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The Bass Centre Live & Dangerous Bass

Our affectionate (and affordable) tribute to one of rock 'n' roll's coolest cats, the legendary Phil Lynott


The Bass Centre Ashbory Bass

Brand new from The Bass Centre, we welcome the return of the famous British Ashbory bass brand


Bass Collection
Japan SB325

A fantastic Japanese built, active 5 string with gold hardware and a super-fresh Translucent Green


The Bass Centre Frankenstein

A tribute to Bass Centre friend and great British Bass Master John Entwistle's infamous hybrid P-Bass


Bass Collection Detroit Bass

Classic vintage specs, and strung with Elites flats, this is our tribute to the the golden years of Motor City soul


Bass Collection

A striking new 60's  spec Jive Bass in glorious Jubilee Gold as a tribute to Norman-Watt-Roy


Bass Collection Jive Five

Fresh from The Bass Centre, combining vintage design, eye catching looks and cutting edge flair


The Bass Centre
Rhythm Stick

This cool, twin-pickup design is a tribute to Norman Watt Roy's famous workhorse 1972 P-Bass


Bruce Thomas
Profile Bass

Authentic retro spec and killer sound, inspired by Bruce Thomas' storied salmon pink classic


Bass Collection Windsor Tan

Ultra-cool new Power & Jive Bass models with smooth maple fingerboards and black block inlays


Designed by The Acoustic Centre, London, England and made to rock 'n' roll, The Acoustic Collection is a brand new range of pro-grade, electro-acoustic instruments featuring solid, seasoned tone woods, cool, classical stylings and premium quality Fishman electronics, making it a compelling and affordable choice for all modern musicians, songwriters and performers.

Acoustic Collection Arena

Superior quality dreadnought style with a rich, deep and rounded tone


Acoustic Collection Concert

Mahogany concert model with wonderful presence and clarity 


Acoustic Collection Parlour

Mahogany/Spruce guitar with enhanced clarity and projection


Acoustic Collection Stadium

Mahogany/Cedar Grand Concert styling with a balanced, full voice


Phil Jones H-850 Headphones

Superior definition from these dedicated bass headphones


Phil Jones Bass Bighead Pro

Pro spec headphone amplifier + digital audio interface


Phil Jones Bass BG110 Bass Cub II

A seriously high quality portable amp with a BIG sound


Phil Jones Bass BG75 Double 4

A revolutionary, fully featured micro bass combo amp


Phil Jones Bass Briefcase Amp

A punchy, battery powered portable bass combo


Phil Jones BG-400 Suitcase Combo

Powerful, full featured, pro-spec, 4 x 5" bass combo


NS Design WAV Radius Bass

An affordable variant of Ned Steinberger's radical bass design in a choice of 3 stunning colours

from £907

NS Design NXTa Radius Bass

The latest version of the NS Design triumph, feat. cutting edge, battery-free, active electronics

from £1,636

NS Design CR Radius Bass

See what the future of electric bass design looks like with the full range exclusive to the Bass Centre

from £2,411

NS Design WAV Series Violin

NS innovation and quality in a BRAND NEW super affordable passive design

from £505

NS Design NXTa Series Violin

Unique NEW battery-free active version of the best selling concert instrument

from £1,215

NS Design CR Series Violin

Fully, featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original electric violin design

from £2,215

NS Design NXTa Series Viola

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the best selling concert instrument


At the Bass Centre you will find comprehensive stocks of the complete Ned Steinberger range of electric concert instruments and accessories...

NS Design CR Series Viola

Fully, featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original electric viola design


NS Design WAV Series Double Bass

NS innovation and quality in a brand new, super affordable passive design

from £907

NS Design NXTa Series Double Bass

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the best selling upright bass

from £1,279

NS Design CR Series Double Bass

Fully featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original upright electric bass

from £2,851

NS Design WAV Series Cello

NS innovation and quality in a brand new, super affordable passive design


NS Design NXTa Series Cello

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the best selling concert instrument


NS Design CR Series Cello

Fully featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original electric cello design

from £2,200

NS Design WAV Series Omni Bass

NS innovation and quality in a brand new, super affordable passive design

from £832

NS Design NXTa Series Omni Bass

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the unique NS Design crossover instrument

from £1,551

NS Design CR Series Omni Bass

Fully featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's innovative bass instrument

from £2,785

There's a 1 missing from the beginning of the price tag
Tuesday, 8 September 2020  |  Alistair

I must admit I was still slightly cynical after reading the independent reviews of the Betsy bass but, after listening to a few examples on YouTube, I decided that £595 was a safe bet. I've had a custom Status Series II for the last 17 years and fancied something fresh so for me, playing in a couple of Pink Floyd tributes, having a replica of Guy's famous Jazz bass seemed like a no-brainer.

I haven't put this bass down since taking delivery last month and I haven't stopped grinning yet - there's nothing I don't like about it. The bass is setup with 40-100 strings and a lovely low action against a fast neck that feels so light and easy to play. The EMG pickups are fantastic and offer a wide range of tones; I pretty much stick with the bridge on full and the neck rolled off slightly and the bass does all the talking from there, it just loves to groove and party. And the overall balance (when I finally remembered to belatedly order a strap from The Bass Centre!) is perfect for me.

So, yes, if I had picked up and tried one of these basses without knowing the price beforehand I would have guessed it was it was priced at £1,595. Oh, and you get a soft case, AND a signed copy of Guy's book. It's an absolute joy to play and an amazing bargain, I'm so pleased (my wife let me) buy it!

Now Covid, please **** off and let us all go out and play again

Friday, 4 September 2020  |  Robrecht

At noon, I received the NS CR5 and I am thrilled. The bass pizz sound is great (fantastic with the extra F-string) and even the arco sound is good. Now Iíll start experimenting with other sounds! Awesome!

This bass is a gem
Wednesday, 26 August 2020  |  Jiri

I had this bass in the nineties. What I got now is probably even better. Excellent sound, playability, setup, strings. I am very satisfied with this instrument and the seller.

Monday, 24 August 2020  |  Simon

Sound and feel great.

Looks and sounds great
Friday, 7 August 2020  |  Simon

Lovely bass, nice and light. Came really well set up. Looks and sounds great.

Best strings I have ever tried!
Friday, 31 July 2020  |  Dylan

These strings are the best strings I have had. They have the feel And durability of flat wounds but they still keep some brightness like round wounds. They are the perfect combination of the two!

The bass Iíve been looking for!
Saturday, 18 July 2020  |  Juan

Iíd spent a year searching for a new P-Bass. I looked at the Mexican and American Fenders. There was always something I didnít like about the ones I tried (yes, including colour!). I wanted a faster neck without the sticky lacquer, I needed a lightweight one due to shoulder and back issues. Iíd always expected to have to upgrade the pickups and probably add a pickguard in a better colour. Then I spoke to a couple of Profile bass owners and read some reviews. I wouldnít usually buy a bass without trying it first but everyone was saying the same things about the Bruce Thomas Profile; consistently lightweight, good pickups, fast, thin neck profile. And the price! I felt it was worth the risk. I wasnít disappointed. Itís a beauty too. Is it perfect? No, Iíll probably change the tuners for ultralights as it is the teeniest bit neck heavy. If you practice sitting down you probably wouldnít even notice it but, with my back, ergonomics are important.

In summary, itís a joy to play, I love the weight, sound and look of it. Once Iíve added new tuners , Itíll be my P-Bass for life.

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