Also affectionately known as "a few basses we built with our mates", the British Bass Masters series extends the award-winning Bass Collection range to pay tribute to longstanding Bass Centre customers and friends, Guy Pratt, Leo Lyons, Norman Watt-Roy, Bruce Thomas, Bill Wyman, and the late, great John Entwistle, as well as to one denizen of these diverse British Isles that we wish we had known better, Thin Lizzy's amazing frontman Phil Lynott.

The Guy Pratt Betsy Bass

The Guy Pratt Betsy Bass£595.00

The Bruce Thomas Profile Bass

The Bruce Thomas Profile Bass£495.00

The Bass Centre Blockhead Bass

The Bass Centre Blockhead Bass£495.00

The Bass Centre Wyman Bass

The Bass Centre Wyman Bass£595.00

The Bass Centre Woodstock Bass

The Bass Centre Woodstock Bass£2,495.00