The Bass Book Revised 3rd Edition

All you need to know about the history of the bass guitar in one stylish, readable volume


NS Design NXT4a Double Bass

Unique NEW battery-free ACTIVE version of the best selling upright


NS Design NXT5a Double Bass

Unique NEW battery-free ACTIVE version of the best selling 5 string


Bass Centre 2017 Ashbory Bass

Thru-body strung for maximum bass response, piezo pickup, active EQ


Bass Centre Wyman Bass

A unique short scale instrument Inspired by the veteran Rolling Stones bass master


NS Design NXT4 Omni Bass

The prefect crossover instrument for upright and electric bassists on a budget


Phil Jones Bass H-850 Bass Headphones

Superior definition from the world's first dedicated headphones for bass


Phil Jones Bass BigHead Amp

Compact headphone amplifier PLUS digital audio interface


Phil Jones Bass BG-100 Bass Cub 

Seriously, high quality rugged portable amp with a BIG sound


Phil Jones Bass BG-75 Double 4

A revolutionary, fully featured micro bass combo amp


Phil Jones Bass Briefcase Amp

A punchy, battery powered portable bass combo


Phil Jones Cub AG-100 Acoustic

A great partner for acoustic guitar or for any NS Violin or Cello


Crafter BA400 EQ
Electro Acoustic Bass

Superb quality, amazing value for money - great sounding instruments with L.R. Baggs pickups + 3 -Band Preamp


Bass Centre Custom Straps

Handcrafted in Spain... Elegant, practical, super-comfortable and built for the long haul!


Bass Collection Jive Five

Fresh from the Bass centre - vintage design, striking good looks and cutting edge flair


Babicz Z-Series FCH Bridge

A brand new, high quality, traditional style full contact direct replacement bridge system


Bass Centre "Frankenstein"

A tribute to BC friend and Brit Bass Master John Entwistle and his infamous hybrid P-Bass


NS Design CR Radius Bass

See what the future of electric bass guitar design looks like... Exclusive to the Bass Centre

from £1,800

Bass Collection
Windsor Tan

Striking new Power & Jive models in Windsor Tan now available, featuring maple fingerboards & block inlays

from £385

The Ashbory Bass Uke

Brand new from The Bass Centre, the return of the Ashbory bass brand


NS Design WAV Radius

A new variant of Ned Steinberger radical design in a choice of 3 stunning colours


Bass Collection
Japan SB301

Simplicity without compromise - 1990's  Japanese classic in rare Petrol Blue finish


Bass Collection
Power Bass 2015

Latest addition to the Bass Centre's range, featuring the Babicz FCH as standard


Bass Collection
Japan SB325

Fantastic Japanese built, active 5 string in super-fresh Translucent Green


Shergold Marathon
Fretted/Fretless Pair

A beautiful brace of classic Brit-built Shergold 4 string basses fretted & fretless in matching white - SOLD


Bass Collection

A striking new Norman-Watt-Roy inspired instrument in classic Jubilee Gold


Rough Notes
by Bruce Thomas

Great personal history of modern music from the Attractions' bassman


Bass Bridge

A superb alternative to the famed BadAss II. Greatly Improves sustain and clarity


Bass Centre
Rhythm Stick

Cool, twin-pickup design, a tribute to Norman Watt Roy's workhorse '72 P-Bass


Bruce Thomas
Profile Bass

Authentic retro spec and sound, inspired by Bruce's storied salmon pink classic


FREE Bass Centre T-Shirt
with Elites Bass Strings

Order TWO SETS of Bass Centre Elites strings and we'll hook you up with a FREE Bass Centre T-Shirt in classic white (Choice of sizes available).


FREE European Shipping
on All Bass Centre Product

That's right... all orders for Bass Centre branded product (including Elites Strings and Bass Collection instruments) are now shipped absolutely FREE OF CHARGE within the UK and to most mainland destinations within the European Union!


£5 Worldwide Shipping
Plus 20% discount on all Elites String Orders

Outside of the European Union - alongside a HUGE TAX-FREE SAVING of 20% - all international Elites Strings orders are now shipped worldwide for JUST £5.00


Bass Centre Ashbory Solid Body Great bass at an unbelievable price. Customer service very good also, all questions answered and tracking the product's arrival very straightforward. Will be buying from the Bass Centre again, very soon... Don't tell the wife! William Derbyshire​ • Royston, UK • April 2017
Elites Stadium IV's I buy with full confidence they'll deliver the bright, crystalline ping they always do. Very high quality, durability and of course attractive silk! Warren Doyle • Kristianstad, Sweden • April 2017
Bass Centre Elites DBE Series Elites have always been my string of choice when I need double ball end strings. I prefer stainless steel more than nickel wound as they have a brighter tone and Bass Centre Elites have never let me down for the last 27 years. Paul Kirkwood • Barnsley, UK • April 2017
Bass Collection Power Bass • Windsor Tan Every time I think Barry & the team have finally done the best bass for me, they then come up with another... These would still be a bargain at three times the price (don't put your prices up!). I need a consistently reliable bass and I know for a fact that every one of my Bass Collection basses will never let me down. Amazing looks, amazing sound, built to stand the road! What more could you ask for. Top work once again. Si Peddle • Alton Towers Resort, UK • March 2017 
Phil Jones Double Four BG-75 Bass Amplifier Very pleased with my new amp. It sounds like a much bigger amp and it fits in a sports bag. Michael Dowling • Sheffield, UK • March 2017
Bass Centre Rhythm Stick Barry and the team just keep on amazing me! Every time I give them a new challenge, they completely knock it out the park!! A job well done once again team, stunning bass as always!! Si Peddle • Bassist/Vocalist with PATTISON FOGG • UK • February 2017
Bass Centre Elites Strings The dudes there really sort me out and they are so much better quality than any other strings I’ve used. I don’t confess to being a big gearhead. I don’t know much but I know what I like Paul Shelly • Bassist with HECK• Nottingham, UK • from Bass Guitar Magazine • January 2017
Elites Stadium Series Montate su Thunderbird, risultate essere eccellenti. Suono metallico, brillante, pulito e ben definito... Miglior sustain... Molto soddisfatto del suono... a differenza delle corde provate precedentemente che fornivano suoni molto sporchi ed eccessivamente ovattati. Un sentito ringraziamento a Barry! Giuseppe Mattera • Vetralla, Italy • November 2016
Bass Collection Jive Bass - Natural, with Babicz FCH Bridge Hi Barry... Hope you’re doing well! The bass arrived on Monday and it plays beautifully, truly one of the best basses I ever played. The action is perfect, the strings are smooth and I love the colour. Thanks again! Lorenzo Milani • November 2016
Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile Bass Thanks Bass Centre & Bruce Thomas. The Profile is a beautiful thing. It's very loud, lots of sustain and a great neck ("Live on Jools Holland... straight out the box! Sounds lovely" adds his tech Geoff Cattani) Mark Bedford • UK ska/pop legends MADNESS • September 2016
Bass Collection Jive Bass A killer J-Bass copy and absolutely the best on the market for the price. The neck feels like a 1962 Jazz. Joe Hubbard • Internationally acclaimed fusion bassist • September 2016
Bass Centre Elites Detroit Flatwound IV's Put them on my '64 P-Bass... Amazing. Twice the output of others... fat low end with definition & smooth feel. I think I've finally found what I've been looking for... will spread the word. Vic Vicena • Hayward, CA USA • September 2016
Bass Centre Elites Detroit Flatwound V's My Detroit bass came with Elites Detroit Flats, which is my main reason for purchasing my bass. I love the warm thump these strings produce and they really give you an authentic "old school" tone. Marc Duarte • Sunnyvale, CA USA • September 2016
Bass Collection Power Bass I am VERY happy with my P Bass... and the black scratchplate looks amazing! Sounds brilliant too... Will recommend you to the world!! Adrian Cain • UK • September 2016
Bass Collection Jive Bass First of all, customer service at The Bass Centre is fantastic. Katie was able to answer every ridiculous question I asked and was quick & courteous in doing so... The bass - beautiful finish + a great set-up right out of the box... p/ups are nice and transparent with just enough mid-range growl. I paid a mere $480 USD (inc shipping!) and I must say no other "J" on the market I've played can compare when it comes to this bass' playability... All this, and the bass made it to Nashville in less than a week... Customer for life. Michael Morgan • Franklin TN, USA • August 2016
Bass Collection Power Bass I’ve had comments admiring both how it looks and sounds and I’m delighted. I didn't expect to get something so good for this price and I would seriously recommend the range to anyone from amateur to pro level. Keith Ravenscroft • Liverpool, UK • August 2016
Elites Stadium Series Have tried many strings but I can't find any better, under £20 a set too. Great tone & feel. Bass Centre's delivery is super quick too! Neil Gascoigne • Newcastle, UK • August 2016
Shergold Marathon Vintage Fretted/Fretless Pair Delighted... they're perfect, sound phenomenal, look fantastic & they're British! Loving the ELITES strings too! Martin Nash • Northampton, UK • August 2016
Babicz FCH 3-Point Bridge Perfect for the Epiphone EB3. Easy intonation, fast string height setting. Hildegard Wanka • Vienna, Austria • August 2016
Ortega D-Walker Massive thanks to @basscentre for this short scale D-Walker #Ortega bass... Been waiting years for something like this! Barry Fratelli • The Fratellis • from Twitter • August 2016
Elites Bass Strings Massive thanks to the Bass Centre... Have used Elites for 5 years now & loved them to pieces... Great service, great products. Cheers! Ed Goodsell • Bassist with Dear Sleeper • July 2016
Bass Centre Elites Stadium Series Great service, great communications, great strings.
Peter Dinely • Fleet, UK • June 2016
Babicz FCH 4 String Bridge Chevalet qui respire la solidité. Réglages multiples et installation aisée (grâce au tutoriel). Alix Xilax • Issy Les Moulineaux, France • May 2016
Babicz FCH 4 String Bridge I bought the Babicz to replace the vintage style bridge on an old obscure bass I own. None of the bass bridges you can buy are a straight bolt-on replacement so I got the Babicz. It sounds great, it really does improve things a lot David Turner • Sheffield, UK • April 2016
Ortega D-Walker Bass This is a great little bass with an amazing sound and very easy to play. I already have an Ortega KW Limited Edition Walker Bass and this is to give me a spare for gigs. I highly recommend these guitars. Jon Digweed • Bedfordshire, UK • April 2016
British Bass Masters Bruce Thomas Profile Bass Arrived 'Down Under' 10 days after shipping from the UK, all in one piece and - straight out of the box and gig bag - almost in tune! Looks & sounds great! Came with a spare set of strings and a copy of (Bruce Thomas' new book) 'Rough Notes' too! No complaints! Peter Lewis • Manly NSW, Australia • April 2016
Babicz FCH 3-Point Bridge I had read good reviews about the bridge, but I didn't expect THAT! My Gibson SG short scale has much more sustain and sounds brilliant. It has a completely different character - It's fantastic, and I'm very happy about it. I had no idea what a "sustain-grave" the original bridge had been. Bass Centre service was good. Peter Wentzel • Rastede, Germany • April 2016
Bass Centre Elites Strings Bass Centre's service is excellent!!... + Elites Stadium Series IV bass strings sound very bright and clear!! Paul Michalski • Park Falls WI, USA • April 2016
Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile Bass I have to say it is glorious. Played brilliantly straight out of the box. Beautiful salmon pink paint finish, superb neck and a fabulous sound. Used it on two recording sessions today already. Totally knocked out. Nothing this good anywhere at this price point. My bass of choice from now on. Clive Culbertson • Session & Solo Bassist • Coleraine, NI • March 2016
Bass Centre Elites Stadium V's I’ve been using Elites for over 25 years. Great strings and fast delivery. Good price, too. Victor Nicholls • Ascot, UK • March 2016
Babicz FCH 4 String Bridge Many thanks for the speedy delivery! This is the 4th Babicz I've received from you, all sent very quickly and amazing service. Andy Goddard • Faversham, UK • March 2016
Bass Centre Elites Strings Just got my Elites Strings today... Wow what a difference!
Simon Price • Birmingham, UK • via Facebook • March 2016
Babicz FCH 4 String Bridge Easy to fit... Set up very well... Tuning more stable and a lot more sustain on the Jazz... Pleased with this. Paul Vallance • Enfield, UK • March 2016
Bass Collection Power Bass - Guards Red Wow! An incredible bass for the money, the neck is superb, the frets are all nice and level and it sounds fantastic too... it's one of my favourite basses. Well done!
Davis Sims • Luton, UK • March 2016
Kala U-Bass Mahogany Fretless A great little bass.. requires some getting used to with its stretchy strings but produces a BIG sound. I have had to adjust my technique and lighten my touch to get the best out of it, but it is a lot of fun. Richard Blatch • Kings Lynn, UK •  February 2016
Bass Collection Jive Live  - Solar Flare Limited Edition I'm absolutely blown away with the look and sound of it, amazing! Puts my American Fenders to shame. I usually play a U.S.A. Precision or Jazz and this Jive Live easily plays as nicely. It's now my #1 gigging bass, no question…Amazing fret job and great relicing, pickups are punchy and you get everything from U2 Rock to James Jamerson Motown. Can't recommend enough Simon Holland • Menorca, Spain • February 2016
Kala U-Bass Mahogany Fretless A serious bass in a pint-sized body. Brilliant!
Mike Shearing • Cravant-Les-Côteaux, France • February 2016
Babicz FCH 3 Point Gibson Style Bridge Todo perfecto, el único fallo es que no traía la llave de ajuste
Ramon Pires Hernandez • Salamanca, Spain • February 2016
Bass Collection Detroit Bass - Solar Flare LE Very excited and surprised at how fast it arrived in California! Opened the box and when I took it out of the soft case, I was very impressed by how it looked and felt and with the overall quality. I was looking at big name, budget line basses but their color choices were limited and some of the basses I considered buying were discontinued. This bass has everything I wanted in a bass and then some. The basses you make are worth the extra money and the shipping, I couldn't be any more satisfied with my purchase. Marc Duarte • Sunnyvale CA, USA • December 2015
Aquila ShortBass-One Really delighted with my Aquila acoustic - absolutely what I was looking for and extremely comfortable to play. Thanks for your help and doing a part exchange deal. I'm sure we'll meet up again as I may be tempted to purchase a second one. Roger Ferris • Brighton, UK • November 2015
Ned Steinberger Radius Bass Loads of thanks, Barry. No better way to spend a cold Saturday afternoon than having a great time trying out a couple of Radius 5's. Can't stop playing my little bit of bass history! Really friendly, helpful service & the bass chat was fun too. Dave Slater • UK • November 2015
Bass Centre Elites DBE Series Strings Bass Centre does what it says on the tin... Sorted quickly... Great communication... Job done! Thank you! William Taylor • Aberdeenshire, Scotland • November 2015
Bass Collection Jive Bass As a lefty, the options of basses available are pretty limited... The Jive with the Babicz Bridge is an awesome machine. It does everything I want and is fab value compared to some big name brands I can think of... Definitely a 5 star instrument! Paul Noden • Cheshire, UK • November 2015
Bass Centre Elites Player Series Strings I have been using Elites Player Series Medium Gauge bass strings for years. They are fabulous! Alex Bowler • with "Forever Free" • via FaceBook • October 2015
Bass Centre Elites Stadium Series Strings Quality strings, I've used them for years and they never fail to impress. Eric Irvine • Dundee, Scotland • August 2015
Bass Centre Elites DBE Strings Ordered some Elite DBE 40-100 on Monday... just to say they have arrived today. Excellent service guys, so quick, ready for the weekend. I will definitely be spreading the word round the North East about this. Pete West • UK • July 2015

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