NS Design NXT5a Radius Fretless

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"It has been a sincere pleasure making music with these basses. I love the simplicity of the NXT5a Radius. The density and breadth of tone from these instruments is sending the sound of the music in a very cool direction."
Adam Frederick • Jason Spooner Band • 2020

Ned Steinberger’s approach to the Radius series - as with every new instrument - has been to re-explore each facet of a bass guitar, leading to innovations that provide the player with amazing physical comfort, exceptional performance and unparalleled versatility. The new NXTa brings together brilliant ergonomics of the headless neck and body configuration, the NS self-clamping tuning system, custom NS/EMG™ pickups, volume-volume-tone controls, and battery-free Dual Mode Output electronics made for NS by Mi-Si™.

Available fretted or fretless, in 4 or 5 string configurations, the NXTa Radius Bass Guitar is beautifully crafted in the Czech Republic from solid, straight grain maple, with a maple face (Satin Black model) or flame maple face (Sunburst model).

NS Radius Neck

The headless, one-piece, bolt-on maple neck has 24 frets, a 34" scale and a familiar 15" radius. A volute provides thumb reference at the nut. String slots in the aluminum headplate eliminate the need for a headstock with heavy tuning machines. Conveniently accessed from the top of the neck, the heavy-duty aluminium double-action reinforcing truss rod, with its patented differential thread drive, gives both rigidity and precise relief control.

NS Diradial™ Body

The concave back profile provides a sense of comfort and stability against the torso. The front of the instrument is more tightly radiused, which, in combination with the general wedge shape of the body, creates a more comfortable orientation to the right hand. The configuration of the body cutaway provides easy access to the highest frets.

NS Patented Tuning System

Fast and simple, this self-clamping precision tuning system (US Patent 6,528,710) is integrated into the body of the Radius Bass. Any standard single-ball end, full-scale bass guitar string can be used. No tools are needed: simply rotate the knurled knob to change a string or tune the instrument.

NS/EMG Pickups

The NS/EMG Radius features custom magnetic pickups with a radiused top and magnetic structure designed to optimally capture the full richness of tone from every string. The controls are a familiar Volume-Volume-Tone configuration. The Tone control is also a push-pull knob, used to select between the NXTa’s active or passive output modes.

Dual Mode (Active/Passive) Output Electronics

All NXTa series instruments feature battery-free, high performance active electronics with new capacitor-powered custom circuitry designed  by Mi-Si™ Electronics Design.

For Active mode, the user connects the supplied charger into an AC outlet for 60 seconds to power the circuit for up to 16 hours of performance time. The instrument can then plug straight into any amp, low or high impedance, no direct box necessary. Since there is no signal loss over the full frequency spectrum of the instrument, the fundamentals of every note remain clear and strong, even with extra-long cables.

In Passive mode, NXTa models can be used with an amplifier with a high impedance input, or with any amplifier using a direct box.

In either mode, an important facet of the NXTa circuitry is “eco-friendliness” and convenience. NXTa instruments are “green” and battery-free, eliminating the hassle and cost of batteries while helping protect the environment.

NS Bridge & Saddle

The aluminium one-piece bridge and saddle assembly provide a broad range of height and angle adjustment, allowing the player to precisely tailor the action and adjust the intonation.

NS Bridge & Saddle

The aluminium one-piece bridge and saddle assembly provide a broad range of height and angle adjustment, allowing the player to precisely tailor the action and adjust the intonation.

NS Gig Bag

The WAV Radius bass guitar includes a padded gig bag with a handle, adjustable backpack straps and a large front zipper pocket with room for cables and gear. The loaded gig bag will fit in the overhead compartment of most commercial aircraft.

Body Solid, straight grain maple NS Diradial™ Body
Finish Choice of Black Satin Maple or Sunburst Flame Maple
Neck Bolt-on, one-piece maple NS Radius neck with adjustable, heavy-duty aluminium double action truss-rod
Fingerboard Richlite™ with Cascading Dot Markers
Pickups EMG™ / NS Radius custom magnetic pick-up
Electronics Battery-free, dual mode active/passive electronics
Controls Individual pickup volumes + Master tone control with push/pull switch to select active or passive output mode
Tuning System NS patented tuning self-clamping precision tuning mechanism built into the body (Compatible with any standard single-ball end, full-scale bass guitar strings)
Overall Length 107.3cm (42.25")
Body Length 52.83cm (20.8")
Neck Scale 35"
Neck Radius 15"
Nut Width 46mm (1.85")
12th Fret Width 55.6mm (2.19")
Bridge Spacing 18mm
Weight 3.9kg (8.6lbs)
Strings D'Addario™ EXL170 Nickel Round Wound
Extras Custom design NS padded gig-bag with handle, adjustable backpack straps and large front zipper pocket • NXT Charger

NS Design Radius Bass Guitar

CR Series

The ultimate evolution in Ned Steinberger's unique approach to electric bass guitar design.

NXTa Series

Featuring innovative, custom built, high performance, battery-free active electronics.

WAV Series

An affordable take on Ned Steinberger's radical new electric bass guitar design.

Premier Guitar CR5 Radius Bass • Steve Cook • September 2013

"A blend of elegant form and practical purpose, with an array of dizzyingly meticulous details... Ridiculously well-made & engineered, it resembles a work of art."

Bass Gear Magazine NS Design CR5 Radius Bass • Cia Gould • December 2013

"A really cool looking bass with great lines that mixes classic with more futuristic styling... A perfectly well balanced instrument that is meticulously put together." 

Guitar & Bass Magazine NS Design CR5 Radius Bass • Gareth Morgan • April 2014

"NS took plenty of time putting the CR5 together and not a single millisecond has been wasted... it is a wonderful instrument that manages to look cooler than a headless bass has any right to."

Bass Musician Magazine NS Design CR5 Radius Bass • Todd Urban • May 2014

"The Radius bass stands out as an instrument that not only offers innovation in terms of ergonomics, but also provides sonic advancements that take tone to a new level."

Harmony Central NS Design CR5 Radius Bass • John McVarish • May 2014

"Pure elegance... looked and sounded fantastic... low B rings true & long with excellent definition... tuning is super precise... can happily play all night in comfort and style."

Bass Player Magazine NS Design CR5 Radius Bass • Ed Friedland • June 2014

"Once again, NS Design brings something new to the table with the ultra-cool Radius. The build quality is excellent, the design is forward-leaning yet traditionally rooted, and it’s a pleasure to play."

Guitar & Bass Magazine NS Design CR5 Radius Bass • Gear Of The Year • December 2014

"Still head of the class" In G&B's annual round-up of the year's best new instruments, the game changing NS CR5 Radius Bass saw off some stiff competition to be crowned winner in the BASS OVER £1,000 category.

Music Players NS Design CR5 Radius Bass • Scott Kahn & Joseph Dubbiosi • April 2015

"Nothing short of gorgeous... the Radius has outstanding playability with sumptuous comfort... an exceptional instrument with boutique build quality, pristine tone and modern appointments."

Bass Musician Magazine NS Design CR5 Radius Bass • Killian Duarte • April 2016

"With a sleek ergonomic design and innovative piezo/magnetic pickups, the Radius provides the comforts of a headless bass with a much needed upgrade in electronic flexibility."

Music Players NS Design WAV4 Radius Bass • Kel Pilshaw • September 2016

"With such great workmanship throughout, effortless playability, pioneering features, and a great sound, you would be hard pressed to find a comparable instrument at this price."

NS Design Radius Bass Tuning System

A patented system (US Patent 6,528,710) based on a design originally created for the NS violin, the Radius has a self-clamping, precision tuning machine built into the body. This fast, simple system accepts any standard single-ball end, full-scale bass guitar string. No tools are needed - simply rotate the knurled knob to change a string or tune the instrument.

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