NS Boomerang Strap SystemNS Boomerang Strap SystemNS Boomerang Strap SystemNS Boomerang Strap System

NS Boomerang Strap System

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MAXIMUM mobility & freedom OF EXPRESSION without stress and fatigue

Worn over the shoulder like a traditional guitar strap, the Boomerang Strap incorporates a pivoting hub with two adjustable, articulated support arms that conform to the player's body for stress-free comfort and balance and allowing the instrument to be moved into virtually any orientation. The player can fine tune the ideal playing position in real time without changing the position of the strap — Whether adjusted vertically, horizontally, or anywhere in between, with the fingerboard and strings tilting in toward the body, or away, the system will remain securely in place.

The result is total freedom of expression with unprecedented comfort for both bow and pizzicato styles

Supplied as standard issue with the NS Omni Bass, the Boomerang system is also suitable for all NS Double Bass and Cello models, screwing into the same mounting insert used for Tripod and End Pin Stands, so all three support systems can be easily and quickly interchanged.

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