NS Balanced Shoulder RestNS Balanced Shoulder RestNS Balanced Shoulder RestNS Balanced Shoulder RestNS Balanced Shoulder Rest

NS Balanced Shoulder Rest

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What if your NS violin weighed nothing?!

Pretend for a minute that you don't have to grip your violin between your chin and shoulder. Imagine that the violin stays effortlessly in place, your head and hands free to move. Even the most aggressive bowing doesn't move the instrument. It seems to float lightly but securely next to your body in the perfect playing position.

If you could take all the energy you use to hold your violin and apply it to your playing, would you play differently?

The NS Balanced Shoulder Rest liberates violinists from the limitations of holding the violin. Using the physics of a simple lever to counterbalance the weight of the instrument, a slim three-point mounting bracket cradles the violin securely and attaches to a flexible, weighted aluminum arm.  The arm wraps gently around the upper torso, lightly but securely spreading the load over the shoulder, chest, and upper back.

Adjustable connecting screws allow the musician to maneuver the instrument into optimum playing position and fine-tune it for comfort.  The violin stays securely in place without help from the hands or chin, but it remains mobile and responsive to the player's movements.

The Balanced Shoulder Rest converts your holding energy to playing energy, freeing you to play better.

Designed to fit NS instruments only, the system simply replaces the Custom Shoulder Rest that ships as standard with all NS Violins and Violas.

Designed to fit all NS Electric Violins and Violas — Counter balance eliminates need for a chin rest, for hands-free support  — Your head and hands are free to move

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Anyone got a Balanced Shoulder Rest for acoustic violin?
11 February 2019  | 

Iíve just heard back from NS Designs that they discontinued the attachment for acoustic violins about five years ago.

Does anybody have one lying around that needs a new home?