Bass Centre Ashbory Bass Uke

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In 1985, Englishmen Alun Ashworth-Jones and Nigel Thornbory created the original Ashbory Bass - a revolutionary 18" scale, silicon-rubber strung instrument that, when amplified, produced a low, resonant bass tone that emulated a plucked double bass with astonishing clarity and accuracy.

In its second incarnation, Ashbory worked with The Bass Centre to create a version with an ergonomic body shape influenced by the Steinberger 'stick' basses of the day. These instruments instantly found favour with international players and recording artists including Tony Levin and Doug Wimbish.

Now, 30 years on, The Bass Centre is pleased to announce a brand new generation of the Ashbory brand.

Employing a 21" scale and a contemporary uke-bass body styling, the electro-acoustic BC Ashbory features a natural satin finish, solid spruce top, sapele back and sides, fretted or lined fretless rosewood fingerboard, rosewood bridge, Aquila Thundergut © strings, custom Hipshot style tuners and piezo pick-up with on-board pre-amp (sporting 3 band EQ + built-in tuner with LCD display).

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