NS Design US5 Custom Radius

Exclusive to the Bass Centre, a unique NS custom shop Radius 5, handcrafted in the USA and signed by Ned Steinberger


NS Design WAV Radius Bass

A new, affordable variant of Ned Steinberger's radical bass design in a choice of 3 stunning colours

from £907

Bass Centre Brian May Bass

A super cool, retro medium scale instrument inspired by the Queen guitar legend in the spirit of his iconic "Red Special".


Fender Roger Waters Precision 

Powerful, classy signature P-Bass with all-black finish, thick "C" profile neck plus Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder


Ibanez SR500   4-String BM

A great, lightweight, modern player in elegant Brown Mahogany with a warm, rich sound + huge tonal range


Ibanez Fieldy Signature

Built to the Korn maestro's exacting specs, this mighty, matt black monster delivers masses of growl and grit


Phil Jones H-850 Headphones

Superior definition from these dedicated bass headphones


Phil Jones Bass BigHead Amp

Tiny headphone amplifier + digital audio interface


Phil Jones Bass BG100 Bass Cub

A seriously high quality portable amp with a BIG sound


Phil Jones Bass BG75 Double 4

A revolutionary, fully featured micro bass combo amp


Phil Jones Bass Briefcase Amp

A punchy, battery powered portable bass combo


Phil Jones CUB II AG150 Acoustic

A great partner for acoustic guitar or for NS Violin or Cello


Ortega D-Walker
Electro Acoustic

Small but perfectly formed.... custom short scale + a cool, lightweight modern cutaway design


The Ashbory Bass Uke

Brand new from The Bass Centre, we welcome the return of the famous British Ashbory bass brand


Bass Collection
Japan SB301

Simplicity without compromise - a superb 1990's Japanese classic in rare Petrol Blue


Bass Collection
Japan SB325

A fantastic Japanese built, active 5 string with gold hardware and a super-fresh Translucent Green


Bass Centre "Frankenstein"

A tribute to BC friend and British Bass Master John Entwistle's infamous hybrid P-Bass


NS Design CR Radius Bass

See what the future of electric bass design looks like... Full range exclusive to the Bass Centre

from £2,411

Babicz Z-Series FCH Bridge

A new, high quality, traditional style, full contact direct replacement bridge


 The Bass Book Revised 3rd Ed.

All you need to know about the history of the bass guitar in one superb volume


Rough Notes
Bruce Thomas

A great memoir and personal history of modern music from the Brit bass hero


Bass Bridge

A superb alternative to the famed BadAss II. Greatly Improves sustain and clarity


Bass Centre Custom Straps

Handcrafted, elegant, practical, super-comfortable and built to last


Bass Collection
Power Bass 2015

Latest addition to the Bass Centre's range, featuring the Babicz FCH


The Bass Centre Bill Wyman Bass

A unique 60's flavoured short scale instrument designed with the Rolling Stones bass master


Bass Collection

A striking new 60's  spec Jive Bass in glorious Jubilee Gold as a tribute to Norman-Watt-Roy


Bass Collection Jive Five

Fresh from The Bass Centre, combining vintage design, eye catching looks and cutting edge flair


Bass Centre
Rhythm Stick

This cool, twin-pickup design is a tribute to Norman Watt Roy's famous workhorse 1972 P-Bass


Bruce Thomas
Profile Bass

Authentic retro spec and killer sound, inspired by Bruce Thomas' storied salmon pink classic


Bass Collection Windsor Tan

Classy new  Power & Jive models with smooth maple fingerboards & block inlays

from £385

NS Design NXT4a Double Bass

Unique NEW battery-free ACTIVE version of the best selling four string upright bass

from £1,279

NS Design NXT5a Double Bass

Unique NEW battery-free ACTIVE version of the best selling five string upright bass


NS Design NXTa Series Omni Bass

Unique NEW battery-free ACTIVE version of the unique NS Design crossover instrument

from £1,551

NS Design NXTa Series Cello

Unique NEW battery-free ACTIVE version of the best selling concert instrument

from £1,439

NS Design NXTa Series Violin

Unique NEW battery-free ACTIVE version of the best selling concert instrument

from £1,215

NS Design NXTa Series Viola

Unique NEW battery-free ACTIVE version of the best selling concert instrument


NS Design WAV4 Double Bass

NS innovation and quality in a BRAND NEW super affordable passive design


NS Design WAV5 Double Bass

NS innovation and quality in a BRAND NEW super affordable passive design


NS Design WAV Series Omni Bass

NS innovation and quality in a BRAND
NEW super affordable passive design

from £832

NS Design WAV 4 String Cello

NS innovation and quality in a BRAND NEW super affordable passive design


NS Design WAV 5 String Cello

NS innovation and quality in a BRAND NEW super affordable passive design


NS Design WAV Series Violin

NS innovation and quality in a BRAND NEW super affordable passive design

from £505

Here At The Bass Centre, you will find comprehensive stocks of the complete Ned Steinberger range of electric concert instruments and accessories...

FREE Joe Hubbard "Vanishing Point" CD
with Bass Centre Elites Bass Strings

Order TWO sets of Elites Strings and get a FREE copy of world renowned electric bass virtuoso + long term Elites Artist Joe Hubbard's classic album "Vanishing Point"... bass playing at the highest level!

FREE European Shipping
on ALL Bass Centre Product

That's right... all orders for Bass Centre branded product (including Elites Strings and Bass Collection instruments) are now shipped absolutely FREE OF CHARGE within the UK and to most destinations within the European Union!

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Outside of the European Union - alongside a HUGE TAX-FREE SAVING of 20% - all international Elites Strings orders are now shipped worldwide for JUST £5.00.

Elites Stadium Series Beautiful sound - These strings have the sound I have spent years looking for. Great buy for a good price! Come highly recommended. Magnus Addi Olafsson • Reykjavik, Iceland • March 2018
Bass Collection Power Bass Amazing bass at a great price! It’s quickly becoming one of my go-to basses, lightweight and sounds amazing! Rob Benusan • Brighton, UK • February 2018
Elites Groundwound Series Excellent strings, comfortable to play & quick to stabilise. If you want the comfort of tapewound strings with a bit more 'open-ness' & articulation at a sensible price, then look no further, these fit the bill perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate to buy them again. Christopher Wogan • Ipswich, UK • February 2018
NS CR Series Tripod Stand Bought for my son who says it’s much better than the original stand in its solidity, yet giving him freedom of movement. He’s really impressed. Linda Sprague  • Farnham, UK • February 2018
Elites Player VI String Sets I'm very happy with the strings I bought. I've used them for years and I know & trust them. Peter Shipp • Swindon, UK • January 2018
NS Design WAV5 Radius Bass Good value for money… all statements in catalogue fulfilled! Low action, clear sound, easy to play, good value for money! Einar Sorensen • Sortland, Norway • January 2018
NS CR Series Tripod Stand came quickly and worked! Simon Lancaster • Oxford, UK • December 2017
Bass Collection Jive Bass Looks great, the pickups are strong and have a nice range... I like the light weight as well... It's a sexy bass and sounds good. Rich Fisher • Washington DC, USA • November 2017
Bass Collection Power Bass Thank you so much to Barry for my Power Bass with gold hardware. It looks as good as he said it would and sounds great!! Becky Page • UK • November 2017
Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile Bass I am very pleased with the bass... and the delivery and service was excellent too! Barry Cartwright • Leominster, UK • November 2017
Bass Centre Ashbory Bass Very pleased with this little bass guitar. Well made and good value for money, especially compared to a Kala U-Bass. Can get a sound very close to a double bass, the secret is to turn the EQ off and then add very little back in bit by bit. Christopher Page • Sherbourne, UK • October 2017
Babicz FCH Z4 Bridge Bought to replace the stock bridge on a Squier VM Fretless. It arrived the following day, earlier than anticipated. Great upgrade. Simple transaction. Thanks. Shaun Broke • York, UK • October 2017
Bass Collection Power Bass Bass Centre put Elites Strings on the bass and set it up so it is ready to go as soon as you get it. It also comes in a decent quality gig bag. The bass is light but tone doesn't suffer and it is honestly one of the most comfortable basses I have played. The neck is really fast and plays very smoothly...  Plenty of signal from the pickups and lots of tone control. Carl Gibbard • Papworth, UK • October 2017
Bass Centre Frankenstein Bass The best budget bass that I have played in many years... puts many far more expensive P-Basses to shame. The price point seems ridiculously low for what you are getting. If this is a typical Bass Collection instrument then I would recommend them to anybody. Chas •  UK • September 2017
Bass Centre Wyman Bass Played my bass at the Cavern Club in Liverpool at the International Beatles week! I'm really happy with it! Sounds, plays and looks great. Linus Ohlsson • Piteå, Sweden • September 2017
Bass Centre Gig Bag Excellent quality and well made with generous padding inside. I'm very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend this product. Mike Reed • Penrith, UK • August 2017
Bass Centre Bruce Thomas Profile Bass So glad to have stumbled across this bass! Bruce Thomas has long been a top favorite player so I jumped at the chance to own and play his signature model. Despite its rather modest price this bass is definitely a high quality, well thought out instrument and as Bruce himself said "it's a real joy to play". David Fox • Seattle, Washington, USA • July 2017
Bass Collection Jive Five I have quite a number of Bass Collection basses, and I adore all of them, they're unbelievably good. However, this is the bass I've spent my career looking for!! It is perfect, and I mean perfect. If you're gonna play a fiver, this should be your number one choice. Si Peddle • Manchester, UK • July 2017
Bass Collection Bespoke Visited The Bass Centre today & put an order in for a Bass Collection Power Bass ("The Lizzy") with hi mass bridge. My request of changing the neck for a Jive/Jazz was met with "no problem at all" (and at no extra cost). Dealing with Barry Moorhouse was a pleasure. Pick it up next Friday... can't wait. Great looker, great player. Ross Guy with alt rockers Silver Bayonets • London, UK • July 2017
Bass Collection Power Bass I really love this bass. It's light, well balanced, the neck is fast + satin smooth and the colour is amazing. It's now my No. 1 bass, replacing a similar instrument made by a very well known American company. Just wish I'd bought one earlier! Simon Poole • Somerset, UK • June 2017
Bass Centre Elites Player Series Strings Have never had such fantastic after sales service from any other company. 5 stars without a doubt! Thank You. Graham Wyvill • Nottingham UK • June 2017
Bass Centre Elites Stadium Series Strings I've been using Elites for years and simply love the Stadium Series! As if that wasn't enough, the FREE shipping to Europe offered by The Bass Centre is an added bonus! Stephen Hollas • Copenhagen, Denmark • May 2017
Bass Centre Elites Stadium Series I use these on all of my basses. I've tried most on the market, but Elites have a beautiful bright tone which doesn't deteriorate over time. Andy Graham • Lowestoft, UK • May 2017
Bass Centre Bill Wyman Bass Well pleased with the Wyman Bass... I would recommend the Bass Centre to anyone... Thanks. Ian Allsop • Warrington, UK • May 2017
Bass Centre Ashbory Solid Body Great bass at an unbelievable price. Customer service very good also, all questions answered and tracking the product's arrival very straightforward. Will be buying from the Bass Centre again, very soon... Don't tell the wife! William Derbyshire​ • Royston, UK • April 2017
Elites Stadium IV's I buy with full confidence they'll deliver the bright, crystalline ping they always do. Very high quality, durability and of course attractive silk! Warren Doyle • Kristianstad, Sweden • April 2017
Bass Centre Elites DBE Series Elites have always been my string of choice when I need double ball end strings. I prefer stainless steel more than nickel wound as they have a brighter tone and Bass Centre Elites have never let me down for the last 27 years. Paul Kirkwood • Barnsley, UK • April 2017
Bass Collection Power Bass • Windsor Tan Every time I think Barry & the team have finally done the best bass for me, they then come up with another... These would still be a bargain at three times the price (don't put your prices up!). I need a consistently reliable bass and I know for a fact that every one of my Bass Collection basses will never let me down. Amazing looks, amazing sound, built to stand the road! What more could you ask for. Top work once again. Si Peddle • Manchester, UK • March 2017 
Phil Jones Double Four BG-75 Bass Amplifier Very pleased with my new amp. It sounds like a much bigger amp and it fits in a sports bag. Michael Dowling • Sheffield, UK • March 2017
Bass Centre Rhythm Stick Barry and the team just keep on amazing me! Every time I give them a new challenge, they completely knock it out the park!! A job well done once again team, stunning bass as always!! Si Peddle • Bassist/Vocalist with Pattison Fogg • UK • February 2017

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