The Bass Centre's Single Pickup Powerhouse

Following the success of The Jive Bass, it was only natural that The Bass Centre would turn its attention to re-imagining another iconic design... the result is the Bass Collection Power Bass, an instrument that oozes retro-cool with a wealth of period-accurate appointments including vintage-style pickups, original roller bridge with chrome "ashtray" cover, beautiful classic finishes, matching headstocks and vintage pickguards.

With an instantly recognizable single pickup appearance, The Power's familiar offset body has been reduced by 4mm overall, resulting in an amazingly comfortable, lightweight instrument whose reduced mass has been achieved without sacrificing tone, balance or performance.

Sharing the same satin finished "Super Slim Sixties" neck profile as the Bass Collection Jive, the Power Bass offers a fast moving playing experience with the classic, vintage-style electronics delivering everything you'd expect... from a gritty, snarling, low end punch with sparkling clean definition to a smooth, rich bass growl.

Authentic tone, stylish good looks, superb build quality, extreme playability and maximum affordability... The Bass Collection Power has it all... at a astonishingly good price.


Take complete control over your Bass Collection specifications - Choose from alternative colour/pickguard combinations, custom hardware, pickups and electronics from a wide range of suppliers including Omega, Aguilar, SimS, Mike Pope, EMG, Sadowsky. 

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