NS CR Gig BagNS CR Gig BagNS CR Gig Bag

NS CR Gig Bag

UK Price:  £79.00 Inc. 20% VAT
Worldwide Price: £65.83
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The premium quality NS Design CR Gig Bag provides a durable, lightweight and safe means of transporting your NS Double Bass, Omni Bass or Cello.

Supplied as standard issue with all NS Design CR/EU Series instruments, this durable nylon bag features a handle and adjustable shoulder strap, a padded inner case for the instrument, a zipper pouch for a tripod or end-pin stand, a bow compartment, and an accessory storage pocket.

Approximate Loaded Weight (including stand)
Double Bass Bag Omni Bass Bag Cello Bag
11.2kg / 25lb 6 kg / 15.2lb 5kg / 11lb

Fits in the overhead luggage compartment of most commercial aircraft.