Aquila Thundergut® Bass Uke Strings

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In Stock

Superior quality strings for bass ukuleles

Including the Kala U-Bass and the Bass Centre Ashbory Bass

Aquila Thundergut® strings are made from a special dense, elastic compound which improves performance and reduces finger slip compared to regular polyurethane and silicon rubber bass strings.

Thundergut strings look striking, are a snap to install, and provide enhanced intonation, tuning stability, treble definition, note articulation and volume, both acoustic and amplified.

Colour : White // String length : 32" // Gauge (mm) : G : 2.40 • D : 3.00 • A : 4.20 • E : 5.00

These strings have been designed specifically for the Kala U-Bass, Ashbory Basses and other bass ukes with a scale length of 20" to 21", and should not be fitted to instruments with longer scales.

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