Bass Centre
Ashbory Bass

Brand new from The Bass Centre, we welcome the return of the original travel-ready, rubber string bass with the big upright sound.


Bass Collection
Power Bass

Powerful tone, timeless design, stylish good looks, superlative build quality, and extreme playability... all at an astonishingly good price.

from £395

Bass Collection
Jive Bass

Period accurate colourways and authentic sounds are combined with a modern, light weight construction and a super fast, satin neck.

from £395

Bass Collection
Detroit Bass

Sporting classic vintage specs, and strung with Elites Detroit Flatwounds, this is our tribute to the the golden years of Motor City soul.


The Betsy Bass

The Rhythm Stick

The Profile Bass


Also affectionately known as "a few basses we built with our mates", the British Bass Masters series extends the award-winning Bass Collection range to pay tribute to UK bass superstars and longstanding Bass Centre customers and friends.


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Order any quantity of Superior Quality  Elites Strings and get a free Bass Centre clover leaf keyring.

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For a limited period, this elegant and comfortable, 100% vegan strap is free with every Bass Collection purchase.

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In addition to a tax-free 20% saving, all Elites Strings orders now ship outside the UK/EU for just £5.00.

BG75 Double 4

The revolutionary, fully featured micro bass combo amplifier


BG110 Bass Cub II

A seriously high definition portable combo with a BIG sound


HA-2 Bighead Pro

Smartphone-sized headphone amp and digital audio interface







Designed by The Acoustic Centre, London, England, the Acoustic Collection is a brand new range of pro-grade, electro-acoustic instruments that combines solid, seasoned tone woods and cool, classical stylings with cutting edge, premium quality Fishman electronics, making it a compelling and affordable choice for all modern songwriters and performers.

WAV Radius Bass

An affordable variant of Ned Steinberger's radically ergonomic bass design in a choice of 3 stunning colours

from £925

NXTa Radius Bass

The latest version of the NS Design triumph, featuring cutting edge, battery-free, active electronics

from £1,750

CR Radius Bass

See what the future of electric bass design looks like with the full premium range, exclusive to the Bass Centre

from £2,965

WAV Double Bass

NS innovation and quality in a brand new, super affordable passive design

from £1,125

NXTa Double Bass

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the best selling upright bass

from £1,525

CR Double Bass

Fully featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original upright electric bass

from £3,295

WAV Series Cello

NS innovation and quality in a brand new, super affordable passive design

from £925

NXTa Series Cello

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the best selling concert instrument

from £1,575

CR Series Cello

Fully featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original electric cello design

from £2,925

WAV Omni Bass

NS innovation and quality in a brand new, super affordable passive design

from £925

NXTa Omni Bass

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the unique NS Design crossover instrument

from £1,825

CR Omni Bass

Fully featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's innovative bass instrument

from £3,250

WAV Series Violin

NS innovation and quality in a brand new super affordable passive design

from £625

NXTa Series Violin

Unique battery-free active version of the best selling concert instrument

from £1,425

CR Series Violin

Fully, featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original electric violin design

from £2,275

NXTa Series Viola

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the best selling concert instrument


At the Bass Centre you will find comprehensive stocks of the complete range of Ned Steinberger designed electric concert instruments and accessories
All at the BEST PRICES in Europe, with FREE shipping to the UK and selected mainland EU destinations

CR Series Viola

Fully, featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original electric viola design


Looks beautiful and sounds stunning
Tuesday, 18 January 2022  |  Richard

My decision to buy this Jive bass was influenced by the Power Bass (with Babicz bridge and flatwound strings) that I purchased a few days ago. It exceeded my expectations! It looks beautiful and sounds stunning - and a good price too.

Great mini bass guitar
Thursday, 9 December 2021  |  Thomas

Saw this advertised in Bass Player magazine. Great looking guitar and I like the black silicone strings.

Tuesday, 16 November 2021  |  Craig

So far the best strings Iíve tried. Will for sure be buying again

My go-to funk machine
Friday, 12 November 2021  |  Eric

If any of you are on the fence about this bass, let me just say this: I got mine about a year ago, and it is my favorite Jazz, by far; even more so than my Geddy Lee bass, which the bass playing consensus ranks that bass highly. It is my go-to funk machine, it just has the right feel and sound!! I even love the strings it came with - 100-40 Elites Stadiums. I am gonna try my usual DR High Beams when I change them (soon), but I have a feeling I am gonna end up with more Elites or something similar (I haven't looked for a US dealer, but ordering strings overseas, especially right now, seems a bit silly). The Elites do have a great feel and sound.... sometimes I wish they had a bit more bite, but they are nearly a year old now and have logged quite a few hours - haha.

But, for the price, you can't beat it. Similar money to (maybe even less than) a Mexican Fender and nearly the quality of an American Fender Jazz Bass. They save a little money on the hardware, but most of you serious players swap that stuff anyways. I just don't find the need to because like I said, I love the feel and sound of this bass!! Only people who look at the bass up close will notice the bridge and tuners to be on the cheap side, but from 5 feet or further away, who can tell?

The wood work feels great!! It's not the most beautiful neck grain, but it feels perfect and the fingerboard looks great!! Who looks at the back of a neck during a show? The basswood body is very lightweight by comparison and, coupled with the EMG, it's a sound machine!

Man, I look like a crazy Guy worshipper, but it just fell that way. He is one of my several bass heroes, but the ABM-600 was my favorite that I tried when my old SWR SM-400 finally died on me 5 years ago. I admit that I noticed he used Ashdown with David Gilmour which is what put it on my radar, but I was pretty positive I was going to go with Aguilar or Eden. Tried them, like the ABM the best. Then, I saw the Bass Centre Betsy bass (when I was trying to find out the story of the actual Betsy) and thought, "cool, but I don't need a knock-off Fender, especially in that weird color" LOL. I told my bass playing buddy & fellow Guy fan, but kind of put it out of my mind. A few months later I saw some serious players who also worship at the throne of Fender (in a Fender Jazz bass forum) give soaring reviews to this bass, ranking it comparable to their American Fender Jazz basses. Coming in at a bit under $800 with the exchange rate, I had to give it a whirl (and had assumed I could get rid of it on Reverb if I didn't like it). Man, from the second I played it, I connected with it, and my Geddy and a few others have not received much attention since (except I still use my #1 Precision a lot, but 2 totally different sounds). It's a bit flashy for me, but if I am playing funk, I am playing that one and could probably use something (anything) to flash up my stage presence... because who listens to bass players, except bass players?! 🤣

Anyways, sorry to be long-winded, but to sum it up, if you are thinking about it, DO IT!!

PS - this has me wanting to try other Bass Centre basses!

PPS - just noticed it says it is out of stock. It was out of stock when I decided to order, but I signed up for them to email me when it came back in stock, and they did! It went to my junk mail folder, but luckily I went through it and saw it, and immediately order it!! I was opening it roughly 2.5 weeks later!!!

Does what it says on the box
Monday, 25 October 2021  |  David

Brilliant. Much better tone on my Epiphone EB1, plus better control over string height and intonation. Fitted in 1/2 hour. Great stuff!

Really pleased
Tuesday, 19 October 2021  |  Peter

I am really pleased with the bass which I purchased as a result of the article in Bass Player magazine.

As I am not a fan of the rubber strings as fitted to the bass, I looked on line to try and find a metal round wound string set that would fit the 24 inch scale of the Ashbury bass. As a result I purchased a set of Goldtone strings which are made to fit Goldtone's own mini basses of both 23/25 inch scale. These fitted perfectly and play really well.

I hope this may be of help if you have any questions from potential buyers who like me would want to do a string change.

I did contact you asking about a possible set of strings like the Goldtones but you replied that you did not have any.

Excellent strings
Monday, 18 October 2021  |  Oscar

One of the best strings I ever got... love the sound of it, especially if you use a chorus pedal.

Great little unit
Monday, 18 October 2021  |  Tom

Love playing through this combo, so dynamic and musical.

Great bass
Friday, 1 October 2021  |  Stephen

I bought the WAV4 as a new string to my bass guitar playing. I also bought it after recently buying the WAV4 violin (the instrument I learnt for 11 years as a kid) and being suitably impressed by itís design, playability and sound. After getting to grips with the larger string length and spacing, I find the WAV4 solidly built. Iím only plucking and so have had the pickup in pizz. mode only, which gives a rich, full tone with a significant sustain. It has a low action that suits me, but I think may need to be modified if you wish to play slap (which can be easily done by raising the bridge). The position markers are particularly useful for a beginner to the instrument.
As for the Bass Centre, well they delivered as they said with no fuss.

Betsy is really cool!
Monday, 30 August 2021  |  Stian

Betsy arrived from London, and was put to work at first chance. This seems to be a very very nice bass. It's a lot easier to play than my Squier Precision '70s retro that I got last year, that I thought was super... It sounds great and very loud, has very good balance, and is set up better from the start than the Squier. No adjustments needed on this one! Frets are precise. Really amasing sustain and nice tones. Holds the tuning very well. A lot of bass for the money! Happy bringing this one home to Norway!