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The Bass Centre Live & Dangerous Bass

Our affectionate (and affordable) tribute to one of rock 'n' roll's coolest cats, the legendary Phil Lynott


The Bass Centre Ashbory Bass

Brand new from The Bass Centre, we welcome the return of the famous British Ashbory bass brand


Bass Collection
Japan SB325

A fantastic Japanese built, active 5 string with gold hardware and a super-fresh Translucent Green


The Bass Centre Frankenstein

A tribute to Bass Centre friend and great British Bass Master John Entwistle's infamous hybrid P-Bass


Bass Collection Detroit Bass

Classic vintage specs, and strung with Elites flats, this is our tribute to the the golden years of Motor City soul


Bass Collection

A striking new 60's  spec Jive Bass in glorious Jubilee Gold as a tribute to Norman-Watt-Roy


Bass Collection Jive Five

Fresh from The Bass Centre, combining vintage design, eye catching looks and cutting edge flair


The Bass Centre
Rhythm Stick

This cool, twin-pickup design is a tribute to Norman Watt Roy's famous workhorse 1972 P-Bass


Bruce Thomas
Profile Bass

Authentic retro spec and killer sound, inspired by Bruce Thomas' storied salmon pink classic


Bass Collection Windsor Tan

Ultra-cool new Power & Jive Bass models with smooth maple fingerboards and black block inlays


Designed by The Acoustic Centre, London, England and made to rock 'n' roll, The Acoustic Collection is a brand new range of pro-grade, electro-acoustic instruments featuring solid, seasoned tone woods, cool, classical stylings and premium quality Fishman electronics, making it a compelling and affordable choice for all modern musicians, songwriters and performers.

Acoustic Collection Arena

Superior quality dreadnought style with a rich, deep and rounded tone


Acoustic Collection Concert

Mahogany concert model with wonderful presence and clarity 


Acoustic Collection Parlour

Mahogany/Spruce guitar with enhanced clarity and projection


Acoustic Collection Stadium

Mahogany/Cedar Grand Concert styling with a balanced, full voice


Phil Jones H-850 Headphones

Superior definition from these dedicated bass headphones


Phil Jones Bass Bighead Pro

Pro spec headphone amplifier + digital audio interface


Phil Jones Bass BG100 Bass Cub

A seriously high quality portable amp with a BIG sound


Phil Jones Bass BG75 Double 4

A revolutionary, fully featured micro bass combo amp


Phil Jones Bass Briefcase Amp

A punchy, battery powered portable bass combo


Phil Jones BG-400 Suitcase Combo

Powerful, full featured, pro-spec, 4 x 5" bass combo


NS Design WAV Radius Bass

An affordable variant of Ned Steinberger's radical bass design in a choice of 3 stunning colours

from £907

NS Design NXTa Radius Bass

The latest version of the NS Design triumph, feat. cutting edge, battery-free, active electronics

from £1,636

NS Design CR Radius Bass

See what the future of electric bass design looks like with the full range exclusive to the Bass Centre

from £2,411

NS Design WAV Series Violin

NS innovation and quality in a BRAND NEW super affordable passive design

from £505

NS Design NXTa Series Violin

Unique NEW battery-free active version of the best selling concert instrument

from £1,215

NS Design CR Series Violin

Fully, featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original electric violin design

from £2,215

NS Design NXTa Series Viola

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the best selling concert instrument


At the Bass Centre you will find comprehensive stocks of the complete Ned Steinberger range of electric concert instruments and accessories...

NS Design CR Series Viola

Fully, featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original electric viola design


NS Design WAV Series Double Bass

NS innovation and quality in a brand new, super affordable passive design

from £907

NS Design NXTa Series Double Bass

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the best selling upright bass

from £1,279

NS Design CR Series Double Bass

Fully featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original upright electric bass

from £2,851

NS Design WAV Series Cello

NS innovation and quality in a brand new, super affordable passive design


NS Design NXTa Series Cello

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the best selling concert instrument


NS Design CR Series Cello

Fully featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's original electric cello design

from £2,200

NS Design WAV Series Omni Bass

NS innovation and quality in a brand new, super affordable passive design

from £832

NS Design NXTa Series Omni Bass

Unique NEW battery-free, active version of the unique NS Design crossover instrument

from £1,551

NS Design CR Series Omni Bass

Fully featured, hand-crafted version of Ned Steinberger's innovative bass instrument

from £2,785

Excellent Strings, Excellent Service.
Tuesday, 9 June 2020  |  Laurence

I am hugely impressed. These strings are noticeably louder than the Rotosounds they replaced. How do you manage to make strings with higher volume? The strings are very slick and comfortable to play. Most importantly, the tone is beautiful too.

The service is very professional. I met Barry at the 2019 London Bass Guitar Show. He obviously knows everybody in the bass world, but he still has time to give help and advice to the 'man in the street'. Thank you

You can't miss the Betsy
Thursday, 28 May 2020  |  Luca

Since I am a fan of Guy Pratt's bass style since 30 years, I cannot resist to purchase the Betsy bass replica.Even if having a fairly low price, it is a pretty nice bass that works much better than you can expect from. If you are a Guy Pratt fan you can immediately recognize its classic sound when playing this instrument.

It has a comfortable, easy to play, slim neck and a very good overall balance. The only detail I can complain about is the total absence of finish at the back of the neck. I asked to my luthier to add a coat of tone and glossy finish.

The bass came with soft bag and a copy of Guy Pratt's book.

The overall service from shop and staff has been very good!

If you are a Pratt sound fan and you want a greatly playable instrument at a fairly low price you can't miss the Betsy.

I love my NS WAV 5-string EUB!
Thursday, 21 May 2020  |  Iain

I bought a WAV 5-string EUB and loved it from the moment I started playing it. I have not altered the action at all as it's pretty much perfect for me. I play it through a Fishman Platinum Pro EQ as a pre-amp and the sound is amazing. This is the first EUB I have used and can highly recommend it.

Big thanks also to Barry at the Bass Centre for his help and advice.

Found my sound
Wednesday, 20 May 2020  |  Patrick

The Detroit Flats from Bass Centre are excellent.

After trying a few different brands of flatwounds over the past few years, I am really happy to have stumbled across these. Sound just as good as strings twice their price. Punchy with a bit of rasp, just how I like my strings to sound. Pleased to say I have found my strings and will be buying these flats as and when I need a new set.

Great service from Bass Centre too!

Betsy is a keeper!
Tuesday, 12 May 2020  |  John

Iíve owned about 30 basses in my lifetime (including some USA Jazz basses) and this is the best bass Iíve ever owned.

I was a little nervous ordering a bass sight unseen, but the gamble paid off. Set up was perfect right out of the box, action is low and fast, no rough fret edges, the pickups are dead quiet, the color is gorgeous - itís a total home run. And thatís before taking the price into consideration. Even shipped to the USA, the price is ridiculously low. In almost 30 years of playing Iíve never seen this kind of quality in a bass in this price range. I hate to sound like a shill, but Iíve barely put the bass down since I got it; just ask my wife!

In short, Iíll shout it from the mountains....if you are in the market for a Jazz Bass, THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT!

Amazing little thing
Tuesday, 28 April 2020  |  Jesper

Amazing little combo. Super fast, loud for its size. Clean and focused sound. Also great for rehearsing at low levels at home.

Excellent advice and service
Sunday, 26 April 2020  |  Phillip

Iím a total novice and no previous experience of guitar playing. I was referred to the Bass Centre by a friend after carrying out extensive research. I left a message and within 30 minutes Barry returned my call, I explained to him my lack of knowledge. His advice was spot on, he told me exactly what I needed (and didnít need), explained the process and he and his admin team kept me updated until the bass arrived.

Excellent advice and service and would have no hesitation in recommend the Bass Centre.

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