Freedom of expression is the guiding principal behind the NS Design Viola. Now the violist can shed the constraints of the acoustic instrument, and enjoy full, rich, powerful sound from a smaller sized viola that is very comfortable to play.

The 4-string NS Viola - available in CR Series and battery-free NXT Active Series variants - has all the electronic and structural features of the NS Violin, but voiced significantly lower, providing a full bass response not possible with an acoustic viola. Perfect for stage and studio and the rigorous demands of modern high-fidelity performance  the violist can set the Polar pickup and on-board electronics for a convincing traditional sound, or to create exciting new sounds for both bow and pizzicato.

Conventional scale length and string spacing make the NS Viola accessible, yet the small body and light weight make it easier to play than an acoustic viola. The body reference bout is removable to give the left hand freedom to reach the high register without interference.

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NS Design CR4 4 String Viola

NS Design CR4 4 String Viola£2,617.00   £2,355.00

NS Design NXTa 4 String Viola

NS Design NXTa 4 String Viola£1,443.00   £1,299.00

Whilst we endeavour to satisfy orders for standard NS Design WAV and NTXa Series instruments direct from stock, customers are advised to allow 6-8 weeks for delivery for orders of custom and high end CR and EU Series models.