Kala Metal Roundwound U-Bass Strings

Worldwide Price : £40.83
UK Price:  £49.00 Inc. 20% VAT

Superior quality strings for bass UKES

Including the Kala U-Bass and the Bass Centre Ashbory

Kala Metal Roundwound strings continue to be a favourite among U-Bassists that prefer the familiar feel of metal strings. These unique sets are constructed of a nylon core with silver-plated steel windings and provide a louder option than polyurethane strings, whilst delivering the warm, booming tone that the U-Bass is famed for. The strings are specifically constructed for the Kala U-Bass to provide the player with extreme playability and accurate intonation and feature lower tension compared to traditional bass strings, giving them a great feel and makes them easy on the fingers.

Gauges : G .050 / D .065 / A .095 / E .110 / Low B .125
Regular Tension // Suitable for 20" - 21" Scale // Fits all Roundwound set-up Kala U-Bass Instruments*

* For installation on polyurethane strung U-Bass setups, the instrument will need a new, compatible nut to accommodate these strings. Kala Metal Roundwound U-Bass strings have a lower gauge that is too thin for the nut slots on a U-Bass pre-fit for the original strings, which can cause buzzing on open string notes. It is recommended that a nut designed for roundwound strings is installed by by an experienced instrument technician for best results. Due to the change to a higher tension as well, a truss rod adjustment is also recommended.