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NS610 Traditional Double Bass Strings

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UK Price:  £22.00 Inc. 20% VAT
Worldwide Price: £18.33

NS610 Traditional Double Bass strings feature a stranded steel core with nickel windings and are constructed and tensioned similarly to acoustic bass strings for a warm tone and great bow response. They are are designed to fit all NS upright basses, as well as those with standard playing lengths, but shorter overall lengths (no tailpiece).

Stranded steel core strings feature a central core made out of very thin steel wires braided together in a rope-like matrix. This provides the strength of steel but with exceptional flexibility and elasticity. The complexity of the stranded core affords strings a wider range of tone than that of solid steel strings, with a tonal palette that is generally brighter and more focused when compared to gut or synthetic core strings but with a rich, low end response. They provide players with easy bow response, often favoured by the lower strings, as well as a subtle touch for those who play electric instruments or alternative styles.

  • Groundbreaking core technology pioneered by D'Addario
  • For 3/4 scale basses with a playing length of 106mm (41 3/4")
  • NS standard double bass string length (46.5″ wound, 54″ overall) 
  • Medium tension
  • Regular bass tuning G-D-A-E (high to low, in 4ths)
  • Single Low B and High C strings available for 5 string basses/alternate tunings
  • NS standard fit
  • Fast, flexible, and responsive bow response
  • Stranded steel core provides optimum playability with a clear, warm tone
  • Rich acoustic sound
  • Works with magnetic and piezo pickup systems
  • All D'Addario strings are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

Designed in partnership with Ned Steinberger, D'Addario Electric Traditional Bass strings are designed to enhance the expressive range of tone for even the most discerning players. These strings are constructed and tensioned similarly to acoustic bass strings for a warm tone and great bow response. These electric strings are designed for electric upright basses with standard playing lengths, but shorter overall lengths (no tailpiece). ​

Individual String Note Core Winding Tension (lbs)
NS611 G Stranded Steel Nickel 62
NS612 D Stranded Steel Nickel 65.9
NS613 A Stranded Steel Nickel 67
NS614 E Stranded Steel Nickel 68
NS616 Low B Stranded Steel Nickel 69.6
NS617 High C Solid Steel Nickel 52.5

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