NS End Pin Conversion KitNS End Pin Conversion Kit 

NS End Pin Conversion Kit

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"Okay, so if I've got the NS End Pin Stand... what am I supposed to do with my bass when I'm not playing it?"

The NS End Pin Conversion Kit allows an NS Double Bass, Cello or Omni Bass equipped with the NS CR END PIN STAND to be placed securely onto the NS CR TRIPOD STAND so that the instrument remains free-standing, and in the playing position. This option allows the player to enjoy the onstage mobility of the End Pin Stand, the stability of the Tripod Stand and provides a place to store the bass when not in use.

The End Pin Conversion Kit is designed exclusively for use in conjunction with both the CR End Pin Stand and heavy duty CR Tripod Stand (NB : It cannot be used with the NXT Tripod Stand).

All NS CR, CRM and EU Series Double Bass & Cello models are supplied complete with the CR Tripod Stand as standard whilst tthe traditional style CRT Double Bass ships with the CR End Pin Stand.

Quick and easy to assemble, the two-piece End Pin Conversion Kit attaches to the Tripod Stand as shown above.

The U-shaped head piece screws into the top of the Tripod Stand using the large mounting bolt that would normally attach to the instrument. The small side mounted screw can be tightened to secure the End Pin Stand in place.

The foot piece is installed by inserting the small aluminum hook into the hole at the bottom of the Tripod Stand. The foot must be tilted up to allow entry of the hook into the stand.

When the hook is all the way up into the stand, simply tilt the foot forward into its final location. Tilt it back up to remove.

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