NS Design Violin Bow

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In Stock

Groundbreaking NS Design Composite Bows for Violin, Cello & Double Bass

Evolved from traditional designs, modern materials allow NS Design Composite Bows to achieve a new level of performance and practicality that exceed traditional wood construction.

Advanced molding techniques utilising carbon and other modern fibres give these bows superb balance and lightning-quick response. Formulated for efficient transmission of string vibrations back to the fingertips, the lively action of the bow enhances the tactile connection of the player to the string, facilitating technique and involving the player more fully in their performance.

Composite construction also effectively resists the effects of fluctuations in temperature and humidity, so that the bow will play the same way in a wide range of situations without requiring the musician to compensate for performance changes.

Combined with lustrous ebony frogs, mother of pearl inlay and nickel-silver fittings these bows are as attractive to look at as they are to play.

The result is a bow that puts no limit on the musician's expression and allows you to realize the full potential of your NS Design or any other concert string instrument.

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