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The Bass Centre Live & Dangerous Bass

Our affectionate (and affordable) tribute to one of rock 'n' roll's coolest cats, the legendary Phil Lynott


The Bass Centre Ashbory Bass

Brand new from The Bass Centre, we welcome the return of the famous British Ashbory bass brand


Bass Collection
Japan SB325

A fantastic Japanese built, active 5 string with gold hardware and a super-fresh Translucent Green


The Bass Centre Frankenstein

A tribute to Bass Centre friend and great British Bass Master John Entwistle's infamous hybrid P-Bass


Bass Collection Detroit Bass

Classic vintage specs, and strung with Elites flats, this is our tribute to the the golden years of Motor City soul


Bass Collection

A striking new 60's  spec Jive Bass in glorious Jubilee Gold as a tribute to Norman-Watt-Roy


Bass Collection Jive Five

Fresh from The Bass Centre, combining vintage design, eye catching looks and cutting edge flair


The Bass Centre
Rhythm Stick

This cool, twin-pickup design is a tribute to Norman Watt Roy's famous workhorse 1972 P-Bass


Bruce Thomas
Profile Bass

Authentic retro spec and killer sound, inspired by Bruce Thomas' storied salmon pink classic


Bass Collection Windsor Tan

Ultra-cool new Power & Jive Bass models with smooth maple fingerboards and black block inlays


Designed by The Acoustic Centre, London, England and made to rock 'n' roll, The Acoustic Collection is a brand new range of pro-grade, electro-acoustic instruments featuring solid, seasoned tone woods, cool, classical stylings and premium quality Fishman electronics, making it a compelling and affordable choice for all modern musicians, songwriters and performers.

Acoustic Collection Arena

Superior quality dreadnought style with a rich, deep and rounded tone


Acoustic Collection Concert

Mahogany concert model with wonderful presence and clarity 


Acoustic Collection Parlour

Mahogany/Spruce guitar with enhanced clarity and projection


Acoustic Collection Stadium

Mahogany/Cedar Grand Concert styling with a balanced, full voice


Phil Jones H-850 Headphones

Enjoy superior definition from these dedicated bass headphones


Phil Jones Bass Bighead Pro

Pro spec headphone amplifier + digital audio interface


Phil Jones Bass BG110 Bass Cub II

A seriously high quality portable amp with a BIG sound


Phil Jones Bass BG75 Double 4

The revolutionary, fully featured micro bass combo amplifier


Phil Jones BG-400 Suitcase Combo

A powerful, professional spec, 4 x 5" bass combo amplifier


NS Design WAV Radius Bass

An affordable variant of Ned Steinberger's radical bass design in a choice of 3 stunning colours

from £907

NS Design NXTa Radius Bass

The latest version of the NS Design triumph, feat. cutting edge, battery-free, active electronics

from £1,636

NS Design CR Radius Bass

See what the future of electric bass design looks like with the full range exclusive to the Bass Centre

from £2,411

NS Design WAV Series Violin

NS innovation and quality in a BRAND NEW super affordable passive design

from £505

NS Design NXTa Series Violin

Unique NEW battery-free active version of the best selling concert instrument

from £1,215

NS Design CR Series Violin

Fully, featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original electric violin design

from £2,215

NS Design NXTa Series Viola

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the best selling concert instrument


At the Bass Centre you will find comprehensive stocks of the complete Ned Steinberger range of electric concert instruments and accessories...

NS Design CR Series Viola

Fully, featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original electric viola design


NS Design WAV Series Double Bass

NS innovation and quality in a brand new, super affordable passive design

from £907

NS Design NXTa Series Double Bass

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the best selling upright bass

from £1,279

NS Design CR Series Double Bass

Fully featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original upright electric bass

from £2,851

NS Design WAV Series Cello

NS innovation and quality in a brand new, super affordable passive design

from £776

NS Design NXTa Series Cello

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the best selling concert instrument

from £1,439

NS Design CR Series Cello

Fully featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original electric cello design

from £2,200

NS Design WAV Series Omni Bass

NS innovation and quality in a brand new, super affordable passive design

from £832

NS Design NXTa Series Omni Bass

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the unique NS Design crossover instrument

from £1,551

NS Design CR Series Omni Bass

Fully featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's innovative bass instrument

from £2,785

Best bass I have ever played
Saturday, 21 November 2020  |  Garry

The Bass Collection Blockhead bass is the best bass I have ever played - it feels and sounds better than others I have played that are 3-4 times the price. It is an absolute joy to play and comes with a really good quality BC gigbag. The tone is stunning, even when playing acoustically it is a totally rewarding and inspirational experience - a lot of this must be down to the strings so I will be sticking with BC Elites on the Blockhead and upgrading to Elites on my other basses.

Also want to mention that the customer service at the Bass Centre is top notch. Just wish I had known about BC earlier.

They forgot to add a '1' to the start of the price!
Friday, 20 November 2020  |  Jonny

Being a fan of Guy Pratt, regardless of quality of this bass, I was always going to be ordering one eventually. I decided it best to live with it for a short while before writing a review, spend plenty of time with it and get to know it instead of just making assumptions based on anything. For context, my other 'main' basses are a Musicman Stingray Special and a Musicman Caprice.

Now, there aren't many videos of this bass online or sound examples to really get to know how it sounds but, being the price it is, I thought, what's to lose?! And I'm very glad that I did.

Being an active jazz, its sound is my exact cup of tea. I have to say I was blown away with the quality. Of course it sounds like a jazz bass, but the active nature of it adds a hi-fi/clear quality that I just wasn't expecting to come out of a £500/£600 bass. Add the stainless strings and it reminded me of a Modulus (think Flea) high end with the growl of a vintage jazz. Bright and punchy are perfect words to describe this bass. The tone dial has a lot of room before it starts to get muddy, which is a mark of quality to me. Feeling almost like a one dial EQ (treble cut/bass boost etc) rather than the muddy honk I've experienced on other basses.

Trust the other reviews when they say how easy this bass is to play. I can play fast bass parts on this and with more precision than I can with basses I own 3 times the price. The slim neck is great, ebony with a satin finish which glides rather than the sticky gloss necks available elsewhere.

Betsy has become my number two, shouldering my Caprice out of it's spot. Which is remarkable given that the Caprice is an £1,800 bass. If you like active basses or jazz's then you won't be disappointed. Buy one now before The Bass Centre realise they forgot to add a '1' to the start of the price.

Now ... I'm off to browse P basses from this range.

Outstanding product
Friday, 30 October 2020  |  Michael

Yes as the title suggests, an outstanding bass, super quality, well made and a superb, very playable bass. First thing I noticed, the frets, just wonderful, finish quality, just great, the build, well, just superb, cannot find a fault. The pickups, electrics all work well, was expected to replace them, but no, they do the job, only things out of the box that needed attention was the jack socket nut was loose, and the E string was not sitting in the bridge correctly, definitely becoming my go to bass. Yes for what my opinion is worth, buy one, they are spectacular!

Taming the orange beast
Friday, 30 October 2020  |  Scott

Great bass! the guys set it up with their Detroit flats, but I swapped them for low tension TI Jazz Flats and love it. Have played it for hours. The neck profile being between a J and P neck means the strings are nicely apart and the sheen on the back of the neck means your hand just glides, no stickiness, so – as others have said – a joy to play. Very clean fretted sound from the ebony board, dig in for growl.

Now let's talk about the pickups - Loud! Probably loudest ever – takes some playing with to get your sweet spot, but when you do... just sublime. I always prefer the volume not on full, I find you get fewer overtones, so these crazy puppies deliver there, on full it's too much. The tone control is great and wide, no drop in volume between high and low. The highs are clear, sharp and sustain for days, like a crisp bottle of Riesling. The lows are round and meaty, like a good bottle of Tannat.

The colour is orange to my eyes and it's just a cool looking piece of b-ass. Well done to all involved - if you ever do an aged natural version, then I'm in!

A thing of beauty
Tuesday, 20 October 2020  |  Mark

I took delivery of the bass yesterday. It’s a thing of beauty. Great job with the set-up too, it’s perfect. Many thanks

An excellent bass, recommended
Saturday, 10 October 2020  |  Martin

Rapid delivery, allbeit done in a somewhat cavalier manner by UPS. The bass is superb, the set up was good, the sounds are amazing! The strings are reminiscent of Thomastik Superflexibles. Will just have to get used to the extra B string, a work in progress.

Thank you Barry and The Bass Centre.

Saturday, 19 September 2020  |  Christope

Excellent feel. .45 a bit zingy but just dropped pickup on that side a bit and spot on.

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