The Speakeasy - Rebirth of The Cool

Amongst the myriad of modern bass designs that flooded the market in the 1980's, the distinctive SB range by Bass Collection was one of the most popular.

Compact and super-comfortable to play, with a striking, cool look, excellent build quality and wonderfully versatile tonal range, SB basses became a enduring hit with both pro and semi-pro players alike.

Now, The Bass Centre brings you the Speakeasy and Speakeasy Pro, the revered Bass Collection SB310 and SB460 designs reborn for a brand new generation.

"Exceptionally well built and finished for the price tag – small and perfectly formed, these guitars are easy on both the eye and the ear"
Ian Glasper • Bass Guitar Magazine

Straight from the original Japanese playbook, all the classic Bass Collection appointments are firmly in place...  the familiar, sleek, lightweight body shape coupled with a tight, low mass headstock and slim neck profile for exceptional balance & playing comfort, the unique, heel-less, bolt-on neck system for full, unhindered access to the upper limits of an expertly fretted, dot-free, two-octave fingerboard, a high density bridge system for enhanced sustain and harmonic response, passive pickups that deliver a robust, powerful, even tone, perfect for stage or studio, and active twin-band electronics that provide total on-board control.

Get The Personal Touch

All Bass Collection instruments are re-strung and set up prior to despatch by Chris Ward, long serving Bass Centre guitar tech for all of our 36 years... he's getting quite good by now!

Accordingly, you can choose which gauge and type of Elites Strings you prefer, and specify set-up requirements.

Bass Collection - The Wapping Years

The Bass Collection marque, under the stewardship of Nanyo Boeki, is one which will always be synonymous with the Bass Centre's "Wapping Years". In the late '80s and throughout the '90s, The Bass Centre represented this hugely popular range exclusively in the UK and enjoyed a remarkable relationship with the Japanese company that produced one of the most highly regarded, light weight, small bodied designs of the era.

Bass Collection also offered a range of boutique, vintage Fender-style replicas primarily for their huge domestic market, including a grandparent to the Bass Centre's new "Jive" Bass that offered a distinctly modern twist to the venerable Jazz Bass template.

After the demise of Nanyo Boeki in the early noughties, The Bass Centre acquired the Bass Collection name and, with our own distribution company, House Music, already established as a dynamic guitar manufacturer, The Bass Centre secured access to the same Korean factory that produces the phenomenally successful Brian May Guitars range.

So, it is that this new "collection" assembles all of our favoured features of classic '60s bass design, as well from Bass Collection's own SB Series; taking a new approach to body and neck profiling and re-imagining these instruments in a manner that no other brand currently offers, with a commitment to combining awesome build quality, great playability and performance with - most importantly - affordability. Made to The Bass Centre's exacting standards in one of the World's best production facilities, the Bass Collection range is genuinely regarded as being consistent with instruments three times their price.