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Bass Centre Bruce Thomas "Profile" Bass
"Do what you have to do to get a Profile!... I’ve got 2 ’60s Precisions and they are both in the cases. I’m in the US and I think I ended up spending around $900 total with the shipping and import fees... I have not came across anything in that range of price that can touch it. I've got 4-year old strings on it and it sounds great!"
Mike Miller, USA, March 2014

Babicz Ful Contact Bass Bridge
"Excellent product... rock solid, easily adjusted and easy to fit. Vast improvement over the standard Fender Bridge.."
Paul Cherry, March 2014

Bass Centre British Bass Masters 'Wyman' Bass
"Great Sound, nice to handle. Thank you for your excellent customer service."
Martin Albrecht, March 2014

Kala U-Bass Mahogany Fretless
"WOW!! It's the most fun I've had with my trousers on for a long time.. A brilliant piece of kit. A must for any collection."
Alistair Fleming, February 2014

Elites Strings
"my purchase was handled in a quick, efficient & helpful manner - & the price was right. What more could you ask for?"
Stewart Jamieson, February 2014

Bass Centre Bruce Thomas "Profile" Bass
"This bass is amazing and I make you responsible for making me totally addicted to it!"
Carsten Holt, December 2013

Bass Collection Jive Bass
"As promised, I came back for a Bass Collection Jive Bass (fretless) and, WOW!, what a bass! People, don't try one... just go and buy one. You won't regret it... I've got 4 now and they are Fan-freekin-tastic!"
Alistair Fleming, November 2013

Bass Collection Jive Bass
"My new Bass Collection Jive Bass showed up today… as promised! Islington blue, fretless... WOW! Sounds amazing! Just what I was looking for, super sound, fast neck, great build quality, just a super bass, thank you!"
Edward Mayo, October 2013

Bass Centre British Bass Masters 'Wyman' Bass
"Just dropping an email to say thanks for your superb and attentive service on the weekend. As a Stones and Wyman fan the bass has exceeded my expectations… it truly is a pleasure to play. Thanks again for creating a fantastic bass."
Adam & Nick Collins, June 2013

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