NS Design Custom Shoulder Rest

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High-quality CONSTRUCTION, ergonomically designed and comfortably foam padded

Getting comfortable with your NS violin is important for successful practice and performance.

Violins and violas are s cradled intimately against the body, yet all players are shaped differently so, in response, Ned Steinberger developed the NS Custom Shoulder Rest to offer a higher level of comfort and support.

The CSR can be formed by the player to fit his or her body shape. Firm foam is backed by a layer of malleable aluminium that can be bent with thumb and forefingers to mould the rest into virtually any shape.

Fully adjustable for height and angle with adjustment located within easy reach of the right hand so modifications can be made with the instrument in playing position. 

Once the shoulder rest is formed, the shape remains fixed, providing a secure structural platform. Once the ideal shape is obtained, the benefit can be quite dramatic.

In combination with the new NS Adjustable Chin Rest, virtually any body shape and style of play can be accommodated with amazing comfort.

Available as standard issue on all new WAV, NXTa and CR Series violins, the Custom Shoulder Rest is offered to retro-fit older NS models, or as a replacement. 

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