SQ-1 Squeezer Pedal

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The Bassics® Squeezer is a simple and easy to use, studio quality VCA compressor (much like the revered DBX160) that allows the player to control the levels of drive, compression and overall gain, providing a range of compression from subtle to extreme.

The bypass footswitch makes it possible to set the levels so that switching the effect in and out does not cause a change in volume.

A unique feature is the unit’s ability to connect to any power supply between +9 volts to +18 volts AC or Dc, positive or negative polarity. It just needs the standard 2.5mm connector. Once this is connected, the control will light up to show that power is applied.

Turn all controls to their minimum position (anti-clockwise) and switch the compressor out via thefootswith (‘Compress’ control not illuminated). Connect your bass to the ‘Input’ jack and the ‘Output’ jack to the amplifier input. It can of course also be inserted into an effects loop.

Simply turn the ‘Drive’ control up until the green lights starts to glow. Then press the footswitch so that the ‘Compress’ control illuminates and turn the ‘Compress’ control to add the requiredamount of compression. If the ‘Compress’ control does not provide sufficient compression even at maximum, increase the ‘Drive’ control until the desired amount is achieved.

The output control can be adjusted so that there is the right amount of level to feed your amplifier.