAT
PJB HA-2 Bighead Pro
Phil Jones Bass
Worldwide Export Price: £208.33
UK Price: £250.00 inc. 20% VAT
PJB Padded Gig Bag
Phil Jones Bass
Worldwide Export Price: £40.83
UK Price: £49.00 inc. 20% VAT
Currently Sold Out  Currently Sold Out