Leo Quan Badass Bass II Bridge - ChromeLeo Quan Badass Bass II Bridge - Chrome 

Leo Quan Badass Bass II Bridge - Chrome

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the Leo Quan BadAss BASS II Bridge IS BACK

Originally created in the 1970s by Leo Malliaris and  Glen Quan in Oakland, California, this iconic design is one of the first commonly retro-fit hardware for bass guitars and is famed for being installed on instruments used by big names such as Marcus Miller, Geddy Lee, Sting and Flea.

With its higher mass and precision machined zinc alloy construction, less of the string vibration is lost to the wood of the bass, allowing the string to vibrate longer, providing enhanced attack, punch, sustain, clarity and note definition.

The Badass Bass II also eliminates inaccurate, harmonic tuning caused by round/roller saddles, interference of string ends contacting the bridge saddles, and unwanted side movement of strings and saddles, for the purest tone/sound transfer possible.

 A direct replacement for FenderJazz and Precision style 4 string basses with a 5-hole mounting pattern
* Please note: Newer, American-made Fenders — c. 2003 to present — feature a 3-hole system

Dimensions - 90mm x 63.5 (3.5" x 2.5")

Accommodates string spacings from 17.5mm to 21mm (0.69" - 0.83")

Includes mounting screws / Allen wrench for saddle adjustment

It is advised that this unslotted version be slotted by a reliable guitar technician, to achieve optimal string break angle and string-to-pole piece alignment.

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