CUB AG-100 Acoustic Instrument Amplifier

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"A unique amplifier that absolutely supports the notion that size doesn't matter when it comes to great sound."

Art Thompson • Guitar Player • September 2016

Designed by British audio electronics guru Phil Jones, the CUB AG-100 is a sophisticated acoustic guitar amplifier that - courtesy of its wide frequency response, exceptional hi-fidelty sound, transparent tonal reproduction and diminutive frame - is also a great portable solution for amplifying all electric concert instruments and thus serves as a perfect partner to the NS range of violins, villas and cellos.

The AG-100's preamp stage features a suite of elegantly simple controls as well as a comprehensive selection of additional connectivity options with an FX loop, line out, tuner out and low impedance, balanced XLR output with ground lift. The single 1/4" switchable input jack (from 0db to -10db) ensures that the CUB performs impressively with both passive and active instruments whilst twin, wide-response neodymium speakers responsive to an exceptionally wide frequency range (80Hz to 16kHz) make the AG-100 perfect for faithfully reproducing the rich nuanced sound of traditional stringed instruments.

Delivering a generous 100 watts of power, the AG-100 is loud, punchy and flexible with an impressive bottom-end, far fuller and tighter than one should reasonably expect from such a small cabinet, making it great for live folk and jazz performances, electrified classical recitals, even amped-up rock shows.

Of course you probably wouldn't use this small an amp on Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage but, for street performances, rehearsals and small to medium size venues, the CUB's power, projection and clean, transparent, clean sonic personality truly belie its price tag and its size. 

Simply put, the AG-100 is a heck of a lot of amp in a remarkably small package and, weighing in at just over 5Kg (11.5 lbs) and with a handy universal DC power supply meaning you never have to worry about switching voltage wherever in the World you find yourself, it makes a truly great globe-trotting travel partner.

The Phil Jones CUB AG-100 Features

  1. Input Socket
  2. Input Level Switch
  3. Level Control
  4. Bass Control
  5. Mid Range Control
  6. Treble Control
  7. FX/Auxilary Send
  8. FX/Auxilary Return
  9. Line Out - for driving a second amplifier
  10. Tuner Out - can be used as an additional line out
  11. XLR Balanced Line Out - for use with recording/PA mixing consoles
  12. Ground Lift Switch
  13. AC Power On/Off Switch
  14. AC Power Input & Fuse Holder

 Phil Jones CUB AG-100 Acoustic Instrument Amplifier

Power Output 100 watts
Speaker 2 x 5" PJB "NeoPower" Neodymium Extended Range Drivers  • Internal speaker impedance 4 Ohms
Frequency Response 80Hz - 15Khz
Amplifier Phil Jones Designed Solid State Class A/B Amplifier with "Soft Clip" feature, AC Line Filter, Slow-Blow Fuse, Thermal Protection, Loudspeaker Short-Circuit Protection and DC Output Sensing
Sensitivity 95db/Watt @ 1 metre
Signal To Noise >95db
Input Single 1/5" Jack with Switchable Input Level  - 0db : ( 4MΩ / 22pF, 10mV - 2.5V) to -10db ( 100KΩ / 22pF, 20mV - 5V)
Controls Level Control, 3-Band EQ  - Bass : +/-15db @ 100Hz • Middle : +/-15db @ 1Khz  • Treble : +/-15db @ 10Khz
Output Fx/Preamp Send / Return, Line Out,  Tuner Out, Low Impedance (200 Ohm) Balanced XLR Out with Ground Lift Switch
Power Universal Power Supply - 100/240V AC
Dimensions (W x D x H) 170mm x 320mm  x 300mm (6.5" x 12.5" x 11.8")
Weight 5.2kg (11.5lbs)

Music Mart June 2007

"Applying hi-fi design principles to achieve the best possible sound quality.. the ideal acoustic amplifier for small venues where the performer needs portability"

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Acoustic Guitar World Michael Ross | June 2007

"If you're looking for an amp for particularly acoustic endeavours and small rooms, or a monitor for lower volume gigs, you're unlikely to find anything that sounds better at ANY price or size"

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Acoustic Magazine Sam Wise | August 2007

"Sturdily built, looks pretty good and sounds loud, punchy and flexible... It'll fit on your lap in the tube and it won't bring on the sciatica when you have to carry it around!"

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Guitar Player Art Thompson | September 2008

"By dispensing with effects and focusing purely on sound, Phil Jones has created a unique amplifier that absolutely supports the notion that size doesn't matter when it comes to great sound"

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Premier Guitar • July 2009


Acoustic Guitar Magazine • October 2008

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