NS616 Traditional Double Bass Low 'B' String

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The NS610 Traditional Double Bass 5 String Set features a stranded steel core with nickel windings and is constructed and tensioned similarly to acoustic bass strings for a warm tone and great bow response.

Stranded steel core strings feature a core made out of very thin steel wires braided together in a rope-like matrix. This provides the strength of steel but with exceptional flexibility and elasticity. The complexity of the stranded core affords strings a wider range of tone than that of solid steel strings, with a tonal palette that is generally brighter and more focused when compared to gut or synthetic core strings but with a rich, low end response. They provide players with easy bow response, often favored by the lower strings, as well as a subtle touch for those who play electric instruments or alternative styles.

  • Single low 'B' string
  • 3/4 size bass with a playing length of 106mm (41 3/4")
  • NS standard double bass string length (46.5″ wound, 54″ overall) 
  • Medium tension
  • Regular bass tuning G-D-A-E-B (high to low, in 4ths)
  • NS standard fit
  • Starnded steel core provides optimum playability with a clear, warm tone
  • Rich acoustic sound
  • Works with magnetic and piezo pickup systems

Developed by NS Design in partnership with D'Addario, this single low 'B' string can be used on any NS 5 string upright bass or to create a custom low tuning on a 4 string instrument (D-A-E-B). NS Electric Double Bass strings can also be used on any instrument with standard playing lengths, but shorter overall lengths (no tailpiece).

    NS Electric Traditional Double Bass Strings (NS610)

    Playing Length = 1060mm / 41.75"

    Individual String




    Tension (lbs)

    NS611 G • Sol       Stranded Steel Nickel


    NS612 D - Ré Stranded Steel Nickel


    NS613 A - La Stranded Steel Stainless Steel


    NS614 E - Mi Stranded Steel Stainless Steel


    NS616 LOW B - Si Stranded Steel Stainless Steel


    NS617 HIGH C - Do Solid Steel Nickel


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