Leo Quan Badass II 5 String Bass Bridge

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Currently SOLD OUT  

Currently SOLD OUT

Super RARE - The Legendary Badass Bridge!

Made in the USA, the Badass Bass V Bridge is a 5 string version of the classic Leo Quan bass bridge that has become world famous over the years as a replacement for FENDER® bridges. While most installations of the Badass V are made on Fender® basses, the Badass V is NOT a direct replacement and has its own 6-screw mounting hole pattern.

The BASS V is a precision, harmonically-tunable, direct replacement bridge designed to enhance electric bass tone. Precision engineered to provide synergistic resonance mass and the most efficient sound transfer, the Badass delivers a tremendous increase in attack, sustain and clarity of notes, without changing the tone of the instrument.

The BASS V replaces your original bridge, and eliminates the inaccurate harmonic tuning caused by the "roller" saddles common on many bridges, interference of string ends contacting the bridge saddles and unwanted side movement of strings and bridge saddles for the purest tone/sound transfer possible.

It is advised that this un-slotted version be slotted by a reliable guitar technician, to achieve the proper string break-angle and the optimal string-to-pole piece alignment.

The unit accommodates string spacing from  17mm to 20mm.


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