"Jeff Babicz re-invented the bass bridge and made it as necessary as my amp and my bass. I only play equipment if it sounds great, and I am only about tone & the resonance of tone, which is why the Babicz Bridge is on MY bass" - Jeff Berlin

A revolutionary new approach to bridge design, The Babicz Full Contact Hardware system offers "full contact" between the vibrating string and the body of the instrument, with over 50 times more contact surface per saddle compared to conventional saddle designs, maximising sustain and tonal response.

Courtesy of its unique, patented "eCAM" saddle, FCH allows string height and intonation to be set with pinpoint precision, without adding space or air gaps between the saddle and the body of the guitar. Adjustments are firmly and securely locked into place using the "String Height Lock" and “Saddle Housing Lock”, ensuring that the bridge saddle can never "sink" or "shift" while playing.

Designed as a direct replacement for Gibson and Fender models as well as for your own custom instrument project, the Babicz FCH Bass Bridge - available in a choice of finishes, with 5 string and through body options - is supplied complete with all necessary mounting hardware and is a breeze to install and set-up.

Join the growing number of pro players who have already turned on to Full Contact Hardware

Jeff Berlin - Legendary jazz fusion superstar adds the Babicz FCH to his signature RITHMIC bass

Dave Swift - Bass Centre mate and bassist with Jools Holland's legendary Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

Jesse Stern - LA based studio & touring bassist with Sly Stone, Weezer, George Clinton, Chad Smith

Joey Vera - Supplying the brutal low end for metal gods Armored Saint, Fates Warning and Anthrax

John Regan - US Session king for Peter Frampton, Ace Frehley, Mick Jagger, David Bowie & Billy Idol

Pancho Tomaselli - 10 years with low-riding, latin funk legends WAR, also in hard hitting power trio PHILM

Dallon Weekes - with hit-making alt.rockers Panic! At The Disco plus his own solo project The Brobecks

Rodney O'Quinn - Long serving powerhouse bassist with the veteran Canadian blues-rocker Pat Travers