NS Design Traditional Cello End Pin Stand

Designed to fit all NS Cello models, the NS Design Cello End Pin replicates the feel of the acoustic cello for traditional playing position and technique, featuring knee and chest contact points for seated performance.

Easily and quickly assembled, the height, knee rest position and instrument angle are all fully adjustable. The knee rest folds so the stand fits in the instrument's gig bag or flight case.

NS Cello End Pin Assembly

Attach knee rest pieces to the threaded insert in the main leg of the stand, as pictured below. Adjust the ends of the kneerest as shown and tighten the thumbscrew on the back of the knee support to secure it in place.

The NS Cello is now ready to be screwed onto the stand using the large mounting bolt. The Cello can be set at anycomfortable angle.

To adjust the height of the Cello, loosen the thumbscrew at the bottom of the mainleg, as shown. Extend or retract the end pin, and re-tighten the thumbscrew.

1. End Pin Parts

2. Attach Knee Rest

3. Adjust Knee Rest

4. Adjust Height

The knee rest parts are removable for compact storage. Pack the end pin stand carefully so cello and end pin stand arenot damaged in transport.

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